Baking the herb

You know what you guys are?  You guys are effing hilarious, that’s what you are.

Seriously, I’ve been laughing my (unchapped!) ass off for the last hour catching up on comments from the butt chafing post.  These are too good not to share a few snippets:

From Brie: “I have a dedicated stick of Body Glide for my buttcrack and one for everywhere else so as not to contaminate.  I ran a race with my sister and she was like, ‘OH HEY, I borrowed your Body Glide–hope that’s okay, I forgot mine!’  I’m not certain which stick she used, but I will forever pretend it was the non-buttcrack one.”

Let’s hope she didn’t decide that her face needed protection, too!  Haha!

From eatingmachine:  “Once, I did a pageant. Because I drank a lot in college, and that lead to good choices. For the pageant’s swimware portion you glue your suit to your ass. They make special glue for this, not kidding.  But because the special glue is expensive people share.  So I shared ass glue with like 10 other women.  It’s a good thing I drank so much. Because in hindsight, that’s weird, and probably how you get superherpes.”

OMG, SUPERHERPES.  New. Favorite. Word.

From Lynsey: “Yeah, I wish I would have a read this a few weeks ago when I started my longer runs. I thought I had hemorrhoids or something…you know, that calmed down after a day or so. WTF? Why would I think that?? It’s obviously chaffing!!”

LOL.  Maybe we can do a Preparation H giveaway next!

From sweatykid: “Butt chafage happens so much in rowing it’s disgusting. Our technical term for it is ‘IBAs’… Inner Butt Abrasions.”

IBAs.  They sound like a cold carbonated beverage.  But they feel like a hornet in your ass.

From Heidi: “I facebooked this…which may be the perfect way to get rid of some of those annoying HS stalker friends!”

Awesome idea!  Glad to assist with that!

Keep ’em coming, kids.  I love you guys.

Anyway, what was I supposed to be talking about tonight?  Oh yeah.  Baking.

I didn’t have anything pressing to do until the afternoon today, so this morning was all about baking cookies.  And using up the massive bunch of basil that I chopped off my leggy little plant the other day, on several readers’ wise advice.

(Seriously, what would I do without you guys?  Hang on, I am having a moment here.)

Ahem.  Anyway.

Chef Google pointed me toward a nifty looking little recipe from Southern Living: Lemon Basil Butter Cookies.

Holy shitballs, these were SO easy and SO delicious!  Just six ingredients.  Hard to believe.

The only problem with this recipe?  Is that it makes, like, seven dozen cookies.  After eating about a dozen on my own (cookies for lunch!) I loaded up a tray and walked them down to the hubs’ office.

But of course I saved a few for dinner.  (Cookies for dinner!)

Who says that baking with herbs is only for those potheads in the dorm room down the hall who are always threatening to set the building on fire by making brownies in their toaster oven?

Today’s EAT:  Dinner involved even more basil.

I took a WF365 frozen pizza with pesto and goat cheese and gussied it up with…basil and more goat cheese.

Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Today’s DRINK: I’ve been drinking so much beer lately that my wine rack has actually been collecting dust.  Shocking!

So tonight I decided to unwind with a nice glass of red:

This 2006 Il Valore Chianti was a Trader Joe’s pick-up from a few weeks ago.  I love Chianti with pizza, so tonight seemed like a good night to try it.

And it was pretty good!  I mean, it’s a $6 bottle of wine, so it’s not amazing, but it’s a great value and I’d happily buy again.  Light-bodied and full of cherry, with none of that sharp vinegar flavor that so often plagues cheap Chianti.  Two thumbs up.

Today’s RUN: Yesterday, I set out to do a 5-mile pace run at goal half-marathon pace (approx. 7:20).  Instead, this happened:

Possible explanations:

  • My Garmin was screwy.
  • I am actually getting faster.

Obviously, the latter would be preferable.  And I have to admit that I was pretty darn giddy upon downloading my splits when I got home.  If those numbers are accurate, then the last 5K of this (rather hilly!) run was almost as fast as my last 5K race!

But I also get a little nervous when I have workouts that exceed my expectations like this.  Because pace runs exist for a reason: to practice running a certain pace. Not to run balls-out fast.  And not to run at 5K pace when you’re supposed to be running at half-marathon pace.  On that front, I failed.

But on the other hand, why hold back?  Yesterday’s effort felt good and hard and strong.  If I hadn’t had my Garmin, I would’ve guessed I was running 15-20 seconds slower per mile, at least.  It’s stupid to pin yourself to a certain range of paces because that’s what Macmillan or whatever says.  It should be about perceived effort.


I figured a good way to mediate this internal conflict would be to see how my legs felt today.  And today, they were fine.  I hustled around all afternoon at work and then ran a 4-mile recovery run, no problem.

So I guess: yay, hard tempo! I’m depositing this one in the Bank of Running Psychosis.  To be available for withdrawal next time I start to let sub-7 pace scare me.

Today’s QUESTION: Got any good recipes to share for herb-laced sweets? I also attempted some mint brownies this morning, but they were a spectacular failure.  I guess not all weeds mix well with fudgey chocolate batter!


11 responses to “Baking the herb

  1. mmm mmm mmm… i want to try my hand at those cookies! (although every homemade cookie adventure i’ve gone on ended in complete utter failure! think, mini-cake looking & textured cookies.)

  2. OH MY GOD BRIE! no words!!!!

  3. Ah Ye Olde Chianti. I first learned about wines and started my serious drinking (problem? habit? refinement of palate? it’s all up for interpretation) when living in Tuscany. $6 (or you know several thousand lire) could reliably buy a good bottle of DOCG Chianti. Good freaking wine comes in juice box form for people to pack in their lunches for work. In other words, I like me a nice Chianti. Good find!

  4. I’m going to have to trust you on the basil cookies. That does not sound good to me. Were they sweet? I also get super paranoid when I have a great training run. I always think it means my GPS is dying or has intercepted an alien or NORAD transmission or something.

  5. Sorry to hear about the brownies. When you can find a good weed to mix into them, the results are just magical. Weeeee!

  6. I’d love it if sub-7 minute miles accidentally happend to be. Way to be Speedy Gonazales.

    This was a decent recipe, Olive Oil & Rosemary cake. I’d lighten it up the next time around though. Pouring that much oil into the batter is not for the faint of heart.

  7. Great run! Sometimes it’s okay to dodge off plan and get the run you get.

    I feel like if you went out and said “going to do 5 miles at <7min pace" it'd be a ton of pressure to perform, but having this little "half marathon pace" run in your log, you've broken the seal on that 7min pace.

  8. You know what also works to soothe butt chaffing if you happen to forget the body glide? Aloe. Yup, like for sun burns.

  9. hahahah I’m just catching up on your posts and I love that you wrote about butt chaffing AND that there is an actual product marketed FOR butt chaffing. amazing. I usually just use vaseline but am intrigued. ..

    Nice running! You are getting faster 🙂

  10. YUM: those cookies look stellar. I always *think* I have a problem with high-yield batches of cookies, but then I stow a few dozen in the freezer and am happy for weeks to come 🙂 Freezer cookies are the best cookies.

    I don’t have any herby baked goods recipes, but have you tried lime (or lemon) basil sorbet? It is AWESOME. I recently got an ice cream maker, and the recipe was in the instruction booklet. This recipe is similar:

  11. I thought this post was going to be about some sort of magic brownies!!!

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