Extra protein

Well, I ran the numbers and it appears that bug season has officially begun here in the dirty South.

Time of day: 6:30 PM

Miles run: 7

Clouds of gnats encountered: Approximately 18

Floating wiggly green worms dodged: One kazillion

Passerby horrified by dramatic roadside coughing and choking fit: 2

Bugs swallowed in spite of violent dislodging effort: At least 1

Ounces of water consumed, post-run, in an attempt to flush away lingering sensation of bugs in throat: 60 and counting

Times this chain of events will be repeated before someone learns her lesson and trains herself to get up and run in the morning when the bugs are still sleeping: How many days are there between now and November?

‘Tis the season!  I love nice mouthful of chewy gnats on a warm summer evening, don’t you? Totally not vegan, though.  Bummer.

Not bug season yet in your neck of the woods? Well then, be jealous.  Apparently summer starts in early April here in North Carolina.  It was 85* today!

Heat, humidity, bugs…oh, my time is coming, my Northern friends.  It’s just around the corner.  And I counted each and every one of those days where y’all whined about the snow.  Payback, yo.  😉


24 responses to “Extra protein

  1. Worse? Gnat in the eye. Happened last week. And I didn’t know bugs could survive LA smog.

  2. Oh man, I did a long run once when there were a ton of gnats out. I got back to the car and was getting some strange looks from other people in the parking lot. I looked in the rear view mirror, and I was covered! with smashed gnats. Nasty!

  3. Haha I am waiting to not have to complain about the weather..happy to pass it off to you southerners!

  4. lifeisbeachykeen

    Bahahahahahah! ew. I have the same problem! The gnats hang out on one section of my regular running route so if it’s really hot, or still daylight I avoid that area. Seriously. I’ve come home with little black gnats plastered to my face. so gross. Yesterday a very large bug flew under my hat and smacked me in the eye. Thankfully it bounced out. That would have been bad.verybad. I was 3miles from home.

  5. Ugh, that means but season is about to start in DC too! So gross.

  6. Oh my I hate those swarms of gnats that you can’t see until you’re swallowing 25 of them! That sucks. I think I would have a hard time getting used to the bug-life down there. Maybe yesterday’s 85 was just a weird fluke and you have a few more weeks of glorious weather? I will hope for you 🙂

  7. I just came in from my run. It was 78 with 79% humidity at 6:30 when I started. Also, I almost stepped on a lot of geckos. They always dart out in front of me and then I almost fall because I’m terrified of stepping on them.

    Sigh….it’s going to be a LONG summer.

  8. I just wear goggles and a SARS mask.

  9. Ugh… the cloud of gnats are the WORST. Another reason why I wear sunglasses- often when not necessary. Because along with swallowing them, I cannot stand having one fly straight into my eyeball!

  10. Yes, “our” running season has come to an end. I’ve learned I’m just setting myself up for disappointment if I think I’m going to race well between April – and August in The South.

    One thing I did learn recently is September and October are great months for us Southernes to set PR’s if we’ve been doing basebuilding miles outside. Our bodies adapt to longish workouts in the heat by increasing our blood volume by 1-1.5 pints. Thought that was intersting tidbit. It came froman exercise physiologist who’s been coaching for 30, so I’d like to believe it’s fact 🙂

  11. It’s still snowing here. Perhaps you should count the days that I complain about snow vs. the days you complain about southern stuff this year, perhaps it’ll make a ZOMGZ EXCITING post.

  12. UGH….every time I think I want to move out of Oregon I’m reminded of Bug Season everywhere else in the USA. Yuck!

  13. Haha, oh I am not at all excited about bug season. I run along the lake here in Chicago and it does get buggy in some spots. But I’m also sort of on the beach, so I’m not really going to complain. That would just be rude.

  14. Sometimes I run waving my hand in front of my face to avoid the bugs or the cobwebs hanging from trees. I’m pretty sure I’ve swallowed something before but I was in denial about it.

    The bugs actually aren’t too bad in LA. Running by newly fertilized lawns in worse. Gag. That starts in January when we usually have perfect running weather.

  15. Yuck. (and Ha!)

    I am not looking forward to that part of summer! There is a bridge that I MUST cross to get to a long section of awesome trails. The bridge is about a quarter mile and I cannot run it in the summer – the gnats, spiders and mayflies are horrible! They hoover in a 3 foot radius around the railings. It is so gross…you can’t breath because you’ll get bugs but you want to spring to just get done with it! Puke! I drive to to get to the trails once the bugs come out…

  16. Foul! Here’s hoping that piles of dead gnats don’t narrow your roads significantly, while cars swerve around unable to see you because of all the gnats.

  17. Interesting timing – I just swallowed my first gnats of the season on Sunday. It was a sneak attack – it was 40 degrees out – why are there bugs ALREADY?!?

    My personal fave: running through a spider web on a trail. And taking it out with your face. That sucked.

  18. Your misfortune certainly made for some great MS Paint inspiration. 🙂 Poor Shelby! Good luck with your morning run plans, however I wonder if the air will truly be bug-free then??

  19. i guess as much as i hate new england weather it is kind of nice that i get a little longer before bug season. although those kinds of bugs don’t bother me as much as horse flies. i shudder at the thought of getting those this summer. ick.

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