Sweet demise

For nearly two years, I’d been making subtle attempts on its life.  A not-so-gentle toss on to the coffee table.  A pointed look in the other direction as it tumbled out of my purse.

Unsuccessful, I’d begun to sadly accept its invincibility.

Visions flashed through my head: it’s 2021, and I’m still using this Blackberry from 2006 Because it refuses to die.  And I can’t justify the expense of replacing it when it’s perfectly functional.

It was like watching The Land Before Time. (Except I didn’t go around responding to everything with “Yep, yep, yep!” for weeks afterward.)

This weekend, it finally happened.  A critical injury.  A mortal prognosis for the faithful Blackberry I’ve been toting around for the last five years:


The piece that holds the trackball unit in place is irreparably broken.  Actually, the wretched thing still works just fine, as long as it sits flat on its back.  But obviously, that is not a terribly helpful feature in a mobile phone.

Dinosaur Blackberry, you have served me well.  We were together far longer than I ever thought would be possible.  You put up a good fight.  Rest in piece.

But forgive me if I cut my mourning short.  I have an early date with the Apple store tomorrow.

Today’s EAT: There are far worse conundrums in life than having a half-pint of heavy cream that needs to be used up.

This morning, I chipped away at the problem by making homemade whipped cream for our french toast.  The entire household was in awe.  Well, okay: I was in awe.  And I’m pretty sure the cats were too, although they are easily impressed.  Did you know that whipped cream is simply cream that has been whipped?  With a hand mixer?  You learn something new every day.

Anyway.  The day’s second cream usage came with dinner, in the form of pasta with vodka sauce:

And the carton is still mostly full.  A little cream goes a long way!  What should I make next?

Today’s DRINK: I’ve been working my way through this bottle of Epicuro Sicilia Nero D’Avola all weekend.

I don’t know what most of those words mean, but this was an excellent $5 bottle of wine.  Just an easy-drinking, pleasant, medium-bodied red.

Today’s RUN: Here’s a tip: don’t procrastinate your weekly long run until 6PM on Sunday.  I had to drag myself out the door for a rather poky and abbreviated version of my planner 15-miler.  I ended up cutting it short at 10.  I felt like rotten ass.

Here’s how the week ended up:

M (am) – 3.3 easy (29:04, 8:48 pace)
M (pm) – 5 easy (44:19, 8:51 pace)
Tu – track, 12X400M @ 5K pace, 8.6 total (1:12:26, 8:27 pace)
Th – tempo, 1X2M and 2X1M, 8 total (1:05:06, 8:08 pace)
F – 6.5 easy (57:13, 8:46 pace)
Sa – 5.1 easy (45:01, 8:49 pace)
su – 10.2 easy (1:29:27, 8:46 pace)

Total 46.7 miles.

Today’s QUESTION: What do I need to know as I enter the world of the iPhone? Any tips or must-have apps? The hubs has an iPhone but he is no help because has he has like ZERO fun things on his phone.  I want to play with the Angry Birds or whatever they are!


42 responses to “Sweet demise

  1. I have no clue about the iphone. I had no patience to wait for it to come to Verizon and a phone that kept turning off, so I got a Droid.

    Knowledge from my pre-vegan days: you actually don’t need a hand mixer for whipped cream. You can just put it in a jar and shake it back a forth. If you keep going it turns into butter. Don’t tell the vegans I know this.

    • Your secret is safe. I’m not sure I have the bicep power to make butter, but that is fascinating!

      • As a child, I actually did a demonstration/presentation where I passed around a jar of cream and the kids had to keep shaking it and passing it on. I think I got it back after my 5 minute speech about butter was over, but I kept shaking and by the end of the other presentations we had butter 🙂 Then we spread it on some kind of crackers and ate it. Lame story, but I still felt the need to share. 🙂

  2. Don’t hate me for telling you that you can totally replace that part. I’ve gotten that stupid thing that holds in the trackball in like 3 times. Apparently, unlike yours, my blackberry wants to die and I just won’t let it.

    I’ve also rocked out the ghetto phone for a while and had tape keeping the ball secure while waiting for said piece. Yes, I’m awesome.

  3. Love LOVE my iPhone. Get Words with Friends. You’ll be addicted in no time. 😀

  4. I still have a flip phone. I think mine is ancient.

  5. ahhh, welcome to the dark side of iphone livin’. i love the thing and can’t survive a moment without it. i am all about the iphone calendar and random food related apps. and i love using it as a tiny kindle, too, which is the only way to read on a packed subway car. what else? i get lost often and check email like it’s my job, and for those things the iphone is useful. it’s basically the most essentially useless technological product. you will fall in love, no doubt.

  6. Am I the only backward loser who still has a damn flip phone? I need to get with the program — I want to play Angry Birds too! Good luck at the Apple store!

  7. i have no smartphone, either! i want one but cannot convince myself that it would really significantly improve my life in any way. i am ‘connected’ too much as it is; i have a gps for directions and a nano for music . . . and you know i like my lists/schedules on paper!

    not saying i’ll never get one (i am sure i will eventually succumb!) but while i WANT to need one, i feel like my old-skool flip (sweatykid, you’re not alone!) seems fine . . .

  8. You’ll love the Epicurious app (I am assuming i-phone has it, I have it in my droid). All the great recipes like on their website, plus you can search for recipes based on ingredients, type of dish, etc. And it will make a grocery list based on recipes you select.

