Updates on things you didn’t ask about

Sometimes I sit in a dark room by myself and visualize an image of my blog’s gmail inbox, overflowing with fan mail, sponsorship offers, and heartfelt requests for further information on the things I’ve posted about in the past.

“Please,” the emails hearken.  “You simply must elaborate on that one tempo run you did last January.  It was absolutely riveting and we want more.  And while you’re at it, please post more about your cats!”

And then I remind myself that the only people reaching out in droves are those nice people in Africa who just need a way to get their multi-million-dollar wire transfers executed.  And also, people with Viagra to sell.

But even though you didn’t ask, I’m going to give you a nice fat update on a bunch of random crap in my life.  Hold your applause until the end, please.

(1) On race recovery and March mileage.

On Friday, I finally had a great easy run at a respectable pace during which I didn’t feel like I was dragging ass.  Hallelujah.  I guess there really is something to that one-recovery-day-per-mile-raced rule, eh?

Monthly heap of navel-gazing and self-punishment-inducing data:

A few brief observations:

  • March looks awful on paper, but I keep reminding myself that I had a solid half-marathon race effort in there, complete with a mini-taper week and a mini-recovery week, both of which are hitting the mileage and the pace numbers.  So be it.  Totally worth it.
  • Buuuuut…I need to stop taking so many damn rest days.  I’m not taking them because I need them – I’m taking them because I’m lazy.  74% of days trained?  Ouch.
  • I need to just run more overall.  And, like, faster.  Der.

And in case you wanted even more running data, here are last week’s stats:

Tu – 6 easy (53:45, 8:55 pace)
W – AM 4.5 easy (40:00, 8:59 pace), PM 5.1 easy (43:35, 8:32 pace)
Th – 10.1 easy (1:28:19, 8:45 pace)
F – 5 easy (41:25, 8:16 pace)
Sa – OFF
Su – 10.3 easy w/hubs (1:49:00, 10:38 pace)

Total: 41 miles.  Coming this week: the return of speedwork.  Rawr.

(2) On TEH HUBZ and his half marathon training.

Less than a week until Charlottesville Half!  We went together on his last long run this morning, just over 10 miles.

Remember when I made up that training plan for him?  Well, that hasn’t really gone as planned.  But I think he’s going to be fine on race day.  We’ll take it out at a very mellow pace.  We’re just looking to cross the line in one piece on Saturday.  And have an excuse to subsequently consume wildly irresponsible amounts of food and alcohol with our Cville friends.

Should be a good time all around.

(3) On Project Herbicide.

I think things are going okay so far?

I’ve been inspecting them daily, half expecting to see REDRUM etched in to terra cotta, but so far everyone seems to be doing okay.  Mint is absolutely exploding and Basil and Oregano have each grown to about three times their respective baby heights!  Sage and Thyme seem to be growing more slowly, but still looking healthy (and tasting delicious; I cooked with a bit of each last night).  Rosemary doesn’t appear to be going much of anything except not dying, and I’m satisfied with that.

A few of the Basil leaves are looking a little weird though.

Anyone have any ideas?  I haven’t forgotten to water it, and Basil sleeps inside at night (in a nice window with plenty of morning sunshine) so I don’t think it’s from the cold.  WTF, Basil?

Anyway, the fact that these plants haven’t thrown themselves off of the balcony edge in a desperate mass-suicide attempt is better than I expected, so I’m calling it a win for now.

(4) On embracing technology.

I’m loving my new iPhone so hard, I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to get one.  Completely.  Addicted.

Or, as a certain someone who shares a bed with me might have muttered at 2:00 AM last night, “Can’t you put that thing down and go to sleep?”  And the answer is that no, I cannotSorry.

I’ve also finally discovered how to work the camera thingy that takes a picture from the front of the phone!

Now I feel like a REAL blogger!  I can take random pictures of myself in my bathroom!

You’re welcome.

(Now I need to work on my duck face.)

(5) On silly bandwagons.


Everyone: “You look stupid.”  Me: “Whatever.  You’re stupid.”

Because I’m mature like that, I’m not one to knock something until I’ve tried it.  (Well, except for pickles.  I will ignorantly hate them forever.)

I basically got these Vibrams for free at REI combining the current 20%-off promotion with my “dividend” from last year.  So look for me rollin’ around the grocery store in these ridiculous things.  I’ve only done a tiny bit of running in them so far.  I’ll post more about that later, after I’ve had them a bit longer.

(6) On religious and cultural tyranny.

