Death and taxes

O HAI!  Thanks for all of the comments on the “listen to your body” post.  I’m glad I’m not the only one whose well-intentioned brain lives inside a hedonistic sack of flesh and (lazy)bones.

The ever-thoughtful Sofia brought up a great point upon which I want to briefly comment:

i think you have to think about which blogs you’re reading in how you react to this “listening to my body” talk. a lot of “healthy living” blogs are written by “recovering” (topic of debate) anorexics, over-exercisers, etc., so of course hitting snooze is a big effing deal to these girls (and sometimes guys) who may have spent years pushing their bodies beyond unhealthy limits. to healthy people, though, with fitness goals and a healthy mental outlook, sleeping in and not pushing oneself during a workout is just being kind of lazy, as you said.

Everyone has their own demons.  Mine happen to revolve around an affection for cruchy, salty things and a preference for remaining horizontal on my sofa.  But I realize that other people out there may be fighting a very different battle.  And I would never go all Jillian Michaels on someone for whom taking that day off is a step toward recovery.  Different goal, different motivation.

So do whatcha gotta do, y’all.

(And as for the rest of you?  Get out there and go for a run.  Or a yoga.  Or a slurpee.  Pick one up for me too, will ya?)

Anyway.  For the last couple of days, I’ve been rather consumed with the highly unpleasant task of gathering tax documents.  My husband assures me that our accountant will soon send a hit man to finish the job if we don’t submit our stuff.  Ugh.

Last night I finally sealed the envelope.  And immediately treated myself to a balcony beer:

This Orange Blossom Pilsner was alright.  Very light, with a vague creamsicle flavor.  I enjoyed it, but don’t know that I’d go out of my way to buy it again.  If I’m going to drink something orange-y, I’d just as soon have a Blue Moon.

Alrighty, I’m off to take a certain fat envelope of IRS fun to the post office, then it’s straight to the highway.

Virginia Beach or bust!


14 responses to “Death and taxes

  1. Erin go brah, Shelby…may your Swedish leg keep up with your Irish leg in your big race! Hope you enjoy the experience in Virginia Beach!
    Love, Dad

  2. Drink a beer or 6 after the race for me, wish I could be there 😦

  3. (Listen to yer body though, only have as many beers as U want. Also, run fast.)

  4. That beer looks delicious. Good luck this weekend, Shelby!

  5. good luck on the race & have a great time in Virginia Beach! My cousin lives there so I have run on that boardwalk a few times myself 🙂

  6. I love your dad’s comment.

  7. aw, i’m glad my comment was heard! not trying to justify laziness, just bein’ the resident bloggie social worker 😉 you know, doin’ what i gotta do.

    rock that race tomorrow, shelby!! looking forward to reading the recap.

  8. We have such a wildly different variety of beers available to us; almost every beer you have is one I’ve never heard of. We really should do a trade some day.

    Kick some ass tomorrow!!

  9. Oh Blue Moon. I set out with the best of intentions of perfectly sliced oranges. I get one sliced perfectly and the rest look like the remains of a crime scene.

    I definitely thought of your post yesterday when I listened to my brain (and boss at work) and DID not go for a run so I could study (on a Friday evening no less). In listening to the various voices in my head and body fight it out I’ve learned there IS something my lazy body hates worse than exertion, it’s thinking. Mathematically this looks like:
    sleep + salty carbs + beer > running > studying

  10. Good luck at the race and with the taxes. My accountant (aka husband) has promised to do ours tomorrow. We shall see…

  11. Deja vu- I totally just finished gathering and dealing with all of our tax stuff this week. Ug. Every year we realize we really need to have kids so we have a dependent to claim. ( kidding, kidding – obviously not quite a stellar reason to have kids.)

    Good luck @ the race!!!

  12. Good luck on the half!! Have fun!! 🙂

  13. Just looked up your HM results – 1:38 is a hot time!! Is that a PR??? Can’t wait to see you in May 🙂

  14. I OWN my laziness when I hit the snooze alarm several times each morning!! 🙂 Loved the last post, had me cracking up at work while being lazy reading blogs instead of working!

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