Shorts time

Pretty much perfect weather.  Couldn’t be happier about breaking out the “summer” running clothes in mid-January!

Perfect weather accompanied by a perfectly-executed long run:

Rounded off to an even 13.1 just for fun.

I actually wasn’t really in to this one at first.  Actually considered turning back after a couple of miles.  Glad I didn’t, as somehow my legs perked up and carried me to a fun little finish!

Runs like these embed themselves in my memory and make the crappy, sluggish days all worth it.

Today’s EAT: Post-run Chinese takeout.

Thanks Regan and Erin for recommending Peace China in the comments to my tofu post last week!  It was indeed wonderful.  Those Singapore curry noodles might be the best version of that dish I’ve ever had.  Perfect.

Today’s DRINK: Post-run beer.

This Southern Pale Ale from Natty Greene’s Brewing Company was – wait for it! – perfect.  Like a Sierra Nevada, but a little lighter and fresher.  Good thing I got a six-pack: I needed a couple more to get me through that Seahawks/Bears disaster this afternoon!

Today’s RUN: An easy 7-ish recovery miles this morning rounded out the week:

M – 7.2 easy (1:02:05, 8:36 pace)
Tu – 7.5 with tempo portions (treadmill, 1:00, 8:01 pace)
W – 5 easy (43:20, 8:40 pace) + 20 min core work
Th – OFF/XT (easy 45-min spin class) + 20 min weights
F – 4 easy (36:10, 9:02 pace)
Sa – 13.1 long (1:50:56, 8:28 pace)
Su – 7.2 easy (1:06:05, 9:09 pace)

Total for week – 44 miles.  And I never actually took a full rest day…oops.

Today’s QUESTIONNFL playoffs/championships –  who are you pulling for?  Or are you just tuning out the noise? I am watching the Jets and Pats right now and pulling for the Jets.  (I’m neutral on the Jets, but I hate New England!)


27 responses to “Shorts time

  1. Excellent across the board. I just ran 7.5 miles through a cemetery where the snow is at least hard packed, cutting things off when I lost all feeling in my right arm from the 15 degree weather (gotta love that frozen snot on your glove can have that effect). SO JEALOUS.

    I’m ignoring football, though always happy to hate the Patriots. 🙂

  2. lifeisbeachykeen

    Great run!

    I am meh! about pro football. I like to watch the super bowl for the commercials. I’m so lame.

  3. Perfectly executed long run is right – nice negative splits, nice time, nice weather. Woo hoo! As for the NFL, I’m mostly tuning it out. Once my Vikings’ season went south, I just haven’t been keeping up with football…

  4. Great runs!! I’ve had great runs all week as well. Nothing compared to your mileage & speed, but it’s always nice when things just “click.” As far as football, my Eagles have left me with no choice – I must cheer for the Jets because I too hate the Pats (behind the giants and dallas of course…)


  6. Now that the Seahawks are out I’m pulling for the Packers. I hung in the whole game today wanting for that break, that interception run back, the long pass, the onside kick…. but it was close but never there. Seahawks did better than anyone thought they would at the begining of the season and I will never forget the game against the Saints, my voice hasn’t healed yet. The Patriots are to arrogant and I can’t stand them. GO JETS. In the Superbowl I will be going for the NFC Team, either Packers or Da Bears.

  7. Great long run! So jealous of your weather…

    I don’t really care about the Jets, but I hate everything Boston/New England when it comes to sports, so therefore I’m pullin’ for the J-E-T-S for sure.

  8. I’ve been reading about this fabulous NC weather on FB all day b/c all of my friends are bragging about wearing shorts!! And rightly so.

  9. That is awesome weather, I’m jealous! Great running too! That food looks really good!

  10. I’m almost positive everyone BUT New England hates New England.
    But obviously, I don’t care who my Bears play in the superbowl. 😉

  11. While you were running in shorts and a t-shirt, I had on 2 pairs of pants, a fleece turtleneck and jacket, gloves and a headband and was slipping on snow all over the place! Even though it was cold, I love running outside. I makes the time go so much quicker!

    I am rooting for the Packers all the way!!! Go Pack Go!!!

  12. Wow! Great long run!

    I HATE HATE HATE low 50s. Its warm enough to not be super bundled up, but cool enough that it bothers my sinuses when I don’t cover up my ears with a muff… therefore I end up a sweaty mess. Ugh!

  13. 13.1 miles…nice! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted that kind of mileage (err…actually it’s been since the marathon). And this mini vacation in SF is really making me appreciate shorts weather – I am NOT looking forward to returning to NYC 😦 COME VISIT! I miss you.

  14. Perfect runs usually = perfect days for me. I need one of those soon!
    Happy Sunday! 🙂

  15. Wow, didn’t know there were so many NE haters. Meh, its just a sport, but I do root for the Pats. Although I’m mostly a Bruins girl myself. 🙂

    50’s is perfect for running weather! Looks like a great run!

  16. Jets now by default, although I am at best a fair weather Giants fan. And you’ve got fair weather. OH!! Actually, the Jets training center is a few miles from my house, so they are kind of my adopted team. And Rex Ryan is my big ol’ adopted baby boy.

  17. Tuning out!!! We were snowshoeing on Mt. Bachelor instead. 😀

  18. Since the Eagles are out, I pull for crazy upsets-the Jets win was very perfect. Now I just need them to beat the Steelers next week, cause I don’t think Ben Rothlisberger should be allowed to have anything good happen to him. Ever. Also I hate Pittsburgh teams.

  19. Sounds like an awesome week! It was finally warm enough here that I could wear an ear band instead of a hat. I miss running in shorts!

  20. I grew up in Green Bay, have parents and family who are die-hard Packer fans, live in Chicago, married a man who grew up in a Steelers family…..I feel like the courts should intervene and put me in some kind of protective custody.

  21. Disaster?!? Hardly. I am a Bears fan by default. Default=marrying a Bears fan. Sounds like we both had beers for the game but for different reasons!

    Ummm 50? Jealous much. I am ecstatic about 29 today. I am so over winter. Just this morning I was looking at average highs for February and March. It does get better….

  22. I’d kill for 50 degrees. SNOWING like crazy today.
    Packers fan all the way. GO PACK!


    ok, rage over, but send some this way PLEASE!!

  24. Sorry kid. You’re probably not going to like today’s post very much.

    Great run! Day-um. Way to slam it into overdrive those last few miles. I did 8.0 (HEH!) miles Sunday and I did feel sluggish for about the first 2.75, but it was my first long run in a while so I’m really just glad I finished. And after consulting my personal pain scale I was only at 2.0 so that’s pretty good. :-p

    Beer trade, I think it needs to happen.

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