Did you know that liquor stores are closed on Sundays here?  Dumbest idea ever.

Yes, I know that it’s the “lord’s day” and a biblical day of rest and all of that.  But, for serious, it is also Sunday Funday!  Who says you can’t “rest” by the pool with a margarita?  Jay-sizzle would totes be down.

Well, lucky for me, I’m the beer-drinkin’ sort anyway.  So I picked up a six-pack of Magic Hat’s Spring Seasonal:

Nothing particularly memorable about MH’s Vinyl Lager.  I was honestly expecting something a little lighter and crisper.  As it is, though, it’s a decent medium-bodied reddish lager.  Not offensive, and certainly I’ll enjoy the rest of the pack at some point, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to procure it again.  5.1% ABV.

(7) On cooking more.

Off to the kitchen to get crackin’ on some homemade grass-fed beef burgers with avocado-mango-mint salsa.  Nothing too fancy, but burgers-and-beer on a Sunday night sounds like a great way to wind down the weekend to me.

Hasta Monday, y’all!


41 responses to “Updates on things you didn’t ask about

  1. iphone…vibrams…OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    that is all. 🙂

  2. i have no idea what i did without my iphone. like i’d be 100% lost without it.

    and, you might want to take this with a grain of salt because i have a notorious black thumb, but maybe sunburn on that plant? again, black thumb so i really have no idea and am just throwing something random out there.

    and liquor stores are totes open around here. to think i’ve always been pissy about the 12-4pm open hours…

  3. love this. i too am iphone addicted and have been caught in bed with the phone. all appropriate phone behavior, but in bed nonetheless. SAD!

    this whole post is hilarious. i too am lazy and don’t feel like commenting on each piece of it all, but lemme just say – those emails will start pouring in one day for all of us bloggiez. fame and fortune, here we come.

    have i mentioned i’m delusional?

  4. I was TOTALLY wondering about all of these things 🙂 But mostly about the MH seasonal. I guess I’ll have to skip the spring seasonal and hold out for my fav summer seasonal.

    • I can’t remember what their summer seasonal is about, but I remember feeling positive about it last year. Honestly, the Vinyl isn’t BAD, if you like mild red beers definitely give it a shot! I just didn’t think it was particularly unique.

  5. RE: the basil…bugs?
    Not sure, just askin’…..

  6. I made an ass of myself when we first moved here when I tried to buy wine at the grocery store on a Sunday. This jerk 16 year old cashier gives me the eyebrow-raise and says “Um, yeah, you can’t like, BUY that on SUNDAYS.” I gave her my best white trash “don’t you judge me!” and got the hell out of there.

  7. Um, I think if people didn’t blast out stuff nobody asked about, blogs would be long defunct. I forgive you for your Vibrams. Your Gmail forgives you for your mileage. Your basil forgives you for the liquor store being closed. Up here, they stay open until 5 p.m. on Sundays, but it’s better than that whole you can’t have sex in Massachusetts on Sunday thing, right?

  8. iPhone crew holla. Love mine and AR can suck it for being a hater.

    As far as the liquor stores being closed on Sundays… I’ve been down here for almost 9 years now and still have not adapted to the crazy Sundays where everything is either closed or opens late. Massive fail. We just recently were able to buy beer and wine on Sundays and there are some stores and restaurants even now that still won’t sell it because they don’t want to get the additional licensing. Crazy shit. Like abstaining from binge drinking on Sunday makes it acceptable the other 6 days a week? Silly bible belt. Whatevs.

  9. I give you props for the herb progress. I can barely even keep a house plant going…

  10. lifeisbeachykeen

    Definitely love the self-iPhone pics. LOL you’re awesome.

  11. Haha love Sunday Fundays

  12. First, why, why, why, why, why are you so hard on yourself about your running??? 74% pf training days, and you think that’s not enough? When you had a race, and definitely needed to give yourself a couple of days off in advance (so you’d be ready) and a couple of days off after (so your poor overloaded muscles would have SOME chance of recovery). Lighten up on yourself, please!

    Also, about the basil – I’ve grown it for years, and those brown, dried out looking leaves are totally normal. I’m guessing that they are stunted from coming inside at night, which you have to do until it is warmer at night. Don’t worry about it. Once the normal NC heat arrives that basil will be in “hog heaven”!

    • Well, if I want to run higher mileage, the unfortunate fact is that 74% isn’t enough. 🙂 Last year I started seeing real fitness gains when I was logging 50-55 MPW, and that’s where I’d like to be…it’s just really hard for me to get there on less than 6 days a week. Don’t get me wrong, I know I needed the recovery from Shamrock and am glad I took it! Going forward, I want that last number to be higher.

