That Boston drama

Are y’all sick of discussing the Boston Marathon qualification changes yet?  Yep?  Me too.

There are 244 other marathons in the United States every year.  (Wiki says this is true, so clearly it is true.)  The vast majority of them would be thrilled to have you.

Yes…it’s going to be okay, everyone.  Let’s take a deep breath and have a Sam Adams and a lobster roll while watching Good Will Hunting.  (I’m sure it’s on TBS at some point soon…)

Obviously, the changes were coming.  And now the changes are here.  Whether or not this affects your chances of earning the privilege of paying lots of money to run this famous race – it’s really not going to alter your life’s course, one way or the other.

Just run.  Do your best. Going forward, there is no reason not to be happy with a 3:10 or 3:40 – if that is your goal – just because the BAA has changed their (arbitrary) standards .  Those are still awesome times!  If you really want to race on a random Monday in April (that you will almost certainly have to take off of work, because Boston is the only city in the universe that celebrates Patriots Day) – then step up your game.  If not – then don’t.  In either case, I think the phrase “shut your trap and run” applies beautifully here.

And I say this as someone who has come within minutes of the old Boston mark several times.  Do the changes make it more difficult for someone like me to qualify?  Yes, of course.  But that’s okay.  There has been an obviously increasing discrepancy between supply and demand when it comes to Boston entries over the last few years; something had to give.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Today’s EAT: Overly “healthified” recipes tend to turn me off.  This mac and cheese – made with lots of squash and shockingly little cheese – is an exception.

I’ve blogged it before and I’m blogging it again.

Recipe: Mac and Cheese with Squash and Peas (via Branny Boils Over)

I skipped the peas and added a couple of links of chicken sausage.  (Actually, except for the squash, I tend to skip the veggies altogether in recipes like this – they tend to leech water into the dish and make it soggy.  Better to just have the veggies on the side.)  Seriously though, I’m a pretty big fan of gooey cheese, and the squash is a delightful substitute in this dish.  Give it a shot!

Today’s DRINK: Nada!  Although I did pick up a couple of fun single beer bottles at the store today that I’m excited to crack open later this week!  Have I mentioned that I am kind of over six-packs?  Even if I spend a bit more per sip, I love buying singles and being able to taste different beers.

Today’s RUN: Nada!  Planned rest day!  Glorious.

Today’s QUESTION: What race – other than Boston – is on your lifetime to-do list? I’ve love to do a pretty marathon in Northern Cali – Napa or Big Sur, perhaps?  And run in a real, legit track meet (again) at some point!


45 responses to “That Boston drama

  1. Boston has never been on my list; I certainly am not THAT good. But Northern Cali marathons sound fun and I’m kind of interested in doing the Mount Desert Island Marathon in Maine. 🙂

  2. I agree on the whole no big deal perspective. There really are a lot of other marathons. It’s not like people would be upset to learn they cannot run the olympic trial marathon.

    Do big sur over Napa! I grew up in Napa and have run it thrice. It’s kind of boring and bland really…rolling hills and vineyards are pretty and all, but not 26 miles worth.

    Big Sur is my dream run fo sho. Theres one in a Utah canyon that I really want to run. And maybe something out in Virginia or some northeastern state that is romantic and beautiful

    • I’m doing Charlottesville in April and it’s supposed to be gorgeous – I’ll let ya know!

      Good to know about Napa! Admittedly the proximity to wine would be a factor there too…. 🙂

      • A friend told me to be aware that on-course support is meager in C-ville…not sure if that’s as big a deal for the half as the full but I wanted to let you know.

  3. Twin Cities has always seemed like my ” hometown” race even though I’m not from the city, but it’s for sure on my list. I’d also love to run NYC, especially if money’s not a factor :-).

    As for Boston, if I ever qualified I think I’d absolutely do everything in my power to get there!

