Rotating blogroll: buy u a drank edition

Serious question: when did it stop being creepy to know people solely online?

I’m thinking sometime in the last five years, but who knows.  In any event, through the daily ritual of writing this blog, I’ve been virtually introduced to a metric shit-ton of cool people.  People for whom I would love to someday buy a beer.  (Or a drank of their choice.)

Here are just three, and they happen to all live on the Best Coast.  I mean…the West Coast.  Which will always truly be home to me.  Maybe that is why I enjoy living vicariously though:

  • Queer Vegan Runner.  Aside from the fact that her posts make me MISS LOS ANGELES (I never thought I’d say that!), I adore A.J.’s blog because she also loves beer, snark, food, felines and fun.  In spite of the fact that we have opposite preferences when it comes to hot dogs, I am sure we’d get along swimmingly over a pint.  Or four.
  • 110 Pounds and Counting.  Remember yesterday when I ragged on the word “inspirational?”  Well, I’m using it again  – and most genuinely.  As the title of her blog suggests, Lisa has undergone a serious lifestyle change in the last few years and really seems to have the whole “healthy moderation” thing down pat.  I am constantly envious of her outdoorsy Oregon adventures and brewpub visits.
  • Kendra Through the Looking Glass.  No topic is off limits on Kendra’s irreverent blog.  Another blogger who is truly deserving of the I-word (read her backstory!), I love that she tackles everything from gynecology to glamor in a funny and highly readable way.

I’m going to spare you a detailed recap of my various gastronomical and athletic endeavors today.  Let’s just say I ran a sluggish 8 miles while whining the whole time (to myself) about my sore abdominals (thanks, Pilates class!) and then threw a tantrum (again, for myself) about cooking dinner and retreated to the bar next door for a black bean burger and a pint of beer.  (Brooklyn Brewery Winter Warmer, in case you were wondering.  Dark brown and spicy and delicious.)

And in other random news, today is my dad’s birthday!  Happy birthday, dad!

Circa 1990.  You’d have vaguely surly look on your face, too, if you were rocking permed bangs.  And were swaddled in a cat beach towel.  Over your hypercolor tee shirt.

Happy Wednesday, kids!

And: if you are so inclined, give a yell in the comments about a blog you’re loving right now. You guys always have excellent recommendations!


19 responses to “Rotating blogroll: buy u a drank edition

  1. Thanks for the shout-out Shelby! I thought of you and Marie from Cheaper than Therapy when I was drinking beer this weekend at Deschutes. 😉


  2. I’m still discovering blogs and I’m loving A Foodie Stays Fit, the Daily Garnish and Meals & Miles. 🙂

    And your’s…always.

  3. I’m pretty sure I’m going to a “Tribute to the 80’s” local bands show this weekend. What I wouldn’t do to have that perm for the night…

  4. What?…I think you look darling! You can tell by the proud look on my face, huh? You probably just won a race in the swimming pool at summer camp, or something! 🙂
    Thanks for the birthday wish hun…love you!

  5. Oh man, I used to have a Hypercolor t-shirt and that thing rocked my socks! I would totally buy one if they still made them. I mean…

  6. Whatever happened to Hypercolor?

  7. Eat live run but maybe you already know this one ! Good humour and recipes. (And I read yours everyday)

  8. Meh, I think you already read the ones I would recommend to you. I can’t pull off bangs, the naturally curly hair thing always makes them look like that.

  9. Happy Birthday, Shelby’s dad! I have no idea when having internet friends was officially not-creepy. I still feel silly about it, although I’m frequently told it’s a legitimate way of meeting people. Special people, even.

    So, my blog-reading time has been much-diminished, but I just discovered the “Officials Say the Darndest Things” blog on ProPublica, which is funny.

  10. oh tell me about it! I have so many internet blog buddies (I guess you are one of them!) What has been ultra cool is that in the last year I have gotten to meet, ran with, formed teams with and became friends with a lot of the bloggy people. Its kinda sweet.

    My friend Nick’s blog is hilarious. He basically mocks stuff like The Housewives TV shows etc.

  11. 1. <– though i don't know if you love bad movies as much as i do. (if you know what the title references? i definitely suggest it.)

    2. Oh, the picture. At that age my mother refused to let me get my hair permed, thus, no pictures like that. I'm sort of jealous.

    3. "In spite of the fact that we have opposite preferences when it comes to hot dogs."
    I SEE WAT U DID THAR!!! (Or am I really just a 12 year old boy who makes these observations?)

    Also, if you two get a drink or 10 together? I want in.

  12. Love AJ @ Queer Vegan Runner. She’s pretty awesome!

  13. AW thanks. Gee shucks. I’m damn good company!

    I’ll buy the first pint!

    I’m reading lots of and these days.

    And your blog. Derrrr.

  14. wait, it’s not creepy anymore? HOO RAY!

  15. aww I love that your dad commented on this post – happy birthday to him! I hope you saved that beach towel. it is something special.

  16. Hello fellow crazed cat lady! I’m on the look out for some new blogs to read these days. I need to spice up my blogroll.

    I will say, I do think my cat has a pretty awesome blog.

    It’s kinda strange blogging like I’m my cat, but I think the idea is growing on me.

  17. Hilarious! I wanna buy you a drank! Because you’re right, it is totally acceptable to have relationships with people that involve never meeting that person. Though I would love to meet all my bloggie friends!

    That picture was…awesome. Oh, bangs…

  18. I just saw this today, thanks so much for the shout out!!!

    I’m pretty in love with your blog, by the way.

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