  9. Another flip phone user here who knows nothing about smart phones. Do you drink coffee? Coffee with a little heavy cream is awesome. Not that you will speed through the bottle using it up that way…

  10. The only thing I have to say is that the new iPhone 5 is coming out in June (allegedly), so make sure that they allow you to update it for cheap. Also, get Words With Friends, WordPress, and Pandora.

    I’m sure I’ll think of more, but it’s too early in the morning. I love my iPhone and actually sleep with the damn thing.

  11. I hope you’re getting the 3GS, it’s such a crazy good deal right now! Except for those of us who are nursing our 3G until the 5 comes out. One of the most important things to know is that by holding down the power (on top) and home (circle) buttons, you can restart your phone. It doesn’t reset anything, just kind of reboots it. You’re supposed to do it 2-3 times a week, but I just wait until it’s slow or shuts down apps and then it works again perfectly. Welcome!

    • I can get the 4 for really cheap (I have a chunk of upgrade $$, since I’m basically three years overdue for an upgrade.) I hate that they’re always coming out with new versions. Stupid Apple.

  12. I finally entered the world of smart phones in November.

    iPhone = best thing ever

    I’d spring for the iPhone 4 though. I like using Facetime and having a camera on the front too. The next model is comming out in a another month of 2. They should be giving away the 3GS at this point.

    RIP Shelby’s Blackberry

  13. At risk of sounding like a spam bot … the RunKeeper app is really wonderful! It gives you your pace, splits, elevation, a map and also automatically uploads all that data online for you to check out later. You could use it as a backup for whatever other GPS gadget you use (it’s what I use instead of a Garmin).

  14. I’m still a stupid phone user. I’m holding out for the iPhone 5. I will so be that dork who preorders it.

    Chris plays a whole lot of Angry Birds and he is totally not the gaming type, so it must be good. One of my favorite apps is the scanner to scan barcodes on items in stores to see where you can get them cheaper. Another favorite is Farkle. I love the “real” version of the game, but I especially love that I can play iPhone Farkle without having to lean forward on the couch to reach the dice.

  15. Angry Birds is totally addictive, as is Words with Friends like a few people mentioned already. I also like Shazam, for those moments when you hear a song and want to know what the hell it is/who the hell sings it.

    Also, ZooBorns. Pics of cute baby animals are essential!

  16. Oh, and some fun photography apps: Hipstamatic, Camerabag, and TiltShift Gen. They aren’t free, but they are cheap. Like $2.

  17. Wait, isn’t the whole point of an iphone to essentially walk around with a laptop you can (maybe) talk on? What is the point of one with no apps? Ha. Related: OLD SKOOL PHONES FOREVER. (Hey, I need something to cling to!)

    Ooof on the “Oops, I waited too long” long run. I’ve done that far too many times to count, and usually pay for it by finishing at 9:30 at night or cutting it off really early.

  18. I’m making panna cotta tonight with my whipping cream- apparently if it takes me more than 5mins to make I’m a total idiot- it’s supposed to be super easy.

  19. The pasta looks great! And I was going to suggest Angry Birds. Clear your schedule for a few weeks.

  20. I LOVE my iPhone. Can’t imagine life without it. Seriously. Get these:
    Words With Friends (then add me – mary5198)
    Us Weekly – for celeb gossip
    E! Online – for the same reason
    Curious Facts for the Factual Intellectual
    Food Network, Epicurious and All Recipes

  21. Once I got a job, the first thing I did was go get a smartphone. I had the same phone for 2.5 years and it was time to upgrade to the 2000’s. I didn’t want to/couldn’t wait for the iphone on verizon. I got an HTC incredibile and it is incredible. My favorite things are probably things you could do with a Blackberry too – but I love having Pandora for long runs, teh twitterz, Kindle App, and Google Reader Mobile. So far I like Angry Birds, Unblock Me, and Drop Words for games, but I am cheap and haven’t bought any.

  22. Hilarious! I’m a Blackberry girl myself, but I’m sure I’ll take the iPhone plunge someday…

  23. WOOHOO! 🙂 You will love the iPhone!

    Get Angry Birds, Words with Friends! (and add me too TexasChickie), FB, Yelp, Amazon, Groupon, IMDb, Sephora, Moxie, ICANHASCHEEZBURGER, CoverOrange, Google Translate, TMZ.

    Have fun with it!

  24. haha my blackberry is in sad shape – the trackball only goes side to side but I can’t use it as an enter button:( It’s super ghetto. I’m trying to hold out til June for the new iphone…

    Anyway, no clue on apps. All I hear about is the angry birds sucking the life out of so many people. And the words game.

  25. You didn’t add confectioner’s sugar to the whipped cream?

    Without sugar and vanilla it’s basically just creamy butter…

  26. ^^^ Yeah, you did add sugar & vanilla to that heavy whipping cream right? Mmm I love homemade whipped cream.

    • Nope, I didn’t! It was kind of an afterthought and I was putting it on french toast that was smothered with Nutella and doused in confectioner’s sugar, so the whole thing was already kind of a sugar overload.

      Creamy butter is A-OK with me 🙂

  27. Someone else may have mentioned it, but as much as I love the google maps app and have no idea how I ever got anywhere before I had an iphone, it frequently gives the WRONG directions. Actually, a woman is/was suing Apple for the directions.
    On the other hand, I love the Epicurious and IMDB apps.

  28. I generally love my iphone. I don’t have too much fun stuff, but I love the handy internet, weather, and maps right on the desktop – or whatever you call it. I also have a Mad Libs app if you know what that is. My H thinks it’s super nerdy, but oh well.

    I also use RunKeeper, so if your Garmin ever breaks down you can track pace, distance, route, etc on it.

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