Hmm, say what?  Ugly?

– My car, which hasn’t been washed since September?  (Feel free to come over and doodle funny pictures and swear words in the grime.)

– Or my bathroom, complete with overflowing laundry hamper (yet again)? That’s seriously starting to smell like a locker room?

– Or me, as I lay on the floor in a trembling, unwashed heap after a ridiculous afternoon workout which combined a tempo run and a body power class?

– Or Bubba Sparxxx? (Kind of a fantastic video, BTW.)

– Or…this weird thing?

I have a weakness for produce-aisle oddities, so Fresh Market found a sucker tonight with their special on “Jamaican UGLI Fruit!

I feel prettier already.

For the record, the Ugli wasn’t so ugly on the inside:

I’m sure there’s an Important Self-Affirming Lesson to be had here, but I’ll skip it and just say that this was basically a very large, very sweet, very expensive orange.  Touche, Fresh Market.  Touche.

Today’s EAT: Dinner was anything but ugly.  In fact, it was pretty darn cute.

I took this rather infamous Ina Garten Chicken Pot Pie recipe and made it in to mini-cupcake-pan pies.  And it was delicious.


  • I halved the butter (I love butter, but 3 TBSP/serving is a little much even for me!)
  • Subtracted peas (gross)
  • Added sliced baby bella mushrooms
  • Skipped the cream
  • Used frozen puff pastry

The baking time was much shorter with the smaller sized pies (about 35 minutes).  I’d never attempted any kind of Pot Pie before and I was really pleased at how these came out!  The hubs and I both loved them.

Today’s DRINK: Unfortunately, I was slightly less impressed with tonight’s wine selection:

This Four Vines “Naked” Chard didn’t really do it for me – especially not for a slightly-splurgish price of $13.  I guess I am just an oakey/buttery kind of girl.

Today’s RUN: I made a workout sandwich today.  Here’s how ya do:

– 2 mile warm up

– Grunt your way through a quick 2 mile tempo (7:20 + 7:13)

– Jog an easy mile-ish over to the gym

– Pretend to have the coordination necessary to complete an hour-long “body power” class  (basically the non-branded version of BodyPump).  Glower at your fellow attendees when you realize that all of the 12 and 15-lb bars are taken, leaving your already-fatigued self to labor under the weight of an 18-lb bar.  Curse and sweat profusely.

– 2 mile cool down back home

All in all, a pretty solid 7 miles and a decent strength workout too.  And I was spent when I finally got back home.

Hey, this is kind of cool: because I have actually tracked all of my workouts in 2011 (I think) on Strands, I have stats for the month of January:

Total miles: 143.29
Total time: 20:18:21
Average pace: 8:30
Days trained: 24/31

Good to know.  That mileage number should probably have been about 30 miles higher, but that’s okay.  You can’t improve if you don’t know you’ve got a problem, right?  Let’s do it, February.

Today’s QUESTION: Does your grocery store sell weird stuff in the produce aisle?  Do you ever buy it?

P.S. It’s my Half Birthday today! If I were still in elementary school, I’d be bringing cupcakes to class and trying to convince my classmates to show a little enthusiasm for a poor neglected August baby.


34 responses to “Ugly

  1. I too am an August baby. Which is nice because everyone got their driver’s licenses before me; but, everyone got their driver’s licenses BEFORE ME.

    P.S. When I saw your mini pan pie thingy, I went “dink!”

  2. P.P.S. Why on vodka’s green earth am I still awake right now?

  3. ooohhh… I was a July baby and straight up hateful when it came to half birthdays at school. I’m still a little bitter about it. Although my birthday and the words “pool party” often got together and made me not hate it for a day.

  4. Wow, it never occurred to me until just now that summer birthday kids got the shaft in school. Though I’m sure a cupcake would’ve been all the impetus my elementary-aged butt needed in order to drum up an appropriate amount of enthusiasm for a summer kid’s half-birthday.

  5. Oh, that fruit reminds me of something they recently started selling here (Berlin) – “sweetie”, from Carmel/Israel, basically a sort of grapefruit/orange hybrid with a ridiculously thick peel and chewy, gristly texture. I mean, it’s nice to know that it’s out there, I guess, but I wouldn’t voluntarily eat one again.

    Chicken pot pie + chardonnay = WIN!

  6. Happy Half Birthday!!!!!! That fruit looks like a vagina on the inside sorta!

    I sure do buy weird things at the grocery store just because I don’t know what they are. That’s how I end up with things like black radishes, kuri squashes, mango powder, and turnip greens. Hint: turnip greens are boring. Don’t bother.

  7. Happy 1/2 birthday Shelby! I too have a summer birthday, so I used to bring cupcakes in to class on my 1/2 b-day.

    Weird produce is unlikely in my small town, but when we head into the larger neighboring town, we’ve recently brought home things like miniature sugar pears, fresh figs, and pluets!

