SuperBowl Sunday – 1, Shelby – 0.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the beer that did me in.  It was these:

Too many honey barbecue wings for two people?  You think?  (Note: I did not make these, I bought them in a cute little bucket at Whole Foods.  And I’m going to blame the cuteness of that bucket for my underestimation of its volume.)

When game time rolled around, I attacked that platter.  I was hungry from pounding out fourteen beautiful beastly miles.

The weather was gorgeous.  I meandered around the usual greenways, enjoyed the sunshine, and at one point took a little break from the hills to run a few laps around the State track.  I hauled some serious ass at the end.  It felt wonderful.

Hard-earned post-run shower beer:

By the time that god-awful halftime show was over, I was in a serious chicken and beer coma.  I think I’m still digesting all of those wings.

Here’s how the week ended up:

M – 5.2 easy (42:15, 8:18 pace) + 3 on the TM (23:15, 7:44 pace)
Tu – 7.1 with 2 @ tempo (57:04, 8:05 pace)
W – 3 easy (26:10, 8:43 pace) + 6.1 easy (52:57, 8:39 pace)
Th – 6 with 4 @ tempo (45:24, 7:34 pace)
Sa – 6.3 easy (53:33, 8:27 pace)
Su – 14 long (1:54:52, 8:11 pace)

Total – 50.7 miles.  Hooray for cracking 50 for the first time in 2011!

That’s all I’ve got.  How’s that for a disjointed Monday post?  I’ll be back tomorrow with some recipe musings – we’re having a dinner party tomorrow night so I’ll be in the kitchen all afternoon!

Off to be super nocturnal and make cake pops for the big feast….


23 responses to “OMG BBQ OD

  1. woah on the last mile party!! congrats on the 50 week! i’m going to live vicariously through you and pretend that i still get to train like that.

  2. Nice week of running! Damn! Do I spy TWO tempos hiding in there? Remind me, what’s on tap for you next? I mean running, not drinking. Another shower-beer, a concept I just can’t get down with, is clearly next.

    I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I went to bed at 9:30 p.m., and prior to that watched “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

  3. I used the Superbowl and my trip to Madison as an excuse to go crazy all weekend. I’m still working the cheese curds off.. :p

    Honey BBQ is always a good choice. Yessss…

  4. Nice workouts this week! I’d attack those wings with abandonment.
    I’m sure a good portion of ameria ate the same thing with a side of pizza and nachos, and only did 12 oz curls for exercise.

  5. And 50 miles is awesome. I’m happy when I hit 25. You’re going to tear up the half. Are you thinking about slipping in a full marathon in this spring too?

    • Probably not this spring! I’m registered for three halves in March, April, May and from there will hopefully go in to “track season” (i.e. weekly all-comers meets). Thinking about a full or two this fall though!

  6. Hope the wings were super tasty! Nice job on all those miles this week. Could ya send some of that warm weather up north?? 😀

  7. I wanna see that tempting bucket!

  8. those wings look delicious, if they were not all in your tummy i would be right over.

  9. Is it wrong that I think that’s an appropriate amount of wings for 2 people?

  10. Hey, I think you EARNED those wings!!

  11. I love that beer! It’s a really nice seasonal.

  12. Whoa, way to go on your speedy long run! And congrats on breaking 50 miles! You deserve the bucket full of wings and beers 🙂

    Big fan of the New Belgium 2 below. I had some a few weeks ago when it was actually 2 below outside.

    I am also happy when I hit 25! Nice week on mileage. You continute to be my running idol.

  14. stellar running! hauling MAJOR ass. i approve 🙂

    and holy wings! i haven’t had bbq in faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too long. beer? not so much but i still think i’m likely overdue on that front too 😉

  15. Two tempos and a badass long run? Nice week! Wing overdose justified.

  16. lifeisbeachykeen

    Yum, wings! There was a “wing festival” in St. Pete Beach this weekend, we considered going but it poured most of the weekend so we didn’t go. I LOVE wings!

    That 14 mile run looks pretty stellar!

    How are you liking the two-a-day runs?

    • I like them! It’s nice to have a morning “shakeout” run in addition to my regular run. I don’t think I’d want to do it more than a couple of times a week though. Burnout risk!

  17. Awesome run! You totally earned those wings.

  18. Isn’t it kind of evil that the weather was so nice out on the day when everyone wants to stay inside?

    No matter how rough you felt after eating all those wings, I’m sure it would have been worse if they were from anywhere beside whole foods. wholesome wings!

  19. So glad to hear someone else panning the half-time show. When I went to work yesterday, people commented on how they thought that the idea/message was “nice”.

  20. Yum, I love 2 below!

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