    • I should add that qualifying ( or training enough to even attempt it) is probably not in my future. So I hope I can content myself with the other 244 marathons or thousands of 5Ks and up races around 🙂

  4. I’m definitely into the rolling/staggered registration idea. The one thing I don’t get is why registration starts at the beginning of September. Seems like it would make more sense to push it back to November-ish so that fall marathoners (NYC? Chicago?) can get more of a chance to qualify for the directly following year. I’m wondering what the BAA’s reasoning is behind the September registration window… is it just an added layer of weeding out potential competitors?

    • I can only assume it was just a move to further reduce demand…or, I guess, increase the lag time until things “catch up.” If that makes sense. Theoretically all it does is delay the fall wave of entries for a year, but in the current situation, there is already such a backlog that maybe they were hoping to push those off for a year. IDK.

  5. I don’t really care about the Boston Marathon changes, I’m a slow poke without Boston dreams. That said, this seems like a logical way to allocate a limited number of entries.

    I would like to run a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon sometime just to see what that is all about. Big Sur is also attractive to me.

  6. i’m okay with it. i can still first aim for the 3:40 which would still feel like a triumph for me if i reach it someday! i know this sounds crazy, but i don’t actually care about running the actual race — the afternoon time, the monday thing, and the hills make me less excited about it than others.

    races that ARE on my list:

    big sur (yes i know, hilly, but BEEEAAUUUTIFUL)
    maui =D

  7. Chicken sausage in mac and cheese is fab. I did it in my one recent mac and cheese attempt and I think it saved the dish! (my homemade sauce was a little lacking…)

    I heard about the Boston. And really- what else would they do? At some point, capacity would be reached. And I agree totally- there are so many other marathons. And just the ability to do one is amazing. Sometimes people forget that. No need to create a fuss!

  8. i’d love to do a real track meet too. i probably won’t though. too scared hahah. and i want to do a race in every state so i’m a little irked that people actually convinced me to do boston again because i’m repeating MA!

  9. Good points on the Boston changes.

    I would love to do an international marathon some day – Paris, London…pretty much wherever.

  10. As someone who hasn’t ever and probably will never qualify, I read about the changes on completely neutral grounds and I thought, “oh cool, faster wins. Sounds fair.” But then I’ve always made a point to try and despise anything that’s hyped. Just to be a dick. Except macaroni and cheese.

    I’d just love a marathon somewhere beautiful, exotic, but with perfectly moderate, not-too-humid temps.

    • I was thinking the same re: something thats overhyped I usually avoid/get annoyed with. And probbaly won’t ever be fast enough anyway. And since I have zero desire to run a full marathon this falls into the “meh” category for me.

      But now I am just thinking about Matt Damon, a Sam Adams, and some seafood. Preferably together.

  11. The Boston changes seem fair to me. I don’t think I’ll ever come close to qualifying, but I would love to do some of the big city marathons (New York, Chicago, San Francisco…) and something international.

  12. I have to admit, I was upset for a few minutes yesterday. As I knew changes were coming, it just bums me out since my goal for May is to BQ. I still have that goal. If I reach that goal, chance are I will not get in, but at least I can say I qualified.

    I really, really want to run Big Sur! I say it all the time and point it out to the husband whenever I see an ad for it in RW!

  13. I’m with you on the track thing. I’d kind of love to compete in all my old high school events and see how far I’ve actually fallen. Although I’m thinking I may be able to beat my old 400 time now that I’ve actually incorporated running for more than 20 minutes into my schedule. Getting my 25lb heavier ass up and over a 5 foot high jump bar, now that’s another question.

  14. I have london and athens on my “must do” list. Also the goofy challenge 2012. Clearly I like forking over muchos $$$$$$. :p

  15. Actually if you want to be technical, Patriot’s Day is a Massachusetts state holiday and I’m pretty sure it is a holiday in Maine as well. It commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord. I know these things because 1. I am a history nerd 2. The spirit of Massachusetts is the spirit of America, the spirit of what’s old and what’s new!! Those crazy Bostonians never wanted the whole country at their race….WHOOOPS ON THAT ONE. People need to stop buying into the marathon craze and it’ll all be copacetic. And cram it as well.

    But I will continue to throw out random facts because that’s what I do. Because I think Boston DOES have a city only (or maybe just Suffolk county) holiday in June: BUNKER HILL DAY. Oh, that’s right.


