Sink vixen

I will be a good person.  I will be a good person.  I will be a good person.

I will not turn on the water.  I will not turn on the water.  I will not turn on the water.

Hope your Saturday night was free of temptation!


15 responses to “Sink vixen

  1. Hahaha, what a fabulous shot of your charming cat 🙂

  2. It was free of temptation the moment I gave into temptation.

  3. ha! no way, my friend Robin’s cat Noonie does the same thing! He also likes to do it when she is having parties and the guests are like “Um, how do we wash our hands?”

  4. Haha! Guuuurl lord knows I would not have been able to resist!

  5. Ha! I’d turn on the water…I’m mean like that! Besides, the reaction to the water would be hilarious!

  6. This is begging for a “I can has…” caption.

  7. hahaha. did you end up turning on the water? I think temptation would have got the best of me…

  8. for the record, I would TOTALLY have turned on the water.

  9. Two of our cats (the two smartest…go figure) love to get in our shower…I knwo the temptation well.

    As for my temptation of the is a bottle of white wine (usually not a fan) and sunny weather outside. Both the wine and the being outside would preclude the intense amounts of studying I need to get done. Le sigh.

  10. Charlie is the same way. He’ll sit in the sink and lick the faucet. Only problem is, when we turn the faucet on, he’ll just start drinking out of it. He is not afraid of water.

  11. hahaha, i love it. my cat likes to sit in the tub and drink out of the faucet too!! so weird.

    i fail at resisting temptation. especially of the liquid variety, i.e. booze.

  12. Pretty Emmy. 🙂 She turns on the faucet?

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