Friday foursome

MEME!  Thanks, Sarah, for the tag.  You’ve probably seen this one going around.  Who am I to watch the bandwagon roll by without hopping on board?

1. Four TV shows I watch

What Not to Wear.  Daily lunch date with Clinton and Stacy!

Glee.  Mock me if you want to.


Wheel of Fortune.

[Side note: does anyone else feel like the Jeopardy/Wheel hour of TV treats your ego like an abusive lover?  It beats you down and then strokes you soothingly.  Jeopardy: Holy crap, I am such an idiot. I wouldn’t last ten seconds on this show.  How do these people know this stuff? Wheel: Oh my God, you ignorant twits!  Solve the damn puzzle already!  I knew the answer three vowels ago!]

Moving right along…

2. Four things I’m passionate about.

Running.  Duh.

Writing.  Double duh.

Animal rescue. Because way too many perfectly good cats and dogs are put down.  Adopt don’t shop!

Bacon.  Because my quality of life would be diminished without it.

3. Four words/phrases I use a lot.

I live in a constant state of incredulity and talk in acronyms.  Seriously.

4. Four things I’ve learned in the past.

In the past…year?  Decade?  Eon?  Because, you know, we could make this really easy and go with crawling, walking, talking, and pooping in the toilet.  (Well…most of the time.)  So let’s say learned in the past year.

How to make an over-easy fried egg.  Tricky eggs.  Tricky yolks.  I’ve almost mastered you….

How to do math in my head.  Seriously, for someone who worked in accounting/finance for years, you’d think I could do things like add two numbers without physically “carrying the one” on a scrap of paper.  I’ve gotten so much better now, though!  I practice often.

How to keep plants alive.  The snake plants are thriving.  Shazam!

How to live on less.  Okay, this one is actually serious.  Going from a household with two well-paying jobs to a household with one start-up slave and one freelancer/job seeker/occasional low-wage-earner has been quite a change.  But I think it’s been a change for the better.  I kind of cringe when I think about the money that I used to spend on shopping and eating and drinking out in my 20s.  I don’t need those things to have a good time.  (Although if anyone wants to sponsor me to eat my way through restaurant week, I won’t object!)

5. Four places I would like to go.

The Himalaya.  Who wants to go climb Everest?  Or perhaps, more realistically, gaze at Everest from the summit of a lesser peak?

France. Food. Wine. Food. Wine. Food.

Sweden.  It’s the motherland!

Argentina.  Food. Wine. Food. Wine. Food.

6. Four things I did yesterday.

Thursday was a pretty earth-shattering day around here.  Let me quote from the finished half of my to-do list….

– “Work on presentation.”  Boring, but done.

– “Front desk for doors fix.”  Wow, eloquent wording there.  Our doors don’t quite latch all the way and unfortunately the cats have discovered this, thus granting them access to the SUPER FUN ALL-NIGHT LIVE TRAMPOLINE AND PLAYGROUND!

– “Tax shit.”  Bleh.  Although if I could have interpreted this as taxing other people/things instead of gathering and mailing our own estimated payments, that would have been pretty cool.

– “Spin 6PM.”  Or, the reason that my chair feels like it’s made of nubby daggers today.

7. Four things I’m looking forward to.

A third cup of coffee. (BRB…)

7 PM. (See, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, above)

7 PM.  (Or, the official time I generally deem acceptable to stop doing whatever I’m doing and have a glass of wine)

Someday being a rich and famous author so that my Friday night doesn’t always consist of drinking cheap wine and watching Jeopardy.

8. Four things I love about winter.

Lack of humidity.

Lack of humidity.

Lack of humidity.

Lack of…oh wait, did I already say that?

I’m not going to tag anyone because it’s Friday and no one likes homework over the weekend.  Instead I’ll leave you with just one question: what are you up to this weekend and in how many ways is it more exciting than what I’m up to? Because I’m up to nothing at all, as of right now.

Happy weekend y’all!


27 responses to “Friday foursome

  1. Haha my cat has lately found it enjoyable to jump from my dresser to the bed over and over during the night. It scares the living shit out of me. And yes, the definitely organized the TV programming so one show makes you feel smart and the other like a dumbass. I’m probably getting drunk and making bad decisions, because I’m still in my 20s and like to spend too much on booze.

