A question for ya

For reals, it was a pretty boring day around here.

I slept in a little.  I did laundry.  I had leftover pizza for lunch and ate 41,938 little green dangly worms on my easy 7-mile run.

So, instead of asking you to read a boring post about that, I’m going to ask you to do two things.

One, check out A.J.’s post – and the resulting discussion – over on Hollaback about questions and comments in blog posts.  Good stuff.

And two, answer a totally random question for me.  I’ve been wondering about this for a while but haven’t really had a reason to ask, even though I’m sure y’all have the answer:

What is the deal with almond milk?

I’m not being snarky – I’m honestly curious!  It seems like a ton of people consume it and I can’t quite figure out why.  I mean, I get it for people who avoid dairy and/or soy, but I often see it, for example in a smoothie, right alongside yogurt.  So it better for you?  Does it taste better?  Does it give you sweet-smelling marzipan farts?  Do I need to try this stuff?

Anyway, I realize that was totally apropos of nothing.  Indulge me, just this once.

I’m going to round out this completely useless post with some menial weekly running data:

M – 7 easy (57:42, 8:14 pace)
Tu – 7 with 5 at tempo (52:12, 7:28 pace)
W – 4.1 easy (34:33, 8:26 pace)
Th – 9.2 easy (1:19:48, 8:40 pace)
F – 3.6 easy (30:00, 8:19 pace)
Sa – 13.1 easy (Cville Half, 2:14:45, 10:17 pace)
Su – OFF

Total: 44 miles.

I’m not sure what’s in store for this week!  I might try that 5M tempo again, but actually run it at half-marathon pace, and it would be nice to sneak in a track session, too.  I’m also thinking about a 5K on Saturday.  Gotta get my racing fix before the summer swelter sets in!


32 responses to “A question for ya

  1. Marzipan farts? *snort* I personally do almond milk b/c I’m in that dairy free/soy free camp AND it is really low calorie (unsweetened version) and superior to just water though it is very similar. Just a slightly milky water. Which results in slightly creamy smoothies. Or slightly creamier oats. But it’s not like I’m chugging the stuff or eating it with cereal. That is reserved for my beloved Hemp milk.

  2. Almond milk is definitely my everyday milk of choice, for everything from cappuccinos to baking to cereal. Soy milk has a slight aftertaste that I don’t love (even the flavored kind). Rice milk is aight too.

    If I’m in more of a desserty mood, I like a good glass of hazelnut milk (especially good for homemade hot chocolate).

  3. beh to almond milk. and almond butter. and almonds in general.

    i guess my main reason is that it’s so expensive. not something i’m willing to spend my (limited yet hard earned) $$ on when i like cow’s milk. and i’m healthy and thriving on it. but to each his/her own. i’m sure i have indulgences that others dislike.

    i say try it. you never know if something will rock your world until you try it.

  4. I can’t help you. I prefer my almonds roasted and salty or covered in chocolate. And I drink (gasp!) cow’s milk.

  5. Well… I’m also a fan of cow’s milk so I can’t help you much with the almond milk question. But I agree with MM, each to their own and try it out if you want. I also want to say nice job on finishing the 1/2 with your hubs.

    Now a question for you. If mid- 8:00 pace is your normal easy pace, is it actually difficult for you to run at 10:17 pace? ( this is totally not snarky, I genuinely wonder how it seems to you. Maybe because 2 minutes slower than my easy pace may put me in the 12:00s and I can nearly
    power walk at that?) Anyhow, just wondering. 🙂

    • It’s a little different, but I wouldn’t say difficult! I’m definitely stiff/sore in strange places after running for a long time at a slower pace than usual. But after a couple of miles it feels normal…for instance, at the half last weekend, we ran the last couple of miles at 8:45-9:00 pace and I felt like I was sprinting – I had to remind myself that I normally do easy runs at that pace! I guess it just goes to show that pace is always a relative thing, even for the same runner in different circumstances.

  6. i kinda like almond milk once in a while but get tired of it. honestly, most of the time i don’t usually drink any kind of milk! it is definitely low-calorie and $$$ and i can see the appeal of choosing it over soy, so for vegans it is a very popular choice . . .

  7. I like vanilla flavoured almond milk as an alternative to milk (the sweetened stuff only. Unsweetened is gross). I drink skim in the morning with breakfast, than vanilla almond milk the evening if I want something sweet.
    I’ll admit though, I started buying it after being influenced by reading too many healthy living blogs.

  8. I’ve had it before, but honestly think I would get tired of the taste. I think it’s almost too sweet?
    I drink regular milk. It’s offensive, I know…

  9. Dairy gives me debilitating cramps and explosive diarrhea, so I’ve tried all different kinds of pseudo milks. I like the non-vanilla, unsweetened almond milk the best, but I’ve also tried hemp milk, coconut milk, rice milk and soy milk (worst).

    I also love milk stouts.

  10. Marie summed it up well. Dairy and running just doesn’t work for me. I think almond milk has a texture much closer to cow’s milk. The flavor is really mild too if you go with unsweetened. It’s not thick and slimy like soy milk.

  11. It has fewer calories and healthy fat (as opposed to cow’s milk). No weird dairy hormones, either. AND, for me, the best part is that it takes FOREVER to go bad. I swear I’ve had an opened box of it in my fridge for over a month and it’s fine (I’m aware that some folks think that’s gross, but, hey, I paid for it and I don’t throw out food unless it goes bad). I wait until it’s on sale and then get a crapload – an unopened box can sit on the shelf for a long, long, LONGASS time. My farts still smell the same. =)

  12. I’m lactose intolerant and the only time I use milk is with cereal, so I use almond milk b/c it’s a gazillion times better than soy milk. I suppose it wouldn’t be bad in a smoothie, never tried it though. Not sure why you’d use it + yogurt though.

