The club can’t even handle me

That’s why I’m in pajamas on my couch on this fine Friday night.  Out of respect for the club.  I wouldn’t want to overwhelm it.

Instead, I spent most of my Friday night cleaning my apartment.

Really, I prefer to tidy my home after dark.  This allows me to remain happily in denial about its actual state of cleanliness.

For dinner, I ate cheese. Specifically, this super-simple, three-ingredient Caprese Dip from How Sweet It Is, as recommended by Rachel.

Holy moly, was it so easy and so good.

I started things off by plucking a few leaves from my scrappy little basil plants.

It’s true.  I haven’t killed them yet. I know; I’m shocked, too!  This is a first for me.  Eating something that I grew myself, that is.  It only took me thirty years of eating things grown by other people to master agriculture on its most basic level.

Mock me if you will, but it’s kind of thrilling.  Although I’m probably going to get a big head about it and try to plant rows of corn on my little balcony.  Or something.

Mixed together the cheese, chopped seeded tomato, and basil.  Tried to resist eating it by the spoonful.  (I used regular shredded mozz instead of fresh and it was just fine.)

Lacking a proper ramekin or small baking dish, I lined my trusty cupcake pan with silicone baking cups and baked away, shortening the bake time to ten minutes on account of the smaller diameter.

I ended up with lovely globs of browned cheese that slid easily out of the baking cups.

With an Italian chicken sausage and a hunk of baguette for a balanced meal.  (Balanced if carbs and cheese are considered food groups, anyway.)

Cleaning, cheese dinner, and the rest of last night’s marginal bottle of cheap Chardonnay?  If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m ridin’ solo tonight.

(But O HAI STALKERS AND ROBBERS: I haz protection.  You’ll have to get through two fierce felines to get to me.  And also the doorman downstairs.  Be sure to ask him about his Angry Birds score as you walk by.)

Alright, back to watching Pretty Woman on TNT.  In my cat-hair-covered pajama pants and oversized race tee.

Yeah…the club is really shedding a tear over the loss of me right now.


16 responses to “The club can’t even handle me

  1. I’m with you- not at the club tonight! After a long day at work, commute, swim after, I’m too tired for my fancy dancing shoes. I’m plopped in front of the TV. 🙂

  2. That looks like a perfect evening to me! Melted cheese, bread and wine? Yes-m. 🙂

    I was supposed to go out tonight, buuut I got to comfy making dinner and drinking wine; I just stayed in and watched HIMYM on DVD. It was glorious.

  3. hahaha, this is great. my roomie was watching pretty woman and i had to listen in/ watch a few clips, too. i am currently curled up in bed and drinking chamomile tea ’cause i’m THAT COOL. let’s start a bloggie club. it’s called stay in on a friday night and write posts/ comments while sulking about unemployment and money probz. i’ll be the president. yayyyy.

  4. lifeisbeachykeen

    Here is a sad fact about me: I’ve never seen Pretty Woman all the way through. I don’t even know how that is possible since it’s on TNT every other day. I see it a lot, but there are better things on; Like, Junkyard Wars, or Ax Man, or Swamp People..educational stuff.

    That cheese dinner sounded pretty tasty! We are old people every Friday night. We ate leftover spaghetti & watched The Fighter w/ Mark Wahlberg.

  5. I spent Friday night in the ER (I’m fine… I only went out of respect for my family and friends that were worried about my concussion – the doc said to take it “easy” – That’s exactly what I said to do!). So your night was more exciting than mine – I was strapped to a backboard in a neck brace (dumb urgent care doctor… I was at work all day – my neck was fine) which put me in such a position that I couldn’t even see the tv. Anways… onto cleaning. I am officially #moving this weekend, so I haven’t cleaned in weeks – paid my apt. complex to lean for me! I think they’re in for a treat!

  6. whatever cleaning on a Friday night is brilliant…because then you wake up on Saturday morning TO A CLEAN HOUSE. I’m actually a little jealous. Because all we did was watch House last night and then go to bed. See how that would be similar, cleaning house, watching House? Yet, there were dirty dishes in my sink and laundry everywhere when I woke up. So really not the same at all.

    • No need to be jealous. Apparently the cats spend most of the wee hours re-shedding all over everything and scattering litter around. Sigh. It was nice while it lasted…

  7. Stuntin’ gone wild can’t handle this plan. Life of the club arrogant like yeah!

    err…I like your Friday night better. And your respect for the club is most admirable.

  8. I cleaned on Friday night too! God, we’re so exciting, we runners. It had been… a very long time.

  9. Cheese is a food group – enough said 🙂 nice job with your agriculture endeavor. Looks like some great basil!!

  10. haha, my Friday night was eerily similar if you swap the cleaning for a giant nutrition textbook. My name was on the list at the Boom Boom Room, but I don’t think they are quite ready for my moves yet. It’s ok, I think Lindsay Lohan is in town and she probably would have stole my thunder anyways.

  11. This is hysterical … this was exactly how I spent Saturday night!

  12. I like to clean my house Friday (sometimes Saturday) nights too. I figure if Im going to stay home on the weekend, I may as well be productive.

    I actually had a dream about this dip once. I still need to make it, but Im afraid I’ll never be able to stop eating it.

  13. My ideal friday night:
    -Pjs, movie, laptop, soft serve, silence.
    🙂 25 yr old granny over here!

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