Drivers ed

Please select the answer that best describes the following situation:

(A) A zebra has been flattened on this road.  You should stop your vehicle in a safe place and call animal control.

(B) This road doesn’t realize the horizontal stripes are unflattering.  You should proceed with caution and later file a report with the fashion police.

(C) Pedestrians may be trying to cross this road.  Avoid eye contact with them and drive across those stripes as quickly as possible.


Drivers of Raleigh: you FAIL.


An exasperated  runner

Today’s EAT: Heyo, here’s something we haven’t done in a while:

A BIG-ASS SALAD. I knew I was overdue for one because my search traffic from pervos looking to do bizarre things involving le derriere had dropped off a bit recently.  So here ya go  – come and get it, you nasty freaks!

Ahem.  Anyway.  I’m calling this a Steak Frites Salad.  Noted the hubs: “So basically you made yourself a steak and fries and put it on top of lettuce.”  Well…uh, yeah.

All of the necessary BAS components were there:

  • Salty: Garlic oven fries
  • Sweet: Chopped red pear
  • Meat: Grass-fed skirt steak
  • Treat: A sprinkle of Gruyere cheese

Arranged on a bed of red leaf lettuce with a red wine vinaigrette.  Delicious.

Today’s DRINK: Glory, hallelujah.

I loved this Victory Yakima Glory Ale.  Damn, I have really developed a crush on beers that are sort of like IPAs but darker.  (This is described as a “Dark IPA” or “American Dark Ale,” depending on who you ask.)  Lots of fresh, piney hops and rich chocolate malt.  Even at 8.6% ABV, it was a smooth sip, and it’s a good thing I only had one on hand because I totally would have gone back for secondsies.

Today’s RUN: Tempo Thursday!  I borrowed this workout from MM, who apparently originally got it from Lacey.   (Who needs a coach when you’ve got a Google reader full of running blogs, eh?)

The assignment: 1 X 2 mile (continuous), 2 X (1 mile easy + 1 mile hard).

The results: Not bad!  14:33 for the two-miler, 7:03 and 6:50 for the singles.  I enjoyed the workout and it was a nice compromise between shorter repeats and the continuous tempos and pace runs I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks.

Poor route planning on my part, though.  I got stuck at TWO traffic circles filled with stupid motorists who ignored the crosswalks.  Of course, both times, it happened just as I was hitting my stride in one of the tempo portions.  Gah.

All in all, 8 miles for today.

Today’s QUESTION: How old were you when you got your driver’s license?  Did you pass the test the first time around? I went on the morning of my sixteenth birthday.  I passed by the skin of my neck.  (Apparently you are not supposed to flatten the orange cones while performing the parallel parking portion of the test.  I’m actually shocked that I walked away with a passing score, given that technically hitting the cones counts as a “collision with another vehicle.”  I did have my hands arranged perfectly at 10 and 2, though!)


31 responses to “Drivers ed

  1. I was 16 when I got my learner’s permit and I failed the computer test the first time. It wasn’t until I was 16 1/2 that I got my drivers license. I still cannot for the life of me parallel park. I don’t do well in Boston sometimes.

  2. I got my learners at 15, my restricted at 16 and my full at 17. I passed my full the first time but had to resit my learners and restricted.

  3. i had lots of friends that drove and no motivation to get of my butt to take my own test. or something! not sure why the 16 year old me couldn’t get her act together, but i didn’t take the test until 18. when i finally got around to it, i did pass on the first try (including parallel parking! yeah!).


  4. I got my license at 17 because NJ doesn’t trust young people to drive. They’re right really. Although, naturally, I thought I was plenty mature at the ripe old age of 17, some of my friends were definitely NOT.

    It is really interesting to see how drivers react to runners depending on where you run. My town is not super driver-runner friendly, but we go run at Indiana University sometimes and, probably because the drivers are used to pedestrians, they are super runner friendly.

    • It’s weird, usually the drivers around here are pretty good (we’re also by a university) – but this on this one street, all of the traffic is regulated by traffic circles (HATE) and the drivers don’t seem to get that if they don’t stop for you, you won’t ever get to cross…it’s a nonstop flow of cars!

  5. I was 16 when I got my license and a cute car for my birthday. (I was a spoiled rotten brat.) I hit the cones too, and started crying. The guy told me it was ok because I wouldn’t need to parallel park in my shitty little suburb.

  6. Nice run and BAS! I want to try that workout. Hehe, I think I was 17 when I got my license. I passed the first time, but I have NO IDEA how. I think I rallied on the parallel parking, because it was the only time I ever did it right. Since I haven’t driven in oh, 6 years or so, I’d say I need a refresher on just about everything. I suck at driving and don’t remember any of the “rules” of the road..

  7. I was 17 and passed with flying colors on my bday morning. In NJ we are supposed to parallel park as part of the test but the women attempting to do it next to me, almost hit me and the instructor just told me to skip it. WIN!

  8. Dude, my driving test was a joke. We made four right turns, around the block and back to the DMV. No parallel parking, nothing.

    I’ve never had the Yakima, it’s a seasonal so I’ll have to see if we get it around here. I love the HopDevil and V-12 though if you get a chance to try them.

    NICE RUN! Do you ever have to scribble a cheat sheet on your hand to remember the workout?

    • Nope! I’m enough of a nerd that I rehash my planned intervals and splits quite a bit in my head before I run. Maybe if I were doing a really complicated track workout, I’d need a cheat sheet, but most of the time I’ve got it memorized in advance!

