Feeding the beast

In spite of my vow to get my ishhhhh together in the kitchen this week, I never actually made it to the grocery store today.  Oops.

I did make it out for two runs and a pilates class.  Which was actually a lot of hours of exercising when you added it up, and it put me in a major hungry funk.  One twitter mention (twention?) of boxed mac and cheese (ahem) and I was a dead woman.

There’s just one problem with the Blue Box:

It takes me about four minutes to transport the entire box straight down my greedy little gullet.  And three more to already be hungry again.

So I carefully considered my options.

– I could add some sort of protein to the M&C.  But the only available options were frozen salmon (weird), beans (gross) or bacon (delicious but…kind of defeating the purpose here).

– I could be responsible, turn off my damn twitter, put the box back in the pantry and just eat the beans and the salmon on their own (which is sort of what I’d planned to do before).

– I could be semi-responsible and tempt myself and try to just have a little scoop of M&C alongside a more balanced assortment of items.

I am proud to say that I went the semi-responsible route and succeeded!  Greater than 50% of that mac and cheese is resting happily in a Tupperware container, awaiting future consumption.  A milestone for me, I think.

And it’s been over an hour and my tummy hasn’t growled yet.


I suppose there is a reason they’re called “empty calories,” eh?

Today’s EAT: M&C alongside a hunk of wild salmon and a big salad:

(Lately I’ve been putting red pepper flakes on just about everything, and they were awesome on this mac and cheese!)

(And also, yes, this wasn’t the true-blue box stuff.  I love that stuff.  Stupid Whole Foods doesn’t carry it.  Wow… that’s a #whitegirlproblem if I’ve ever heard one.)

Today’s DRINK: It’s Monday, so I should have some Pinot with dinner, right?

I often pass over Turning Leaf wines for more exotic selections, but this is actually really decent!  It’s bold for a Pinot, and more on the dry side rather than the juicy side.  I like!

Today’s RUN: Five easy ones outside at lunchtime and three slightly faster ones on the treadmill after pilates class.  New mileage-promoting tactic: I’m going to try to get more doubles in over the next few weeks.  Because sometimes it’s easier to face an 8 or 10 mile day in two little chunks instead of one bigger one.  And honestly I don’t think it’s really matters when they’re just easy base miles.

…right?  (Or wrong?)

Today’s QUESTION: Are you a mac and cheese fiend like me?  Homemade or boxed?


22 responses to “Feeding the beast

  1. It looks like you saved the blue box!

    I make a rue with the cheese (powder) to thicken it up. Then add grilled and sliced bratwurst with a pinch of cayenne pepper yum! Spicy, filling and delicious!

  2. I wonder if you can add pumpkin to boxed mac and cheese to add volume but not a lot of calories? I think it would need pumpkin and blue cheese together. Hmmm… I’m a big time volume eater so I’m always trying to make my meals more volumnus.

    I’m curious about the responses on the splitting the easy miles question. I like it much better that way, so I hope it is ok!

  3. I never liked the boxed stuff. Well, I guess I used to inhale some Annie’s Mac n Cheese while watching “Bring it On” in my undergrad co-op days after a night of drinking. Don’t judge. But I never thought that stuff tasted particularly good. My friend makes a vegan mac n’ cheese (known to satisfy even the most hardcore omni) that we call “death row.” You know, in the off chance I commit a crime and receive the death penalty. Last meal and all that stuff.

  4. I loooove mac n cheese! Lately I’ve been eating Annie’s brand with greek yogurt instead of butter and milk. It’s so creamy and delicious! 😛

  5. I love mac & cheese of all kind! I don’t care if it’s from a blue box or if it’s homemade – I don’t judge!

  6. I am a homemade mac and cheese girl. That is mainly because of my mother who never bought the boxed stuff…in fact, I never tasted boxed until college.
    I think splitting miles is fine unless you are training for a marathon. I find I quickly drop a few pounds with even one double a week.

  7. Huge fiend! BUT, I will only eat the Kraft OG ‘blue box.’ Too many disappointing experiences with imposers.
    My newest tweak to the recipe, if you would call it that, is to add a box of Birds Eye steamed green beans. (I steam them w salt and pepper and a lil garlic) It makes it crunchy AND tricks you into thinking it’s somewhat healthy!

  8. My Annie’s M&C involved brussels sprouts added in – normally I throw in an obscene amount of green peas, but I had run out. For some reason, no homemade recipe can beat out boxed. It’s like they put crack in there or something. And I’m glad I was a (not-so) bad influence on you last night 😉

  9. I heart Annie’s mac-n-cheese with tuna and broccoli mixed in! I could eat 3 boxes of that stuff. Luckily I have a husband who will eat it, too…

  10. Yes, and I generally go for the boxed kind! I don’t make it very often because the H complains it’s totally unfilling, and I could definitely eat the whole box myself if I want 🙂

  11. I am definitely a Mac and Cheese fiend. The three cheese Kraft is amazing, and I eat the entire box. Now I want mac and cheese.

  12. I’m a mac-n-cheese snob. – When I first met my husband, his mom made a family recipe baked mac-n-cheese that was AWESOME….so it’s what we still make today. Unless, of course, we’re dining at Capital Grille (saved for anniversaries) and we HAVE to have the lobster mac-n-cheese in a cast iron skillet!

  13. homemade all the way! in fact i was just telling my friend that we should make some real soon. and my tummy has been a beast lately too. i think i have a tape worm or something…

  14. I could be the only person in the world who doesn’t love mac and cheese. I can take it or leave it. If it’s boxed or made with anything called pastuerized processed cheese product more likely than not I’ll leave it.

  15. I loooove mac and cheese! Either homemade or the blue box…none of that Velveeta-wanna-be-real-cheese crud! I LOL’ed at greedy little gullet…that was great. I am in awe of your mileage — you’re a beast!!!

  16. Good lord mac ‘n cheese. I never met a version I didn’t like (save for one experience with goat cheese & rosemary mac ‘n cheese while I was supremely hungover…). Annie’s Shells and White Cheddar are a favorite, but I also really like Amy’s vegan mac ‘n cheese. Like you, I find it impossible not to eat the entire box. I’m glad to know I’m not the only mac-glutton out here!

  17. I haven’t had boxed mac n cheese in years and years, it’s actually quite ridiculous. I think the last time I had them they were Annie’s from Whole Foods, whole wheat in the shape of that little Arthur cartoon character. That’s how I roll, I guess 🙂

  18. Ohhhh im a fiend. Homemade is good, but that blue box….we buy it in bulk at Sam’s. And I’ve eaten the box by myself on more than one occasion. We always serve with hot dogs (not in the mac, alongside it). Not the healthiest meal….but goddamn if it isnt one of the most delicious.

  19. I grew up on “The Cheesiest” and my dad’s homemade Velveeta recipe, and I enjoy both, but I recently made a homemade four cheese version with Italian breadcrumbs on top… I don’t think I’ll ever go back 🙂

  20. it has been far too long since I’ve had mac and cheese! Generally my punch-it-up strategy is to just… add more cheese. I like to make it Mexi-themed with black beans and salsa. Crushed tortilla chips on top for added tasty-factor. And maybe some red bell pepper and tomato sliced in for fake health purposes.

  21. Only homemade for me! I’m one of the very few who doesn’t like the blue box. yuck.

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