This feels rather familiar

Hey, guess what’s still totally worked over after last Sunday’s half?  Here’s a hint: it’s not my legs.

When will I ever learn to get better about core and upper body work?  Um, maybe never?  Because I know I complain frequently on this blog about how much I suck at strength training.  Sorry for sounding like a broken record.

On my easy run today, my legs felt jolly and ready to roll.  But my arms were ready to call it quits thirty minutes in.  Like: it was work to just keep them gently swinging along at a 90-degree angle.  And also, my whole torso felt like it got hit by a freighter.

I remember feeling like this after Chicago Marathon last fall.  And of course I made the requisite vows  to lift more weights and do more planks.

You can see how well that’s worked out.

Yeah, I know what I need to do.  It’s just a matter of doing it.  Grumble.

As much as I hate lifting weights, you know what I hate more?  Not being able to run very far because of the limitations of my arms.  That is sad.

Speaking of sad…

I swear, if I could put half as much effort in to running as I do in to looking completely miserable, I’d be a whole lot faster.

(Also, Brightroom, if perhaps you could position one of your photographers at mile four, where I look fresh and fabulous, then perhaps I’d consider purchasing one of your photos rather than snatching them for my blog.  Until then….)

Today’s EAT: Time for a Big Ass Salad!

Greens, shredded chicken, red onions, jack cheese, cashews and butter-fried bananas.  (OMG.)  With a chili-lime vinaigrette.

Today’s DRINK: A while back, I reviewed a $4 Cab from Three Wishes that was surprisingly decent.  So I was optimistic about the brand’s Chardonnay.

Eh.  It’s drinkable, but barely.  For $3, I guess it would make a good cooking wine or punch component.  But I think next time I’ll shell out a few extra bucks for something a little easier on the palate.

Today’s RUN: 6.5 miles easy, right around 9:00 pace.  Yawn.

Today’s QUESTION: It’s almost the freakin’ weekend!  Any exciting plans? I’d thought I might jump in a 5K race this Saturday, but as of now I’m passing on it.  Running fast just doesn’t feel possible right now.  Stupid dead-worm arms.


24 responses to “This feels rather familiar

  1. lifeisbeachykeen

    I’ve been counting down for the weekend since last weekend.. I’m going kayaking + yoga on Saturday w/ some friends. Should be interesting. I’ve, uh, never been kayaking and I think it’s a 1hr kayak trip. WTH have I gotten myself into?

    Brightroom is the company that did the photos for my half as well. Not impressed.

  2. I feel you! Strength training is my least favorite thing. I practice yoga regularly and it has made a huge difference in my upper body and core strength.

    This weekend is my birthday weekend! Friday we’re going bowling (and drinking?) with friends, then Saturday I’m going to lay low. Sunday (my actual birthday) I’m running the Dallas Rock & Roll Half Marathon, then going to my favorite French restaurant for dinner.

  3. I’ve been horrible at actually making it to my fun weight class twice a week. And now they’re pulling one day off the schedule. Damn. Spaghetti arms here I come. (Sure, I could go to a different class or go lift on my own! But, well, that’s too much effort.)

    Um…fried bananas? Yum.

    • I was pretty good about going to a strength class. For like…two weeks. Meh. Apparently I’d rather spend my time racking up junk miles than forcing myself in to the weight room for 20 minutes.

  4. I hate strength training too. I’d much rather put in the mileage than time with weights. Have you tried resistance bands? They’re the only way I do any strength training at all. I think they’re neat and the exercises you can do with them just seem more interesting to me. The sessions go by a lot faster when I get to play with bands.

    Oh, and btw, I love your blog.

  5. I am always getting arm cramps when I run. They just can’t seem to hold themselves up.

    This weekend, I don’t really have much planned and I love it. 🙂

  6. This might sound cheesy and I thought it was at first but I ordered a bunch of Core Fusion dvd’s from amazon because I cannot commit to doing strength work in the gym. All the dvd’s have like 4 or 5, 10min sessions so you can mix them up or just do a few but they are really hard, not some wussy workout video and maybe you could give one a try. I just started doing Pilates Plus which is a good mix of core, legs, arms. So- just a suggestion!