  9. I love when you share your big ass salads! They always look so delicious.

    I passed my first driving test. I don’t know how. I was a horrible drive. The first day I had my license I drove over to my cousins house which was literally in our neighborhood. I managed to drive up a curb twice; once almost hitting a mail box and almost hitting a tree.

    I think my driver training teacher passes me because she did not want to be in the car with my any longer then she already had been.

  10. i failed the first time, sad pandas.

    also, i always stop at the crosswalks, but i yell at people who cross the street NOT in the crosswalk. it’s one of my top pet peeves. grr. use the crosswalk and i will not run you over!

  11. I got my permit the day I turned 16, and my drivers license exactly 6 months later. Dumb PA laws making you wait 6 months.

  12. Permit at 16, license at 17 – actually a few weeks after my 17th birthday, because there was a March blizzard on my birthday (that’s a hint that my birthday is coming up. And I just realized that it will be 10 years since I got my license. /panic anyway). I passed, although failed the three-point turn section of the test because I failed to put on my blinker. Oddly enough, I passed the parallel parking section, which I can barely manage even now.

  13. Totally got my license at 15 but had passed the test a few weeks before I turned but I had to wait until everyone in my drivers ed class had taken it like a whole month and a half before I could pay the DMV $50 for a spanky new license. My teacher was total old man creeper.

    The not stopping for a runner OBVIOUSLY trying to cross the street AT a crosswalk is one of my biggest bitches. I threaten them in my head with “one of these days I am just gonna step my ass out there and you will hit it and you will feel so bad and be in oh so much trouble” but yeah it would hurt. A. LOT. So I just rant and rave in my head and shoot death rays out of my eyes until a gap opens up or someone takes pity on the sweaty runner waiting by the side of the road.

  14. JERKS.

    I totally feel ya! When I was running I did a lot of it downtown during my lunch break. Downtown Portland drivers are the biggest bunch of douches!!

  15. I’d love to choose option A…it made me giggle out loud at work!
    I got my learners permit at 15.5 yrs old and eventually got my license at 16…on my 3rd try. I proceeded to total three cars in under two years…but I promise I am a MUCH better driver now – I promise!

  16. lifeisbeachykeen

    Heidi makes me laugh!
    I got my permit @ 15, and my license @ 16. I think I passed the written the first time, and I know I passed the driving the first time. I do alright with parallel parking, but I drive a tiny 2 door car.. Parallel parking my husbands truck would NEVER happen.ever.

  17. You had to parallel park at your driver’s test? Ouch. I’m pretty sure I had the easiest driver’s test ever. I remember there were two guys at the DMV who were legendary among my peers when it came to administering the driving test: there was the fat guy, who gave super easy tests, and the skinny guy, who basically expected you to be the Jesus of driving in order to pass.

    I got the fat guy. Cha-ching!

    And waiting at crosswalks in the middle of a run gives me SEVERE agita. I always wonder what the drivers think when they see me standing there hopping around, swearing, and steeping in rage.

  18. I feel blessed to live and run where we have friendly drivers. Even though I don’t see a lot of other runners on my roads, usually people wave, move over for me, or both. Yay for Minnesota nice. Of course I occasionally have people that don’t stop or even given an unwelcome honk, but I’m generally I’m lucky.

    Got my license a little after my 16th birthday because I didn’t pass the first time around 😦 For a girl that grew up driving farm equipment, I was actually not a very good driver in my teens…

  19. I wasn’t allowed to get my license in high school because my parents didn’t want to pay more in insurance. Ugh. BUT…I almost failed driver’s ed BECAUSE MY FATHER TOOK MORE TIME TO TEACH ME HOW TO BACK IN THAN TO PARALLEL PARK. No, really. My driving lessons consisted of me driving around a parking lot again and again and then BACKING INTO SPACES.


    Because according to him, “women are afraid of backing into spaces.”

    I’m still confused. And tend to not back in due to my poor depth perception.

    Also, that’s a Pittsburgh Steak Salad! Except without the blue cheese , which is nasty anyhow.

    Also, good workout! Especially with stupid cars. Bastards.

    • Have I told you guys how much I hate people who back in? (TWSS?). The only day I had to wait for this guy at the grocery store to back into a spot AND IT TOOK HIM THREE TRIES. Way to save all that time, dude, GOOD THINKING.

  20. Ugh! This is why I only do tempos on the track or the trail. If I am going to run through the city on an easier day, I don’t plan a route but instead just go where the green lights are so I don’t have to stop.

    I got my DL when I was 17. Growing up in NYC means it wasn’t a huge milestone and I didn’t drive regularly until I went to college. Parallel parking in front of a school bus though was fun.

  21. livelaughloveandrun

    I was 16 .. passed the first time, but I totally messed up the parallel parking too! Your salad looks awesome, and your run.. seriously fast!!

  22. I passed my driving test with flying colors. But, I dismally failed at parallel parking… Ugh, why is that part always so hard???? Yumylicious dish! spring has come and it means salads and great runs.

  23. I was 16. And yes I passed on the 1st try. My parents sent me to a driving school. I have 2 older siblings that they had to teach before and I don’t think they had the patience to teach me lol.

  24. i’m glad that you liked the workout! it’s definitely a good one 🙂

  25. I was 16. I failed the first try because I went over the white line at a stoplight. Ach, details schmetails…..

    LOVE your steak salad concept! You can totally put anything on lettuce and it magically becomes a healthy balanced meal, because it is now a salad. My fave is that typical French bistro salad with frisee, poached egg, lardons and croutons, but steak salad looks like a must-try…

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