WGP Wednesday

Thanks for the half-birthday wishes yesterday!  Glad to know I’m not the only bratty child-o-summer!  As Jeri astutely pointed out, the birthday-date-dilemma is a major #whitegirlproblem.  Good to know I’ve been having WGPs since the very day I was  born!

Because I feel like complaining frivolously rather than writing a real post, here are a few more:

1) No skiing this yearWAH.  I know.  But I love the mountains of the west like most people love the beaches of the Caribbean and I’m used to getting my annual fix with a ski trip or two!  But it just ain’t in the cards this year.  And east coast mountains are no substitute.  Wah.

2) My laptop battery hates me.  The longevity of my laptop’s battery is inversely proportionate to how comfortable I am.  So, when I am sitting at a hard desk doing boring work, it will chug along for like four hours.  But if I’m comfy on the couch?  Thirty minutes, tops.

3) My vacuum cleaner sucks.  Or, like…doesn’t.  Seriously, sometimes I will pinpoint a specific piece of lint and run over it repeatedly, growing more angry and incredulous each time my stupid cheap vacuum fails to claim it.  I officially have Dyson Envy.  (And with that, I’m also officially an old boring grown-up.  Ugh.)

4) My favorite (ahem, only) cashmere sweater has a moth hole.  I discovered this earlier this week.  (The sweater spent some time in storage during our last move, so I’m guessing that’s where it happened.)  Enraged cursing ensued.  I don’t splurge on expensive clothing very often, and here this stupid moth with champagne taste had to go and eat it?  Couldn’t have settled for the cheap Old Navy number next door, eh, moth?  Too good for that, are you?  I hope you’re happy.  (Or dead.  Which you probably are at this point anyway.)

5) This chair is far too uncomfortable.

Big black cats can have white girl problems, too.

Today’s EAT: I had a pizza crust to use up and a hankering for peanut sauce.  Thus, Thai Chicken Pizza:

Peanut sauce, chicken, diced red peppers, shredded carrot, sliced red onion, scrambled egg, fried green onions, and just a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese.  With generously applied red pepper flakes.  It was perfect.

Today’s DRINK: I’d been excited to try this French Broad Wee-Heavy-Er Scotch Ale.  It’s semi-local and more importantly, had a cool Atlas Shrugged-esque label.

Eh…it was just okay.  While not unpleasant, it was just sort of flavorless.  Reminded me a little of flat Newcastle.  For the ABV (7%) it was really mellow and drinkable, so I guess it had that going for it, but I had expected a more grandiose experience, given the name.

Today’s RUN: Double trouble!  3 easy miles at lunchtime and 6 more this evening.  The weather here was straight-up weird today:  70* and humid and windy.  Very strange considering the SNOMG happening elsewhere.  It’s supposed to cool down again tomorrow (to, like, 45*) which is okay with me.  I’m not ready to sweat yet!

Jess asked if I was sore from yesterday’s Body Power class.  Yes!  My butt and my triceps especially – but in a good way.  Today’s mellow miles felt really good on my slightly beat-up body.

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your WGP of the week? (And no, you don’t have to be a white girl to have a WGP!)


24 responses to “WGP Wednesday

  1. WGPOTW: My cat peed on my good, down duvet, so now I have to use this stupid cheap Ikea duvet which is not as warm and has clumpy, poly-something filling. this is especially relevant because I have spent the last three days in bed (literally…def not in a good way) trying to get rid of this $%&ing sinus infection. WAH!

    This entry is really funny, thanks for the laughs!

  2. Like your moth issue, I just discovered a hole in the elbow of yet another work sweater. I really do favor my left side when it comes to leaning on the desk in boredom in front of my computer screen. Sigh…

  3. WGPOTW: Only two of our three cars have 4WD, one of the 4WD ones is broken, the roads between our house and civilization are uber snowy, and Chris and I have to share the working 4WD car. Wah.

    I miss my gym with their fake Body Pump class. That is a major downside to the home gym thing.

  4. WGP’sOTW: Target seems to be out of everything I need – both times I have been there! We bought a new mattress on Sunday and I need a new mattress pad. Of course they didn’t have any reasonable queen sized ones. It was either the $50 dollar super giant down one, or the $8 nylon/polysester sweat inducer. They have also been out of my favorite coffee creamer both times. I refuse to go to the grocery store because it’s over a dollar more per creamer.

    My second problem is having to wait for treadmills at the gym this month. I see you see me giving you the side eye for going over your minute limit, resolutioners.

    Happy belated half birthday 🙂

  5. This salt and slush are totally ruining my boat shoes. #WGP

  6. my WGP: salt stains on my favorite pair of Frye boots.

    That pizza looks SO GOOD!

  7. WGP My blackberry died and I couldn’t figure out how to transfer contacts to my new one.

  8. I say that I’m sore (or that it was hard) in a good way all the time. There’s no better feeling than soreness from a solid workout!

  9. I feel like most of my problems are a big “white girl WAH”. 😉

    WAH my iPhone battery doesn’t hold a charge all day. WAH

  10. ZOMG- flat Newcastle? That’s a WGP. And WG’s don’t need booty-lifting… that’s a problem.

    1st time commenting, but your blog is one of my faves, for sure. I love beer! And running (sometimes)- And honesty 🙂

  11. I could come up with at least 99 White Girl Problems:
    Cannot get PT appointment to.mor.row.
    Do tights go over or under Spanx?
    Highlights grew out OVERNIGHT.
    Bag of Dove dark chocolate…not bottomless.
    The wine I ordered won’t ship until it warms up.
    um, THE WHITE STRIPES???!!!??
    The perfect smoky eye continues to evade me.
    Unable to choose nubby charcoal linen or “otter” microsuede for new bed I’m ordering.

    It’s really ugly when I write it out like that.

  12. omg new wgp – I haven’t had 3G reception for the last 4 hours. AHHHHHH

  13. lifeisbeachykeen

    WGP: This freakin’ florida humidity is pissing me off. I waste a lot of time straightening my hair to step outside and it frizzes the eff out. total WGP right there.

  14. omgzz, your thai pizza looks delicious. i am jealous. that is my WGP of the week. delicious food envy!!

  15. that pizza looks amazing, i want to stick my face in it. my WGP is that we sold our old dining room table and chairs on craigslist and then when i went to order the new table, it’s back ordered for 8 weeks so we just have 8 stupid chairs, no table. WAHHHHH.

  16. WGP: I can’t read blogs at work. Or check Twitter.
    That almost makes it a GWGP (Geeky White Girl Problem), which really, is even more embarrassing.

  17. My straightener broke, and half my hair was left slightly wavy. I actually thought to myself as I was bitching at the mirror, “white girl problem.”

  18. ah, what observational wit! the laptop inverse formula cracks me up. I have to steal some of this for my jerry seinfeld stand up routine

  19. Mm yummy I love anything with peanut sauce! My WGP is that I was so mad at my work for not calling a snow day until 730 am when I woke up at 5:30 am waiting to find out!! #whitgirlproblem #snowmagedon

  20. Hi there, found your blog via the Angry Runner’s blog (and seeing your crazy MS paint skills)…anyway my WGP of the day (and year) is: My husband and I are able to move anywhere we want in the US and we can’t figure out where to go. WAAH.

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