  7. now you HAVE to come to yoga with me =D sunday?

  8. I have never ever ever had a good race photo. Ever. I like lifting weights, so I have no suggestions for you there. I’m going to a concert tonight. That should be fun. Otherwise nothing too exciting on tap for the weekend.

  9. You look like a ROCK STAR in that middle picture!!!
    Not too many plans this weekend – I hope to get in a couple good naps! 🙂

  10. Hey, I like your pictures! You look fast and bad ass. I always look like I’m lollygagging and not working hard enough in my photos! My weekend probably involves a lot of homework, but hopefully some fun and wine thrown in to break things up. Have a great weekend!

  11. Butter-fried bananas sound amazing. I’ll have to try that.

    Race photos… I have long ago given up hoping for a decent one. Maybe someday, and I agree it would certainly help if they might position a photographer just a few miles into the race. I do like that last one where your hair is blowing up like a lion mane. 🙂 And the one with the lighthouse is cool too. So, I guess your pictures actually rock. Hope the arms feel better soon. I also need to follow through on my plans to strength train more…

  12. My shoulders are always my problem, they start to get sore. I’ve been trying to up my strength training also. We’ll see how it goes.

  13. those are some pretty awesome race pics, sister. 🙂

  14. I think your race photos look great! I usually look like death.

  15. One of the first half marathons I ran when I got back into running had a photographer at mile 1. AWESOME! I love the photo that was taken.

    This weekend = car buying. I haven’t decided if I am looking forward to it or dreading it.

    OH AND….I get to run for the FIRST time in 3+ weeks. SOOOOOO excited!

  16. I don’t have good experiences with cheap wines 🙂 Especially chardonnay. But yet, I keep trying. Can’t beat a good deal!

    I love the photos from the race! I look like I’m DYING in most of the photos I have from races. I think it makes people look like badasses…love it 🙂

    Have a great weekend! No major plans here…just chillin’!

  17. Butter fried bananas? Chili lime vinegrette? Wow.

    This is my final weekend before my omgtest and vacation. So I’m studying/working/going to a concert/getting my mullet hacked off.

    Oh and going running I suppose. I’m with you on the weight training. I basically need someone to bully me into it. Failing that, lifting pints of beer to my mouth is about as close as I get.

  18. I used to HATE weight lifting. I was a total cardio-junkie. But now I’m converted. I’ve been lifting since September and I’ve lost over 10 pounds because of it. My body changed in amazing way!

  19. Workout Tips: Set a weightlifting PR. # of reps, max weight, # of consecutive Mondays spent lifting. It’s just as motivating in strength training as it is in running, IMO.
    Weekend Plans: Sleeping in on Saturday, running 9 miles (for the first time) on Sunday. Other than that, lots of video games, and hopefully some great home cooking from my wife.

  20. That middle photo is pretty badass 🙂
    I hear you on the arm thing. I recently started doing Rachel Cosgrove’s workouts from the Female Body Breakthrough and they have made a big difference already (after almost a month). They are time consuming but great for core, arms and legs. Otherwise, if you really want to limit it to the bare minimum, bent-over rows, dumbbell bench presses, the lat pulldown, lunges and basic ab work (planks, side planks, crunches) take about 30 min. to get through and do make a difference.

    Now if you’ll excuse me…I have bananas, I have butter, I have a sudden need to combine them 🙂

  21. my fb status is “and let the bad life decision weekend commence” so while i don’t have definitive plans yet you can bet your dollar (or bet that brightroom will NEVER take a flattering picture) that my weekend will be exciting.

    and i’ve been shying away from weight recently too. but i’ve been doing pushups. maybe if you did 3X10 every other day it’d help? then again, i don’t know if they’re really making any sort of difference for me…

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