Fire noodles

There was an era in my young life in which I could do a pull-up.  Clearly, that era has passed.

You know you’re in a sad place, strength-training-wise, when your core and arms are the first thing to tire while running long or hard.  Last spring, as I upped the intensity and volume of my running, I basically let strength training fall off the agenda.  For a few months, I mitigated the damage by faithfully attending twice-weekly yoga class.  Then, when Chicago marathon training kicked in, that fell off the agenda, too.


So I’m trying to get back in to it.  I know I’m not going to spend hours a week in the weight room, and I’m definitely okay with that – but I can definitely make an effort of some sort a couple of times a week.  At least BodyPower class or something.  And that yoga?  That’s back on the docket, too.

It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I’m feeling itAnd it feels good. The other day, it was slightly uncomfortable to shampoo my hair.  That’s a great feeling.

But…I have my work cut out for me.

Today, I went to yoga class (check!) and was hoping for an emphasis on stretching and lots of hip-openers.  Instead, the instructor decided it was Warrior Two Day!

The only thing that will make you feel less hard-core than debilitating arm fatigue while running is debilitating arm fatigue while Warrior-Two-ing with a bunch of middle-aged women during yoga class at your local YMCA.


These guns are done for.  Noodles are overcooked.  Fire arms have been discharged.  I could keep going….

Tomorrow’s long run will be interesting.

Today’s EAT:  When I named this post I was actually thinking of edible noodles.

Not to be confused with burning biceps, these noodles are spicy and wonderful – and this dish or some variation on it is a staple around here.

Recipe: Fire Noodles

This comes together in fifteen minutes and uses ingredients that you probably have on hand if you cook Asian-type things.  (And if you don’t?  Well, you should!  Fish sauce is one of the most underrated ingredients out there!)  Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

Today’s DRINK: I popped open this bottle of Renwood Zinfandel promptly at 5 PM on Friday.

It was okay!  Pretty light and fruity with lots of berries.  Definitely not the big flavor that I’d normally expect from a Zin, but it wasn’t unpleasant either.  I’ll finish the bottle but wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again.

Today’s RUN: After a glorious rest day on Friday, I logged an easy 6.3 in the Saturday afternoon drizzle before heading to that yoga class that set my arms on fire.  Today was a disgusting day for just about everything except running – 45* and rainy is fine running weather if you ask me!

Today’s QUESTION: If you do yoga, is there a particular pose that kills your arms – or is it just me? Warrior 2 makes my guns burn, and I positively dread Extended Side-Angle….



22 responses to “Fire noodles

  1. LOL I just snorted my Cabernet Sauvignon through my nose. Thanks!

    I hear ya! I hated weight training. I was a cardio junkie completely obsessed with running and training for races. Very unbalanced!

    My injury that sidelined my running forced me to start weight lifting and I grew to love it. I see drastic changes in my body shape and how I’ve developed muscles and good tone.

  2. Its so easy to let strength and yoga fall off the schedule when you ramp up running! I haven’t been to yoga in…. over a month? Yikes! Its so important though, and it really does make you a better runner!

  3. teehee! fire noodles, i love it!

  4. Crow pose ! and from there jump back in plank…

  5. I suck at yoga…so I can’t answer your question. Although I can relate to the “good hurt” that comes with weight training! And you have adorable noodle arms! 😉

  6. Yeah I keep re-committing to strength and core having been promised those things will make me a faster less-injured runner. Alas. I have commitment issues obviously.

    Fire noodles, heh.

  7. haha “noodles are overcooked” i love it. that’s exactly how i felt after rockclimbing on sat!

  8. oh, I love yoga. I’ve been going to Bikram classes, and the first 4 postures or so are killers on the arms.

  9. Have you heard of Axe Cop? If you haven’t, you are missing out on one of life’s great pleasures. Anyway, your noodle arm picture reminded me of the character sockarang.

    google images for axe cop sockarang, and you’ll see what I mean

  10. Mmm noodles look delicious. Fish sauce stinks something awful, but in dishes it tastes amazing & really makes the dish come together.

  11. i have zero core/upper body strength and yoga strikes fear in my heart even though i know it is good for me. wahhh.

    your arms gonna be SO buff!

  12. I just gave in to my “I hate being part of the curve” and bought Core Fusion Abs and Arms. Yep, totally gave in to peer pressure. I hope this is good, though, because my abs and arms could use some major work.

  13. My husband swears that I’m going to go to PT forever, even once/if my knee is 100% healed, because they make me do all sorts of wicked moves. One of many evil forms of torture – dolly tucks. Push-ups on a dolly. Torture.
    On another note, fish sauce is amazing stuff!

  14. love the loosey-goosey paint-arms. hilarious. since my yoga binge (that seems to be more than a binge and a permanent way for me, these days), my arms and core have gotten *so* much stronger, and i like it. yeah, my cardio has gone to absolute shit, but i got ze guns. well, sort of. it’s cool though. i dig it. fire noodles seem appropriate. i had jungle curry thai takeout the other night – does that count? if i were fighting wild animals in an exotic jungle i may have a better chance of winning. pshawwwww.

  15. This one isn’t arm-involved, but pigeon just doesn’t work for me. It skips the stretching part and is just downright painful. So I always do a pirformis floor stretch instead, and no one seems to notice!

    Jacqui will tell you crow pose is her least favorite, or any position that positions her uterus upside-down!

  16. any tips on buying fish sauce? will be my first time

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