Although I’m generally ambivalent about Mondays, it felt good to wake up this morning and start a new week, mileage-wise.

And also, grocery-wise.  I had pancakes for lunch today because we are that out of food.

A look back some weekend odds and ends…

Today’s EAT: On Friday night, we had some people over for pre-dinner drinks and in my post-flu laziness, I opted for a pre-fab assortment of appetizers.  Think carrot sticks and ranch dip.  Chips and salsa.  And some coconut shrimp from the freezer aisle.  It was a classy event.

For the rest of the weekend, I stewed over those stupid shrimp.  The box was like $8 and it was ten puny little prawns encrusted in a vaguely coconut-flavored batter.  What a rip off.  I can do better than that.

So Sunday night, I did:

So easy.  I grabbed those raw little suckers by the tail, dredged them in corn starch, then in whipped egg white, and finally in shredded coconut.  Sprinkled them with a bit of cayenne pepper and then fried them up.  Only marginally more difficult than opening a box!  (Unless you manage to get corn starch all over your pants, but that was no fault of the prawns.)

Vindication is delicious.  Especially when dipped in sweet chili sauce.

Today’s DRINK: I worked my way through a six-pack of Big Boss Helle’s Belle this weekend:

Good stuff for flu-recovering and football watching.

Today’s RUN: After three days off, I marched myself down to the treadmill yesterday afternoon and poked along for twenty minutes.  It felt fine but I was bored, so I switched over to the elliptical for another twenty.  Here’s how the week ended up:

M – 5 easy (41:00, 8:13 pace) + yoga
Tu – 6.9 easy w/pickups (55:20, 8:01 pace) + Pilates
W – 8 easy (1:11, 8:51 pace)
Th – OFF
Sa – OFF
Su – 2.3 easy (20:00, 8:40 pace) + 20 min elliptical

22.2 miles.  Ugh.  Stupid flu.  (Although Friday night’s libations may have had more to do with Saturday’s rest day than residual illness…but the flu seems like a convenient scapegoat so I’m going to just lump them all together.)

Like I said, I was happy to wake up this morning and reboot.  On to the next one.

Today’s QUESTION: What was the most exciting thing you did this weekend?


14 responses to “CTRL+ALT+DELETE

  1. Beer garden in Brooklyn, no running whatsoever… oops

  2. Drank way too much wine yesterday and woke up hungover as shit this morning.

  3. Flu is one of the best reasons not to run! I went out for pizza one night then sushi the next. Good food weekend.

  4. I literally shit my pants. It was epic.

  5. MOST exciting? hmm. i had the flu, so that would be making chili and then dumping it over nachos for a hot meal. mmmm. trying to smoke this stupid cold out.

  6. The shrimp looks awesome! I love that kind.

    The most exciting thing…um the bf and I babysat our friends’ 6 month old Saturday night for the first time. Trust me, that was pretty exciting. 🙂

  7. Hopped a fence to get to a bar.

  8. I am glad you are feeling better!

    My most exciting event this weekend was my son’s first ever wrestling tournament. We sat at the school for 7 hours to watch him wrestle twice for roughly 1 minute total time! so yeah, not that exciting. I mean, watching him was exciting, but the sitting and waiting while watching other kids was not.

    I also started my marathon training schedule on Sunday!

  9. LOVE coconut shrimp. Honestly, I don’t crave shrimp often. But if it’s fried or has some sort of battering of goodness, count me in.
    One of my most exciting moments was waking up Saturday morning to realize I had a somewhat normal night of sleep. This was huge for me. Huge. I even gave it a little dance when I got up and started my coffee.

  10. The most exciting thing I did this weekend was try a new BBQ joint. Delish!

  11. Most exciting was definitely running my first 5K in months (and first real winter race ever). If -15 degrees on a race morning isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is 😀 Glad you’re feeling better!

  12. I bought some epic nut butter this weekend.

    I also contemplated the ways in which my life would be better if we had a balcony or patio. Namely, I would drink more alcohol.

  13. LOVE Hells Belle!

    I want to make that coconut shrimp. I have a ton of shredded coconut and see shrimp on sale all the time. I will make it happen.

    CrossFit is the most exciting thing that happened. My body still aches.

  14. My boyfriend and I made those shrimp tonight according to the method you wrote. They were so good! And pretty easy! Somehow in the midst of eating all the fried goodness we forgot to open the chili garlic sauce. Thanks for posting it!

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