Keep on keepin’ on

Skiing is hard work.  But does that mean I can just completely skip out on the running while I’m on this ski trip?  Nope.  Not when I have a half marathon in 2.5 weeks!

But first of all, here’s how last week ended up:

Tu – 5 easy (42:46, 8:33 pace)
W – 5 tempo (35:53, 7:10 pace)
Th – 5 easy (44:12, 8:50 pace)
F – 3.2 easy (26:50, 8:23 pace)
Sa – 5K race (21:48), 10.1 total (1:24:18, 8:20 pace)
Su – OFF (traveling)

2 rest days and only 28.3 miles.  Less than ideal.

Stats for February overall:

167 miles, 23 hours and 27 minutes, average pace 8:26.  Compared to last month, it’s an improvement, but I still feel like I need to increase my volume!

Which brings me to this week.  I know it’s not going to be a high-mileage week, and I’m not going to be doing any hard workouts.  But I really have no excuse not to sneak a few miles in here and there.  Yesterday morning, before skiing, I huffed and puffed my way through 30 minutes on the treadmill.  10,000 feet of elevation is no joke!

Today, though, I was a little bit wiped from too many of these.

Snowy lumps –> snowy naps.

No running today.

Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be warm and rainy.  Obviously terrible for skiing, but perhaps opportune timing for a short day on the slopes and a long run outside instead!

Til then…


9 responses to “Keep on keepin’ on

  1. Do you typically do cut back weeks when training for a half? I am training for my first and I have been adding a mile onto my long run each week (did 9 last weekend) but I still have 9 weeks til race time and not sure how to approach the long run distances for the next few weeks!

    • I typically try to build my mileage for 2-3 weeks and then do a week of lower mileage. But it also just depends on how my schedule works out – ie, I really should be building this week but I’m skiing instead. :). I will do a one week mini taper (no long run) the week before the race.

      Good luck at your upcoming half!

  2. snowy nap? no thanks! too cold for me. but it sure looks like you’re having a blast.

  3. I’d like to think that because you’re running and working out in some high altitudes, it’s gonna strengthen your lungs a little bit more for the race. Yessss….

  4. I was planning on shirking all running responsibilities during my ski trip, now you have me feeling like I need to run. 😦 Overachiever.

  5. Looks so pretty! Would you rather ski and then run, or run and then ski? Good luck getting your runs in while you’re there! 🙂

  6. I still have never ski’d!! This post makes me a little jealous (with the running AND Skiing).

  7. dude, skiing takes a lot out of you! i am impressed with your ability to run at all 🙂 but i feel ya on the training plan pressure – half marathons await!

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