  13. This is so ironic that you posted this question – I literally just bought my first carton of almond milk yesterday, as I have been doing some research for an alternative to Lactaid. I really only use “milk” in smoothies or with cereal, but was looking for a healthier/more natural option. Haven’t tried it yet but will let you know how it goes!

  14. I recently started buying almond milk (unsweetened, plain) and here are my personal reasons and uses.

    * For straight drinking, my family drinks skim milk.
    * Unsweetened almond milk has less calories and sugar than skim milk and more calcium, so I like to add it to my Green Monster smoothies for added volume without a lot of added calories. (I already get protein from the greek yogurt I add to the smoothies.)
    * Almond milk has a thicker, creamier consistency than the watery skim milk so I like to add a splash to my morning coffee. It also gives my coffee a hint of flavor.
    * I also like to use it in oatmeal in place of water for a thicker, creamier batch.
    * I will also use it for making sugar free hot chocolate. It makes a creamy, chocolaty treat.
    * Since I only use a little at a time, my carton lasts a long time and it doesn’t spoil before I can use it up.

    This is my first time commenting…I enjoy your blog!

  15. Good question! I think it’s delicious! Kind of nutty and creamy, and has a much longer shelf life compared to cow’s milk. And, another big reason: 60 calories/cup compared with 90-100 calories/cup with cow’s milk and soy. Not a huge difference, but for some people that’s the selling point!

  16. I initially tried almond milk because I wanted to make smoothies and dairy just never sits right. And I like it – it doesn’t give you that feeling of…I dunno, sitting in your stomach and being gross? Nutritionally I don’t think it’s anything special (not much protein), but it’s excellent for smoothies or making cookies.

    And run the 5k!

  17. I’m not a vegetarian or vegan or lactose intolerant, love all dairy products (cheese, yogurt, half and half in my coffee whatever and lots of it), but I really just don’t like cow’s milk. Something about it grosses me out. And I pretty much just use it for cereal anyway and I kind of feel like using cow’s milk is wasting calories on cereal anyway, I’m not fastidious about tracking cals or anything, but it’s about the cereal not the milk! I’d rather pour more cereal in my bowl and not feel guilty about it. So, like others said, taste and calories.

  18. Milk creeps me out bigtime. The only regular milk I’ll touch is skim and I only use it for cereal and protein shakes. The idea of sitting down to drink a glass of milk makes me want to projectile vomit, I just hate everything about it. Don’t even get me started on people who can drink whole milk, they repulse me beyond any polite way of describing my disgust.

    But almond milk is considerably less offensive to me, probably because it’s not really milk. I still don’t pour a tall glass and sip it for fun, but I do occasionally squirt [a lot of] Hershey’s lite syrup in there for tasty chocolate milk, and I love almond milk on cereal. My only complaint is the lack of protein, but the low calorie perk makes it easy to forgive.

  19. The post on Hollaback was interesting. I guess I don’t purposely ask a bolded question each time. If I do have an actual question I ask it in that manner though.

    As for almond milk, I have purchased the vanilla kind for recipes and it’s pretty awesome in lieu of regular milk with granola. But I drink cow’s milk and use it for most recipes when needed. I don’t go out of my way for it. But I can handle large quantities of lactose. Good thing, considering my weekly consumption levels of Greek yogurt, cheese, and ice cream. I would be lost without them.

  20. I could bullshit you and say it’s because I love the taste of it more than dairy milk but let’s just be honest…it’s the fact that it’s 35 calories for a cup of it PLUS it doesn’t taste bad PLUS it’s super healthy for you. I can drink cows milk every once in a while but if I can’t taste the difference in my smoothies (really the only way I drink milk very often) why not go for the lesser caloric content. Ryan is nuts about the nutritional stats and swear it leaves him less “curdled” so that’s another reason. It is more expensive generally though.

  21. I started using almond milk in my cereal recently and love it! It’s less calories than low-fat milk if you get the unsweetened kind, and it just tastes good.
    I try to limit my dairy intake though….so I’m not sure what the benefits are if you do enjoy cow’s milk.

  22. almond milk tastes like water. there, i said it. don’t touch the stuff. can’t handle soy either (hello, gas! TMI?) . milk and half and half for meeee.

  23. I bought it once because the store was out of my usual soymilk. I didn’t like it–thin with a weird taste. Also, almost no protein, and I eat cereal and fruit for breakfast and depend on soymilk or regular milk for my protein.

  24. As a non-dairy consumer, I definitely drink soy or almond milk. I was drinking only soy for a long time but switched to almond for things like cereal, a splash in my coffee if I’m feeling jaunty (I usually like it black) and other such things. I like the taste better for those purposes (less thick) plus fewer calories than soy. I wouldn’t drink it straight up like I drink soy though. And though it has fewer calories it has no protein. So I guess it just depends on my exact needs.

    And thanks for the shoutout!

  25. I am a soy milk drinker and will occasionally use almond milk if I need to. I much prefer TJ’s soymilk over any almond milk I’ve ever tried, I agree with those who said almond milk is watery. I do like to use vanilla almond milk in coffee though, it lightens the coffee flavor without being too creamy.

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