  8. Haha, good to see someone else did that for their August birthday 😉

  9. Happy Half Birthday!

    I love odd produce. If I can’t identify it, I buy it. That seems to drive the grocery checkers mad because it is never on their little fruit and veggie card.

  10. that pot pie looks delicious! Sometimes I like buying weird things at the grocery store of greenmarket, but for the most part stick with the usual stuff.

    Nice workout – that would definitely make me pooped. Happy half birthday! We never celebrated those at school – maybe we were deprived?

  11. I also have an August birthday! And because of it, I always brought treats to school right after Valentine’s Day to celebrate my half birthday! I love that so many people had the same comment.

  12. happy half birthday lady! and that bubba sparxx video is classic. that you for bringing it back.

  13. No odd produce at my local grocery store and that bubba sparxx video is awesome 🙂 Love Ina’s recipes..she makes a good crisp but adds a stick of butter to four mini-crisps..yummy but yikes!

  14. I have seen some odd produce at Whole Foods, but not my local grocery store (Shaws). I will have to keep my eye out and try one!

    I have never made my own pot pie, but I just purchased the a Whole Foods pre-made one. I will have to try Ina’s recipe, looks good!!

  15. Love your take on the ugly. It’s so much fun to pick up new things even when they’re not mind-blowing. My supermarket never has crazy things (I’m lucky when they have tomatoes and bread on a Sunday) but I used to get the wackiest stuff when I lived in England and the coolest thing I got was a dragon fruit (gorgeous bright pink outside, white inside with black seeds)–sadly, it looked beautiful but it tasted like bland ass.

    You should do a stinky fruit challenge because you’re brave and it would lend itself to great hilarity…

    Oh, and can we swap birthdays for a year? I’m a January birthday and it STINKS.

    • I had dragonfruit in Thailand and had the exact same reaction – such a disappointing flavor for such a pretty fruit!

      Stinky fruit = durians. Do you have them down there?

  16. lifeisbeachykeen

    I haven’t seen any weird fruit hanging around the produce aisle lately. Although, I did see my first pomegranate a few weeks ago. I was so proud that I even knew what it was.

    I’ve never even heard of bringing cupcakes to school for a half-birthday? My birthday is in December. I’m stuck in-between Christmas & Thanksgiving which really isn’t all that great. People are broke, lol. I always wanted a pool party. My half-birthday is on my sister’s real birthday, so I guess I can’t steal her thunder.

  17. I hated having a summer birthday when I was in school. I never got cupcakes, I never got balloons on my locker. The worst.

  18. ugh I used to HATE having a summer birthday because I never got to celebrate with any of my classmates (July baby) It’s sooo the worst but at least it would be fun to do the 1/2 one 😉

  19. Happy half birthday!!! I always felt bad for the kids with summer birthdays…(though they always got to have the pool parties!).

  20. Oh you summer babies….at least you can celebrate on the beach. Or like Amy, host pool parties. My sister is an August birthday and my parents would stretch it out for weeks to compensate and stop her whining. My birthday is in Decemeber and I literally only get ONE day because then the Christmas decorations have to come out. But I’m not bitter.

  21. LOL. I love that you just purchased the Ugli having no idea what it was. I used to be that way too, until I had a terrible and traumatic experience with one of the “exotic” fruits that I bought blindly. Let’s just say it caused some unpleasant side effects. I can’t even remember what it was anymore…I think I blocked it out.

    Your pot pies look amazeballs! What a great idea to make them in a muffin tin!

    P.S. I pretty much never wash my car. That’s what rain is for! A natural car wash! (We won’t talk about the fact that the inside is currently sprinkled with popcorn kernels and giant coffee stains.)

  22. P.P.S. I’m a May birthday and I pretty much think it’s the best month to be born in ever! School is usually still in session BUT it’s far enough from Christmas that you have plenty of time to drop hints about gifts that you need/want.

  23. Very impressive monthly mileage if you ask me. 🙂 And I would be WIPED after that workout. You’re kickin’ butt!

  24. Ha! My husband is a sucker for buying weird new things (produce included).

    Pot Pie looks scrumptious!

  25. I bought my car in August and have yet to wash it. Yay me. I’m a bad car-mom.

    Happy belated 1/2 birthday!!!!! I totally celebrate my 1/2 birthday b/c I got screwed being born the day after xmas. no one is ever around to help me celebrate. Waaaaaaah. #whitegirlproblems

  26. Were you sore after that class? The first time I tried Body Pump I couldn’t check my blind spot for several days. I thought I pulled a neck muscle.

    I really want to try making pot pies, but they just seem so bad for you! Must try your version.

  27. I’m a huge oaky/buttery chardonnay fan. I recommend Sebastiani 🙂

  28. a) February is a short month. You’ve been warned.
    b) I celebrate half birthdays with the seriousness of a full birthday. Bitch better buy me presents.
    c) Jesus don’t like ugly.

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