Burning questions

Because I know these are the things that keep you up at night.

A few very important follow-ups on yesterday’s race recap:

Q: Did you eat or drink anything during the race?

A:  I had a Gu with me, but I never really felt like I wanted it, so I never ate it.  (ZOMG I listened to by body!)  I ran (quickly) through two water stops (one at mile 6 and one at mile 11) and took a few sips at each one.  It wasn’t particularly warm out and I never really felt thirsty.

After the race, I re-hydrated with a beer and a banana and a couple of bottles of water, followed by a giant platter of fish ‘n chips (yum) a couple of hours later.

Q: You really drank that beer?  Wasn’t it, like, 9 AM?

Free beer knows nothing of these arcane social conventions.  Free beer is free beer.  And it tasted damn good at 9 AM!

Besides, at that point I’d already been awake for four hours.  So really, it was the same as getting up at 8 AM and drinking a beer at noon.  Which would be totally socially acceptable.  Right?

Q: Did you really run a half marathon in high school?

Yes, two actually!

The first one was just after my senior year cross-country season.  It was the Seattle Half Marathon.  I don’t think I’d ever run more than 10 miles before and finished in the low 1:40s.

A couple of months later, I ran this po-dunk race with a runner guy friend.  We finished in 1:36, to the best of my recollection.  I remember thinking, at the time, “huh, is that good?”  I had no idea that I would be chasing that stupid PR fourteen years later.

Anyway, yeah.  I was faster in high school than I am now.  This is why I can never PR.  Der.

Q: So what’s next?

Aside from the usual smattering of local 5Ks, I’ve got Charlottesville Half next month.  However, I’ve already decided that I’m not going to “race” that one.  It’ll be the hubs’ first half, so I’m going to stick with him.  (With his blessing.  Because I realize how patronizing that may sound.)

I’d also like to race a 10K sometime soon.  I realized as I saw 6.2 tick by on my watch on Sunday that I’d just beaten any 10K I’d raced in recent years.  I avoid 10Ks like the plague because I hate them.  But it’s a distance where my grown-up-PR will collapse easily, so I should probably go ahead and do that.

After that, I’m looking at a little NYC surprise in May!  Park Slope hipsters, watch out…

Q: Can I see a picture of your cat?

A: Well, duh.

O HAI, ur backpack is now full of kitteh.

Q: This post sucked.  I’m leaving now.

A: I don’t blame you.  This post did suck.   Sorry about that.

Well, I’m off to catch up on a serious backlog of Words With Friends.  Also known as: staring at a meager collection of consonants until my eyes cross and I fall asleep.  Nighty night, y’all!


30 responses to “Burning questions

  1. I swear cats have magnets to bags, sacks, and backpacks!

  2. Seattle Half was my first too! I was waaay slower than you though (and I was in college…beer drinking kind of got in the way of training. oops)

  3. I was also super fast in high school. They are my glory days and I still refer back to them which is creepy because now I’m 30. But those 8×400 workouts that literally made me puke were actually so fast I get weepy just thinking about them.

  4. I too did my first half in high school (shocking, I know.) I remember running it with my father and hitting the 10 mile point thinking “well…shit, this is as far as I’ve ever run.” And then getting really scared. Ha. I ran like a 1:40, and if I recall it was as hot as balls. Because balls are hot. huh huh huh. It was in the middle of nowhere and was called the bluegrass ramble. Yeah.

    And why does anyone think drinking a beer at 8am is weird?


  5. I enjoy your blog so much. And your cat is such a cutie. My parents cats will get all over everything too: clean laundry, my dad’s gym bag, the sink…

  6. I’m a Words With Friends addict 🙂 Add me: mary5198

  7. You just made me search the comments for the a-hole that told you your post sucked. And it was a joke! Bah! Also, “Bah!” to your high school PR. You can run a 1:35. Bitchpuleeze. See you in BK.

  8. I still feel a certain kinship toward your cat since she looks so much like Wrigley– who was also sleeping in my luggage this morning. Um, luggage that’s been on the floor of my bedroom for more than a week now. Whoops.

    • Does your white cat shed as much as mine? I swear, it’s a miracle there is any fur left on her. Gah.

      I have this happy fantasy that Wrigley and Emmy would be good friends, and could sit around looking all cute and identical while you and I drank beer and took pictures of them. Heh.

  9. There should be no question about free beer. It should be drank. Under any conditions.

  10. charlottesville is my back-up plan if my body doesn’t get its shit together by this weekend. i’ve wave as you whiz by.

  11. also, i’d drink a free beer any time. any where, any day!

  12. Your cat looks giant in this photo; so cuddly 🙂 hope someday you can crack that 1:36 half sometime. You’re getting SO close!

    • That is the “small” cat, unfortunately. The other one is even larger. I’m pretty sure they’re sneaking ‘roids when I’m not looking.

  13. We rescued a tiiiiny kitten less than a year ago, I’d never ever owned a cat before and had No idea the definition of velcro till then… both their hair and their claws in my curtains :-/

    If you’re up for another match, Words with Friends me! JennBaylor

  14. why on earth would anyone pass up free beer. that would be like passing up a million dollars. unthinkable.

  15. I only ran to get to and from crew practice in college and never recorded a single time. I was sedentary/bookwormy in highschool. Since I took up running (@29) it’s been basically one PR after the other! I ran my first 10k at a faster pace than my first 5k!

    Good for the ego, I suppose, but it probably would be better not to have gotten so out of shape that I can say “PR” and “12 minute pace” in the same sentence.

  16. seriously, I don’t think I could run for 10 minutes when I was in high school. but I could flip and twist and whatnot, which is odd.

    I’m sure the beer tasted delicious. Like my dad says, “it’s gotta be noon somewhere!”

  17. lifeisbeachykeen

    They had beer at the half I ran Sunday as well. Sadly, I can’t get into drinking beer. I let Chris drink mine. What a nice wife 😉 Nothing wrong with drinking beer at 9am, on a Sunday. If they had some other types of alcohol I’d be all over it. Maybe I should drop them a comment on their Facebook page, “Please serve Malibu & Pineapple at the half in October, kthanks”

  18. I wouldve drank the beer at 9am too. I’m a big believer that early morning drinking should be more accepted.

  19. Let’s WWF: HayBow.

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