Sweet indifference

Nothing polarizes the female population quite like Valentine’s Day.

Yeah…I really could not care less.  Not one way or the other.

But I’m going to drink some bubbly anyway.  Because it’s Monday.



23 responses to “Sweet indifference

  1. You forgot to mention that candy hearts are evil.

  2. It’s kind of nice to be on the “I just don’t care” train. Although I really appreciate the fact that all my students brought me crappy candy today…and I will love conversation hearts til the day that I die.

  3. I can’t see why people get so worked up about it on either side of the spectrum. Any holiday that results in discount chocolate is a-okay in my book.

  4. Ohhhh… there’s my excuse to drink mid week!

  5. enjoy that bubbly. happy hour post-work was the only thing getting me through the day….oops?

    i think we should start a bubbly monday. every monday. mmmmmmmmmmmkay?

  6. Even when I had a bf, I don’t really recall enjoying the holiday.

    However, I do recall always drinking for it. So uh… cheers!

  7. I think I’m gonna go have some wine….

  8. For real. I ate panera and that was perfect.

  9. My husband is not here so I had a nice glass of merlot, some pasta and chocolate. I’m content either way.

  10. We sat at home…ate tacos…and watch the Thats ’70s Show. This is pretty much a normal night for us. We are SO very romantic…psht!

  11. I really like that you’re wearing an orange shirt in this cartoon! I also strongly identify with indifference over valentines day!

  12. Yeah, I feel pretty indifferent. But the blond cartoon with the glasses looks an awful lot like me…

  13. Lovely artwork as always! Happy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy the bubbly.

  14. I love Valentine’s Day – but basically any excuse to eat special food and drink is fine by me. I love V Day when I was single and I could get drunk with my girls and I love V Day now that I’m partnered and I can get drunk with one girl. Except it’s a Monday and we had to take our friend to catch a red eye. So I’ll be indifferent this year until I’m eating fancy food and drinking fancy drink. Or not fancy drink, I don’t care.

  15. Hee, I like your indifference! Happy chocolate and champagne day!

  16. I’m with you – as long as there’s booze, I’m good. I kind of feel like anyone who goes too extreme in one direction or the other is trying to compensate for something. Of course that’s a gross generalization based on no evidence whatsoever.

  17. We drink champagne in our house all. the. time. OK, well it’s really $4.99 sparkling wine from Traders, but still delicious.

    As for valentines day, I’m all for ranting about it being stupid it but it drives me nuts when people ONLY hate it when they’re single but gush over hearts and flowers and jewelry when they’re not. I think I just rolled my eyes.

  18. I had chocolate and wine! Nothing beats that on a valentine’s day

  19. My husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day….but I will say that I did use it as an excuse to have champagne with dinner. What – champagne w/couscous & cornbread doesn’t mesh well? 🙂

  20. Amen. I just want chocolate and wine. I’ll gladly hit up the v-day sales.

  21. yeah, i hate it too. but i’ll eat that discount chocolate today, kthanks.

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