    P.S. I’d love to do Big Sur at some point.

  16. I have to agree on the Boston hype … although I would love to be able to say I qualified and ran it one day (this coming from a virgin marathoner that has yet to complete her first 26.2) Ask me this question again in November after I’ve completed NYC. If I’m not a “one and done” girl, then I’d LOVE to do an International marathon one day 🙂

    BTW that mac n cheese looks AWESOME.

  17. I would love to do Napa and London!
    I need to try that mac n cheese looks deceptively very cheesy and not so healthy but it’s great that it is

  18. 244 marathons seems like an awfully low number. I would have guessed much higher than that. Or maybe my perspective is off from living with a Marathon Maniac.

  19. London, Amsterdam, and the Grand Island Trail Marathon in Michigan

  20. mmm, that mac n cheese looks delicious! I agree with your stance on the Boston changes. I still plan on working my butt off to qualify some day, regardless of what the new standard is!

    I would LOVE to run London someday

  21. Well said, my friend. I don’t understand why people feel they should be entitled to run this race!! 1) It’s supposed to be HARD. If it wasn’t hard – everyone would do it. And then it wouldn’t have the same alure. 2) It’s just a race! Like you said…there are so many more to choose from!

    Your mac and cheese looks good! Jacqui will be jeals 🙂

  22. Haha I blogged about this last night, right down to the “umm…240+ other marathons will take you” point. Honestly, I qualified a couple years ago and still haven’t gone. Maybe 2012?

    Big Sur is on the list, as is London. My biggest wish, however, is to run Berlin, then take a train down to Munich and go to Oktoberfest. Want to come? Sounds like your scene. 😉

  23. Vegas. I wanted to do the Vegas half in 2010 SOOO bad. Hood to Coast was on that list too and I did that.

  24. man. you always have a bazillion comments! so popular you are (in yoda voice).
    Im happy about the changes because after 6 marathons I got a BQ this year. I was so excited, then I got shut out of registering.

    I want to do the Medoc Marathon (wine at aid stations) or one in Australia.

  25. Well, Big Sur is on the list as is Berlin (Oktoberfest anyone?). Woohoo!

    Hood to Coast and Pikes Peak were on the list but I’ve taken care of those. Though, gulp, I may want to do Pikes Peak again. Seriously, I need my head examined.

    I still love your MS Paint skillz. Always make me smile!

  26. I’m running my first marathon in October (Dirty D Detroit in the Hizzzzzouse!) and I never had a chance of BQing in my first or 15th marathon so these changes matter not. Maybe if I’m still racing in my 90s I’ll get in for sheer grit and determination. And gumption. I’d like entrance to Boston to be based on level of gumption.

    Otherwise, assuming I survive DFP and ever want to run again, Big Sur and NYC are on my bucket list. And NYC because I’m an actualy New Yorker who grew up watching the marathon. Like I said, gumption.

  27. Their game, their rules. Why do you think the Olympics, or any national championship has qualifying standards? It gets harder and harder for runners to qualify for NCAA meets every year. And people, if you follow the evolution of the mile and shit like that, keep on getting faster.

    Still, I tend to believe it’s easier for a woman to run a 3:35 than for a man to run a 3:05. And that? Is very easy to say as a person who has never marathoned.

  28. Ah yes, this post made me smile. I totally agree. Personally, I like races that take me closer to my family. So I’m looking forward to the San Diego Rock n Roll this year. It’s pretty, the weather is great, and it will get me out of hot Florida for a few days.

  29. In my wildest dreams I’d love to run the Athens marathon. Something about the history geek in me gets really amped at the idea of running the exact course.

  30. I probably should run my hometown marathon someday, but higher up on my To Run wish list is …
    *(1) Edge to Edge Marathon –
    *(2) Medoc Marathon
    **(3) Canadian Death Race –
    *Unlikely, but in the realm of possiblity.
    **A pipe dream.

  31. I love your views on the BAA changes. That is pretty much exactly how I feel. People need to relax, for sure!

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