  2. I would love to go to Sweden too. That’s where my dad’s family is from.

    This weekend is jam packed! Birthday party, moving sister in law into new apartment, dinner with army buddies, Pats. vs. Jets!, possible Foxwoods and blogger party in the city. Yah three day weekend! 🙂

  3. Hahaha the cat thing sounds familiar! My cats sleep all day and then choose our bedtime to start wrestling on the bed. SIGH.

  4. Things I love about these illustrations:
    – S.Marty’s tailored suit
    -The drool coming out of the alien’s mouth
    -Your eyes looking in different directions for each acronym
    -The jubilant cats. Especially them!!

  5. Your MS paint skills have become truly prolific.

    But Glee still sucks.


  6. AAAAAHAHAHA. I had to send your cat trampoline jpg to my husband. I woke up the other morning with one cat sleeping on my butt and the other one sleeping on the back of my neck.

  7. Training for Austin Marathon in pouring down rain for hours on Saturday.
    Watching SeaHawks battle the Bears on Sunday.

  8. I have no serious plans as of yet. But at some point, wine and The Social Network will be involved. That I can promise.

    Keeping a plant alive gives me hope that one day I can upgrade to a real-life furry creature. One day…

  9. bahaha. so true about the switch from jeopardy to wheel of fortune. i can’t watch wheel. i’d rather feel like i’m an idiot and be out-smarted than solve puzzles with ridiculous phrases.

    this weekend i plan to eat several cupcakes, do some yoga if i’m feeling better and maybe see a movie. black swan? social network? i’m behind the times. and boring, apparently!

  10. Thank you for the laugh! I love your posts!

    Weekend plans, well tonight cleaning house. Boring. But tomorrow I am going with 15 others to downtown Detroit for the Kid Rock 40th Birthday/kick off to his Born Free tour!! I can not wait!! So pumped. and will totally be running hung over on Sunday.

  11. WNTW gets DVRd in my basement for workout-watching. I always secretly worry that someone might look at me as a candidate for the show. Argentina is indeed wonderful and the worst expense is the flight there…it’s quite reasonable otherwise.

    Weekend = husband returns from 9 day biz trip, so hanging around watching football/fire/green chile stew plus a couple runs. Does not sound like I’m challenging anyone for the WHOOPTY trophy but I will enjoy it.

    • Oh, I’m sure C + S would absolutely skewer me. I live in yoga pants and hooded sweatshirts.

      LOL at the WHOOPTY trophy. It should be an actual award!

  12. I plan on watching Inception for the first time, googling other people’s interpretations of Inception, and going to 2 track meets. Throw in some running and Blue Sky Bakery somewhere in there!

  13. Wait, so it isn’t normal to drink cheap wine and watch Jeopardy on Friday nights?

    Tonight: wine and Jeopardy, Tomorrow: snowboarding, Sunday: long (ok, not really that long at all) run

  14. I have studying to do for this lame but super important exam that I keep pushing back the date for. And car shopping. Basically spending money I don’t have and arguing with my family, my partner, and the car dealer. Running and drinking, preferably both at the same time.

  15. Wheel of Fortune is definitely on before Jeopardy here (I just misspelled Jeopardy 3 times) so I go in with a big ego and get totally crushed. I just feel like a loser. I love when it’s like, “kid’s Jeopardy” and I can win. In my head. Fun read, per usual.

  16. nothing at all? um, wanna hang out? (josh is working sunday . . . i’m free . . .!)

  17. WTH does YGBFKM mean?!

    Our cat spends his nights on/in our bed…if we shut the door he would sit outside and meow obnoxiously!

    • It stands for you’ve gotta be f—ing kidding me.

      One of our cats meows obnoxiously at the door once in a while. She actually has a special howl that she apparently reserves specifically for this purpose – it sounds nothing like her normal meow. So weird.

  18. My co-worker and I strive to break down EVERYTHING into an acronym. At some point it stopped being a joke and now I abbrev. everything. I come across as a 12 y.o. ditz but I’m a-ok w/that. 🙂

    And I just read in the comments section what YGBFKM means. And will now use that regularly…uh thank you (TU).

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