What I’ve been doing

O HAI.  Been a couple of days, huh?  Instead of blogging, tweeting, g-chatting, facebooking and general internetting, I’ve been:

Dancing.  And singing and shouting loudly.  And perspiring.

Last Thursday night, Sarah invited me to be her date for the GirlTalk show!  It was one of the sweatiest experiences of my life, but it was a blast.  Since we didn’t have a camera, I promised to make an mspainting of us enjoying the show:

Or maybe it looked more like this:

Hmm.  Maybe it’s a good thing there was no camera.  Anyway, it was a ridiculously fun night – and totally worth waking up on Friday morning with non-functioning vocal cords.  Thanks again, Sarah!

Running.  Probably not enough.  I ended the week with 27 miles.  Meh.  I need to get my ass in gear, running-wise.

Drinking.  Probably too much.  A good friend came to visit this weekend.  Shenanigans ensued.  It happens.

Wearing shorts and a t-shirt everywhere.   Because it was 70* AND SUNNY in Raleigh today!   OMG, SUMMERRRRR!

Feeling slightly guilty about my lack of blogging.  But not really.  Everyone needs a couple of days off from time to time.

Vowing to eat better and run harder this week.  Because seriously….last week was just kind of a mess.

And that’s about it.  Hope y’all had a great weekend!  I’m off to detox and catch up on the six billion unread items in my Google reader.


21 responses to “What I’ve been doing

  1. Good goals for the week, I should follow suit. I currently have zero vegetables in the fridge and I’ve been out the past 3 nights in a row. I danced a ton Thurs and Fri so I mean, that was kind of a workout? Can’t wait to see Girl Talk later this month!!!

  2. Every week I say I need to detox a little more and cut back on the drinking. And cut back on sugar, if we’re being honest.

    As I sip on a glass of red wine and contemplate what to bake for my trip this weekend, I should probably admit that’s not happening anytime soon.

    Glad you had a solid weekend. And can’t wait for 70-degree weather to return here. Someday…

  3. OMGEez. Girl Talk was probably the most fun I’ve had at a concert, ever, due to all the dancing/jumping and ever-present novelty with the song changing every 30 seconds. I think I would probably wear some kind of spandexy performance clothing next time though, to deal with my sweatiness.

    SHORTS and a T-SHIRTTTT. I’m super jel. Someday… someday….

  4. We hit 45 here today which was a huge improvement over earlier in the week! Love the illustrations, as usual!

  5. We all need a break from blogging and attempting to live somewhat healthfully. Meh, don’t be worried, I’m not!

    At least your MS Paint skillz are still incomparable.

  6. ahh you were an awesome date! and yes, i think #2 is a more accurate depiction. but that’s okay, i’d go again in a heartbeat!!

  7. Aw! Sweaty shows are the best! Like, the ones when you have to wring out your shirt at the end. Or throw out said shirt because…let’s be honest. That’s not just your sweat.

    Ridiculously weather, North Cackalacky. I ran without a jacket today, and even took off my gloves at one point!

  8. Isn’t this weather sick?? The only thing that would make it better is if it would warm up in my house. I live in an older house and no matter how much sunlight I let in, I have the heater on, ugh.

  9. Great pics! Super jealous of your warm weather. We’re busy hunkering down for an impending ice storm. Sweet. Dreadmill, here I come!

  10. I have…no idea who Girl Talk is. (Isn’t it just a DJ? I’m going to google, but thought it’d be more fun to advertise my ignorance.) I’m not hip. I did however read Girl Talk books when I was 10. It was a BSC knock off. It was swell.

    1. Um, you were also drunk dialed. Hahahah…

    2. It’s 4 degrees at home. BRB GETTING ON A PLANE TO UR HOUSE, KTHX?

  11. I run to Girl Talk all the time. Love it!!!
    I hear ya on the detox thing. Except my drinking was the entire month of January. Meh…it happens.

  12. I intended on detoxing, too. Instead I got all kinds of Irish with Jameson shots and most of a bottle of baileys….whoopsie.

  13. I also enjoyed the 70 degrees yesterday, it was AWESOME! What’s up though, NC? It’s 42 and WINDY here today. Bye-bye spring tease.

  14. can i hate you for your weather? and i think i need to detox too. i’ve been hanging out with a couple people i just met and i think this weekend needs to be a rehab weekend 😉

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