The opposite of complaining about the weather

Dear everyone: Please remind me of this post in July when I am whining ceaselessly about the heat and humidity.

Because right now I’m about ready to proclaim the weather perfect here in the Tar Heel State.

I knew that spring would come earlier down here than it did up north.  But a perfect, clear, 79-degree Sunday?  In March?  That still sort of shocks me.

You don’t have to tell me twice!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend, too!

Today’s EAT: Tonight’s dinner totally clashed with the weather.

A loose take on Ina Garten’s Beef Short Ribs.  That damn Barefoot Contessa.  I want to hate her because she’s so annoying, but her recipes are reliable and solid.

Recipe: Beef Short Ribs (via Food Network)

Today’s DRINK: This Cazo Serantello Albarino was on taste-test special at Whole Foods a few days ago.

I’d never had an Albarino before.  It’s like a slightly lighter and more refreshing Chardonnay.  Excellent, especially for $8.

Today’s RUN: Today was an easy 4-mile recovery run.  The hubs came along and kept me company.

Looking back on the week:

M – 12.1 long (Umstead, 1:40:48, 8:19 pace)
Tu – 5 easy (43:17, 8:39 pace) + strength
W – 6 X 800M track, 8.3 total (1:06:00, 7:58 pace)
Th – 5 easy (43:24, 8:40 pace) + strength
Sa – 5K race, 8.2 total (1:05:29, 7:58 pace)
Su – 4.1 easy (40:00, 9:45 pace)

42.7 miles, including a good track workout and a decent 5k race.  I’m pretty happy with that – and now I’m heading in to a half marathon mini-taper week!

Today’s QUESTION: Has summer sprung in your neck of the woods?  And if not – do you want to come to Raleigh and lay by the pool with me? I’m so excited for a couple of months of pleasantly warm weather before the oppressive humidity of summer settles in!


28 responses to “The opposite of complaining about the weather

  1. I really hope we start getting the weather you guys are in the next couple of weeks… Going to Vegas was such a tease- I miss 70-degree days!

  2. Those short ribs—holy crap. They look fantastic.

    Wasn’t today such a gorgeous day?? I need to find friends in Charlotte with a pool!

  3. Today was a PERFECT running day (til the rain started) – 60 and cloudy. I loved it. We got a couple days of 70+ degrees…and the best part about California? No humidity, EVER!

  4. Nope, we’re still in an icy bitter winter up here but it’s nice to imagine spring is going on somewhere… great view from the porch!!

  5. Snow in the air today, so….not spring. But there is no spring here.


  6. Yep, the weather is wonderful here, but yes I would still love to come visit you. Don’t you just love the South?! Ahh I love this weather and I love the heat & humidity too, I will take it over cold & snow any day. 🙂
    Ribs look delicious.

  7. It’s still too cold up here in MA. I would love to join you by the pool! With those two glasses of wine. 🙂

  8. It’s going to be in the high 40s in WI this week, which is a heat wave for us!

  9. yes this is my FAVORITE time of year here and i always feel so lucky!! although i procrastinated yesterday and was WAY hot on my run. a taste of what is to come, i suppose 🙂

    • It was legit hot in the afternoon yesterday! I was saying to myself that I was really glad I had run in the morning. But yes, I suppose this is nothing compared to what’s to come…

  10. Yeah. FL is pretty perfect right now. We did hit 90 one day last week, but otherwise the weathers nice. In the 70’s and low humidity. It won’t last long and we’ll be sweating it out in a few weeks.

  11. lifeisbeachykeen

    The weather was awesome this weekend. Except Saturday @ 11am, it was hot as hell when I went for my run. It was summery on Saturday. Sunday was back to Springy. I will also be whining about the heat & humidity soon. Probably this week.

  12. Still freezing up in NJ/NY! I ran a half yesterday and it was snowing when I got there 😦

  13. i totally want a lounge chair by the pool with you. i mean, the weather here wasn’t bad butttttt i think i like yours more

  14. It’s that sweet time in LA before it gets so hot that running at 4 AM is the only thing that makes sense. So yeah. I guess that’s spring.

    Um, hello balcony. That photo cinched by very strong belief that my life and my alcohol intake would be far better if I only had a balcony.

    • Who needs a yard when you have a tiny balcony that gets lots of sun? It’s big enough for me to drink upon and doesn’t require any mowing or maintenance. Win. 🙂

  15. We’ve had 40 degrees and gusts of pollen-filled wind. So, no, summer’s not here yet. Thanks for rubbing it in!

  16. Ha Ha Ha Ha…spring? Jealous McBitterson here, coming to you from the frozen tundra.

    I moved my planned long run from Saturday because it was icy and 0 degrees with wind chill to Sunday, which was a balmy 23 degrees instead.

    At least I wasn’t one of the 600 people (some friends and family of mine) stranded on I-94 in North Dakota on Saturday because of a blizzard. It could always be worse.

  17. I was just saying the same thing about the weather here in Arizona lately! I’m living for the clear blue skies and highs in the 70’s everyday! Plus, it’s so dry that your sweat evaporates before you even start to drip! 🙂 But like you, I’ll probably be cursing the weather in a month or two. Oh well…enjoy it while it lasts!!

  18. NO! I’ve been complaining non stop about the Oregon rain. Tomorrow I leave for Arizona. It may be 90 degrees and I may complain it’s “too hot.” 😀

  19. It was freezing in New Jersey today. Good thing I’m injuryirefied and can’t run in it.
    ❤ cranky

  20. The weather here in Seattle just went all kinds of bi-polar. This morning it was pouring, then sun, then pouring, now sun. I can’t wait for summer.

  21. It’s not that warm yet where I am but I’m REALLY looking forward to some of that warmth heading up north.

  22. I wish it was nice running weather here in MN! But no…probably 1-2 more months before its nice enough to run outside! You are so lucky!

  23. Just found you on Queer Vegan Runner. in love already.
    I want to hate the barefoot contessa too but she knows how to cook so how can I?
    I live in San Diego so it’s always damn near perfect… not to brag or anything. 😉

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