Drinking my calories

This post is not about what you probably think it’s about.

Because: nope, I’m not talking about booze.  I’m talking about smoothies.

This is probably the first time I’ve ever put a smoothie on to this blog.  I don’t generally drink them.  Too much work to haul the blender out.  Too many damn ingredients.  Less than satisfying, hunger-wise….

But this morning it was freakishly warm out.  And I was feeling more thirsty than hungry.  And since it’s probably unhealthy to pop open a bottle of chilled Chardonnay during Good Morning America, I decided to venture in to smoothie territory.

Just like those weird green concoctions, except I substituted Nutella for spinach!  Is there anything that Nutella can’t save?  This smoothie actually tasted kind of like my beloved DQ Chocolate Covered Cherry Blizzard.

And just to prove (to myself?) that this wasn’t totally unhealthy, I actually calculated the nutrition info:

1 C strawberries + 1 small banana + 1/4 C milk (2%) + 1/4 C plain Chobani (2%) + 1 TBSP Nutella + 1 C ice = 306 calories, 8g fat, 9g fiber, 12g protein.  [Via DailyPlate]

Sounds like a decent breakfast option to me!

(And this smoothie would totally be great with some vodka thrown in.  Or, maybe even some Malibu rum.  Beachy.  Yum.)

(Okay, maybe this is a post about booze after all.)

Today’s EAT: Someone (cough*hubs*cough) accidentally kidnapped the only set of keys to our lone vehicle this afternoon/evening.  Well, there goes the grocery run.  So I dug around and came up with some nacho components and tossed them in to my favorite nacho-making apparatus: the round cake pan.

A layer of chips, a layer of cheese, shredded chicken, chopped avocado and a little more cheese.  Put it in the oven for ten minutes, and then use a broad spatula to transfer the whole thing to a serving plate.  Like a big ol’ pancake.

With chopped tomato and plain Greek yogurt on top.  Super easy!  And using the cake pan eliminates any need for the microwave.  (Microwaved nachos are kind of nasty and are only acceptable in the early-morning,  post-bar hours.)

(Aaaaand one more thing – I thought about leaving the avocado out of the melted mix and adding it at the end, but this recent post from Brit made me stop and consider warm avocado. And I’m glad I did –  it was tasty!)

Today’s DRINK: I picked up a six pack of Lonerider Brewing Peacemaker Pale Ale last weekend.

Yet another local Raleigh brewery!  There are so many here.

Their APA is a pretty enjoyable beer!  It’s certainly nothing fancy, and perhaps a touch mellower than the average APA, but the flavors are pleasant and it’s hoppy enough to remind me that I’m drinking a real beer.  5.7% ABV, very drinkable.

Today’s RUN: After two post-race rest days, I headed out for an easy 5-mile recovery run tonight.  It felt pretty bleh.  My legs felt decent, but my back – especially my upper back, around my shoulders – is rather sore.  I don’t know if that’s from the race or the drive home or both.

In any case, I could totally go for a massage.  If only those were free.

Anyway, here are last week’s stats:

Tu – 7 easy (1:00:56, 8:42 pace)
W – 5.1 easy (3:49, 8:35 pace)
Th – 3.4 easy w/hubs (33:00, 9:42 pace)
F – 3.1 easy (27:03, 8:43 pace)
Sa – OFF
Su – 13.1 race (1:38:01, 7:28 pace) + warm up and cool down, total 15.3

Strength training and such: zero

Total miles: 33.9

I’m taking things pretty easy this week: just recovery miles, nothing too taxing.  I might try a longer run (10-11 miles) this weekend if I’m feeling up for it.

Today’s QUESTION: Are you a smoothie person?  What do you put in them?  Any suggestions for future blender play?

(Aside from the spinach.  Because I just refuse to go there, on principle.  As a salad addict, I eat more than my share of leafy greens anyway.)

38 responses to “Drinking my calories

  1. Yes! A smoothie with no spinach! haha, keep it coming! I could go for straight up nutella with milk and frozen yogurt. 🙂

  2. 1 frozen banana, 3/4 cup orange juice & a scoop of vanilla protein powder. It’s super simple, but it seriously tastes like an Orange Julius – you should try it!

    • What kind of protein powder do you like? I’ve never found one that didn’t taste like stale chalk. (Admittedly I haven’t tried many….)

  3. I usually stick with a banana (the riper the better), frozen pineapple chunks, milk and plain yogurt. If I want something a little sweeter, I add some mango sorbet (like 2 TBSP).

    I tried to spinach thing recently. I’d read that you can’t taste the spinach, but I definitely got the chalky spinach aftertaste.

    • This is weird, but I am irrationally afraid that the spinach would get stuck in my teeth. I think that’s why they are so unappealing to me.

  4. I don’t like smoothies very much. Plus we don’t have a dishwasher, so it’s almost impossible to really clean the blender. I do think your “nachos in a cake pan” idea is genius. I admit I nuke mine *shame*.

  5. i sort of have an aversion to smoothies. they don’t really do much for me. i am all about the crunch, but in the summer time my mind sometimes changes and that’s all i crave every once in awhile. the whole process with the blender, though, is a pain in my ass. i’m lazy too 😛

  6. Glad you liked warm avocado too!

    My smoothies typically include peanut butter, banana, almond milk, and the typical green suspects. I would really like to try out some ground flaxseed in a smoothie because I think it would have great thickening properties and somehow, I think it would improve the creaminess.

  7. I am not much of a fan of smoothies…probably because I don’t make them right. And my blender is a pain in the rear to use…AND I broke it so the bottom cap thing is cracked. My blender is actually about to get tossed.

    I’m currently in the market for something similar (but not) the magic bullet – a little one serving blender do-dad. Less work, less washing, less cupboard space…win, win, win.