      Thanks for the tips on the basil – so glad to hear it’s normal! Question – at what point do you think it’s warm enough to leave it outside full time? The guy at the nursery seemed to think the basil would suffer at anything under 55, so that’s what I’ve been going on.

      • I agree with the guy at the nursery – baby the basil till it gets a little warmer at night – it will be happier that way. And you can let it grow tall and bushy, just be sure to follow the advice from katekirk to cut off anything that begins to look like a flower so that the plant doesn’t put its energy into reproduction and get bitter. Cutting it back will help keep it full and lush, not “leggy” – a nice attribute in a woman, not so much in a plant.

      • No sexy time for basil, LOL, got it. Thanks!

  13. Wait… the camera thing??? How do you do that? I must know…

    • There’s a little touch button on the picture that flips it around! Which version of the phone do you have? I think it might only be on the 4….

  14. I love this update, even though I didn’t have the foresight to actually ask about any of these things. Hope the half goes great for you and your hubby; enjoy the post race party!
    I’ve also jumped on the Vibram bandwagon, but Minnesota winter prevented me from running in or even wearing them much. I hope you do a review once you start running in them more, as I hope to start using them more this spring too. ( BUT after my marathon. Cuz if it ain’t broke… Well, you know!)

  15. sangriasthoughts&lemonwedges

    I need need need to get vibrams! Thanks for the reminder. I love basil…especially in my tomato sauce

  16. I live in Oregon-land of the liberal heathens. They allowed liquor stores to sell on Sunday several years ago. Our local store ( in a teeny town of less than 3,000) opted in 🙂 Now you only have to remember to get it before they roll up the sidewalks and close the whole town down by 7 p.m.
    Congrats on not killing the plants.

  17. The leaves look funny because they are… um… dead. I also think- like MM said- it might be a plant sunburn. Or they could just be dead. But the rest of them look pretty good, so I’d just pull them off and not worry about it.

    • Haha, thanks! Obviously I’m a plant novice. I see those leaves and thoughts of ZOMG MY BASIL HAS EBOLA (HERBOLA?) start running through my head. 🙂 Glad to hear it’s NBD!

  18. Your iPhone pics made me laugh out loud.

    Way to not kill those herbs!

  19. I WISH I could get my husband to run a 5k, let alone a half. Sheesh, I’d be happy if he didn’t consider walking from the golf cart to his ball in the fairway sufficient exercise. Yours probably feels somewhat intimidated by his blazing fast wifey-poo. Maybe I will see you Friday or Saturday? I want to see if you are actually for real 🙂

    oh, and the basil is a big nothing. But when the tops start getting the little pinwheel leaves and blossoms, pinch those off and use the leaves, cause they start going bitter. The rosemary wants some serious heat to really get going.

  20. I would die to have an “easy 10 mile run” with an 8:40 pace. My recent pace was 11:08 for a 10 mile run. And I would never say it was “easy”. Every run seems difficult. Some seem easier (maybe the shorter, 4, 5 or 6 milers) but I could only dream of such a swift pace such as yours. Kudos!

  21. katekirk is right on about the basil. Pick off those underachiever leaves and stop worrying. Your biggest and toughest task will be this summer when you see those flowery shoots at the top. You will be tempted to just pluck off the flowers but do me a favor and really chop that plant down to the bottom 2 or 4 leaves. I know, it sounds like plant tough love but that’s what you need to do to keep the basil bountiful. I never used to believe this until last year. Proof of success: we are eating pesto tonight from that crop and we’ve been eating it all winter from my freezer stash. Fo real.

    And my hops are coming up after our 74 degree day yesterday here in Chicago. Too bad I did 12 miles in the wind on Saturday.

    • So I should not be letting it grow tall? Do I just snip the top part off right on the main center stem?

      • Let it grow tall until you see the flowers and then chop it down. I will send you an article from one of my gardening magazines that will coach you through the process, if I can get my scanner to work.

      • And when you chop it down is when you get to make a batch of pesto! With your super long growing season, unlike here at the (almost) 49th parallel, you may get to do that several times before it gets cold again and the tender basil gives up.

  22. I take a lot of days off because I’m lazy too. I need to stop 😦

  23. Just get rid of those uglies. They won’t grow and they’ll take away nutrients from the leaves that will.

    I’m still going to hop on the vibrams bandwagon this year…can’t wait either. 🙂

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