  8. Oh, bro. This is definitely something I’m going to have to make. When I read “chocolate cherry” I felt a stirring in my loins.

    I also never thought of doing the oven trick with nachos but it makes perfect sense.

  9. I put rolled oats for a bit of chew in mine – and recently I’ve purchased peanut flour (de-fatted pb) and it is the pb taste without the pb calories/fat! Usually my smoothies include: almond milk, banana, greek yogurt, chia seeds, rolled oats, & pb flour. If I have strawberries, I add them too.

    I’ve debated adding part of an avocado…just haven’t had the guts to try it yet!

  10. I love making smoothies but I don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like. I soooo prefer my own smoothies over something like Smoothie King. I use one banana, a few strawberries and maybe some blueberries if I have them, milk (maybe up to 1/2 cup), a couple splashes of OJ, a touch of honey, and one or two ice cubes. It’s creamy and DELICIOUS.

  11. I have a smoothie almost every morning here. I’m one of those green smoothie freaks, though. If I’m not doing spinach or kale I do avocado. It’s delish. I add either almond milk, raspberry lemonade, and then whatever random stuff I have in my freezer/refrigerator.

  12. My favorite blend is 1 frozen banana, 1T of natural peanut butter, 1 scoop of chocolate or vanilla (depending on my mood) protein powder, 1 cup skim milk and a few ice cubes.

  13. In the summer I tend to do almond butter/banana/vanilla protein powder after long runs…and if you freeze the banana? ITS EVEN BETTER. Frozen blueberries double the awesome.


  14. I used to be a smoothie person….then I didn’t blend the bluberries enough one time and ended up with an intestinal blockage. So, no more smooties for me. (I also made a good one with strawberries, banana, vanilla yogurt, vanilla protein and water) Love that you put it in a Guinness glass though, ha.

  15. I love smoothies but for me, they don’t replace a meal, just supplement it! I like using coconut milk, frozen bananas, pineapple, and strawberries, and a handful of spinach if I’m feeling frisky.

  16. You didn’t catch my attention with your smoothie talk until you mentioned adding booze. That’s how I enjoy smoothies.

  17. Love smoothies – I make the all the time. I always throw in a sprinkle of chia seeds. Also, I typically buy frozen fruit & berries so I don’t have to spend time actually chopping them – which will save you smoothie-making time.
    Whey protein is also an excellent add! Enjoy!

  18. I’m not a huge smoothie fan. I have them on occasion–usually in the summertime after I run. I can’t justify the calories for something that doesn’t really fill me up as much as “food.”

    I do like using Amazing Grass in my shake. Yum!

  19. I do love a good smoothie. And if it has nutella in it, then I’m 100% game. Sounds great!

  20. I make that banana soft serve concoction thats Blogtastic and it’s actually pretty good. But I use my mini-food processor because it fits nicely in the dishwasher. And I am lazy – hence no blender for smoothie use. I make nachos just like that all the time. Except I don’t have fun ingredients like avocados on hand. What kind of cheese did you use? In the top picture it looks like a little cheddar and something yummy like queso blanco.

  21. I don’t have any smoothie tips, but yours looks pretty.

    More importantly: nachos in the round cake pan! BRILLIANT! I must do this.

  22. If I had to watch Good Morning America, I’d require something a lot stronger than Chardonnay. I’m thinking paint thinner.

  23. I usually like 1/4 or 1/2 of an avocado (usually the part that has browned and looks to unappetizing to eat on a salad, but ACTUALLY tastes just fine) because it makes the consistency super duper creamy. mmmmmmm. I made a mango + avocado one once and almost died of sheer happiness.

  24. Yeah, I haven’t really gotten into the smoothie thing. I need to chew my food most of the time. Plus, I don’t actually have a blender. Shocking, I know!

  25. Nutella in smoothies? Nachos in a cake pan? Are you my own personal food improvement wizard?

  26. I discovered that if I go to jamba juice, order an all fruit smoothie, and ask for “extra ice to make it thicker,” the volume will increase so I get the largest size smoothie, even though I’m only paying for / taking in the calories of the middle size. This satisfies me to no end.

  27. I love me some smoothie. I hate me some cleaning of the blender. I long for the days of a dishwasher. Or a housekeeper. Or a housekeeper in a french maid’s uniform.

    Oh wait, this was about smoothies. Yes, frozen deliciousness. Amen.

  28. Not my bag. Don’t like cleaning the blender. Don’t like paying $5 for fruit and ice. Don’t like ice chunks.

  29. i’m not a smoothie person only because i lack a blender. although i don’t know if i’d use it if i had it. well i’d probably add a sh!t ton of ice cream to it and defeat the purpose. or liquor.

  30. I’m late to this post but had to say it. I have a smoothie every day for breakfast. Except if I’m hungover. Or craving a big giant bacon and gravy biscuit from the gas station down the street (no, seriously, amazing).

    NEVER use ice, it’s a huge waste of space/time/loud noises. I always use frozen fruit. Usually a cup or so of frozen whatever-is-on-sale. Sometimes if I have fruit left over I’ll freeze it myself (grapes, kiwi, anything). A banana, some Fage, a little bit of Simply Orange or soymilk or something, chia seeds, and lately I’ve been throwing a little bit of spinach in because I don’t eat enough greens. Not enough to turn it green, though. Also, whatever other fruit I have around — watermelon, mango, etc. The yogurt helps me stay full and I always feel so energetic and light and airy in the mornings.

    ANYWAY just don’t use ice! It’ll be great! Also I have a Magic Bullet which I highly recommend. It’s so easy to clean up and you don’t waste any by having to turn it upside down to pour it into your glass. I got it for Christmas and have used it every day (give or take a few) since with no problems.

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