Seven Things Sunday

(1) I am blogging from a bar right now.  Our internet is out.  That little tornado that I joked about yesterday?  That was apparently some serious shit.  Like, a lot of people lost their homes and a handful even died.  Horrible and sad.

Which is why I’m not complaining too much about our cable and internet being down since last night.  The worst damage sustained by our household was borne by my little chili pepper plant, which had to be re-potted this morning.  A mere mile away, buildings were seriously damaged.  One had its roof ripped off.  Scary.

We have electricity and a roof over our heads and a car to transport us to bars with internet.  Pretty lucky, actually.

(2) This Brooklyn IPA is delicious.

This glass sucks, though.  There’s a big hole in the top and I keep finding it empty!

(3) I had a nice meal planned out for tonight.  But…

…it’s starting to look like we’re having loaded cheese fries for dinner.

(4) I did a weird double today: an eight-miler in the morning with some new running friends, and a six-miler a couple of hours later, with the hubs.  Even though all of the miles were mellow-paced and there was a substantial break between the runs, I am freaking wiped.  After fourteen total miles.  Remind me of what those marathon-training twenties are like, someone?

(5) Which reminds me, I need a fall marathon.  Preferably something situated in late October on a fast course within driving or easy flying distance from Raleigh.  Any suggestions?

(6) After our run, the hubs and I went to Costco.  This is a dangerous idea to begin with (he is easily distracted and will take forever to get out of there and buy all sorts of superfluous stuff if I don’t keep him focused) but today was especially bad.

I have now received a Blu-Ray player as an anniversary present.

Nothing says “I love you and am so happy to celebrate four years of marriage!” like having your monsters appear slightly sharper and your gunshots slightly louder.

This is almost as exciting as the time I got a dart board for my birthday.

Thanks so much, honey!

(7) Don’t you love it when bloggers do these numbered “X things!” posts instead of coming up with cohesive prose?

I know.  But we all need to slack off from time to time.

And with that, I’m gonna order another IPA and sip peacefully until the hubs is done with his work stuff and we can return to our internet-and-cable-barren – but thankfully structurally intact – home.

Our internet may be cut off – but I’m not.  Another pint, bartender, please!


24 responses to “Seven Things Sunday

  1. Glad you guys are safe after all of that tornadic activity. That was a pretty serious storm.

  2. OOoo that beer looks delicious. Oooo those cheese fries look delicious.

    In all, A+ post, friend.

  3. Sounds like you got really lucky with the storms yesterday! Sometimes I love those double days, even though they totally make me tired. Congrats on some good miles!

  4. 1. Glad to hear you emerged from the storms okay…that’s some scary stuff!
    2. Costco=amazingness. I love that store.
    3. Columbus (OH) Marathon. Mid October (16th maybe?) Fanfreakingtastic racing weather, lovely flat course, and I don’t think its THAT far from Raleigh. Just a thought!

  5. This is fun. Thanks for the seven insights into your life. Think about your neighbors in this time of loss. Those cheese fries look amazing.

  6. hahaha I blogged from a bar a few weeks ago..just because no one would let me go home! Love cheese friesss

  7. I got a bread maker for Valentine’s Day. That was romantic, but not as romantic as when I got a frying pan on the same occassion.

  8. Hmm..I don’t know how fast it is but either the Amica Marathon in Newport, RI or the Cape Cod Marathon in Falmouth, Ma. My husband did the latter and it was a really pretty course although somewhat hilly. And then you can come to MA! 😉

  9. blogging from a bar – i should try that some time. or not – might be dangerous.

    i actually am going to say that i would recommend a really late fall/early winter marathon after training many seasons in NC. that way, you can build speed up and not have to run 20 miles and get up at 4 am in july, and you can enjoy the gorgeous sept/oct/nov weather for your long training runs. i really liked thunder road marathon, just 2.5 hrs away in charlotte (well, 3 from raleigh i guess). another option is one of the beach races — outer banks (loved it) or kiawah (have never done it but heard great things – and it’s supposed to be fast!)

    • I’m actually planning for more than one this fall – definitely one of them will be late fall/early winter! I want to find a good one in October too. I know training is going to suck through the summer though….yuck.

      • Co.lum.bus! Co.lum.bus! My plan right now does not involve racing a half this fall, but I could be persuaded to run parts of the marathon with people to keep them company. Just sayin’.

  10. Loaded cheese fries are totally haute cuisine. I think we need a review of them.

    Also, the Detroit Marathon is 10/16. I don’t know anything about the course (is there a website out there that doesn’t call their course “fast”?) or about travel arrangements. But you get to run into Canada.

  11. we’re near Charlotte and had a lot of trees down & the power out – but no tornadoes, thank goodness. Glad y’all are alright.

    Flat, fast course within a driving distance of Raleigh – Outer Banks Marathon – it’s in November, two weeks prior to Thanksgiving. Only hill is the bridge between the Outer Banks & Manteo (about Mile 22-23). Rest is completely flat.

  12. Also, I’ve run TRM full – it’s all hills! I’ve also run Kiawah (the half), the full for it is two loops of the half, but it’s flat as well.

  13. I didn’t get the memo that we were always supposed to write in cohesive prose. 🙂 Ooops. I like making a quick point(s) rather than having to get into a post where I sound like a novelist. Costco is pretty dangerous territory for me too!

  14. I was completely disconnected from the news/internet this weekend so I had no idea there was a tornado. Hope everything is okay now!

  15. The Richmond Marathon is early in November. I’ll be trying the half (just finished my first), and hope to see you there 🙂

  16. Mmmm, I love the Brooklyn IPA. Definitely an all-time favorite. And now I’m drooling over those cheese fries, too.

    For some reason, I keep ending up with video game consoles for christmas. 2007 brought me the Playstation 3, and 2010 brought the xbox Kinect. I don’t recall asking for either one.

  17. Very glad you’re safe from the storms! So sad for all the people who were effected.

    I don’t have any fall marathon experience, but I alwasy hear wonderful things about Twin Cities. Is that an easy/direct flight from NC? Good luck planning it all out.

  18. Tornadoes are scary, Im glad we dont get them here. Im also glad you didnt have any major damage, that would be awful.

  19. I’m so glad you’re safe! I’ve heard that there are some serious storms predicted in the midwest tomorrow- hopefully they’re not too severe. Oh, and I’ve already written 1/2 of a “x things” post that’ll be going up tonight…we all need one every once and a while. 🙂

  20. Glad you are safe!! The storm hit one county over from my parents, sounds like it was really bad 😦

    How about the San Antonio marathon? It’s a bit later, Nov 17th, but you could come see your Texas girls 😉

  21. Steamtown Marathon – Scranton, PA – typically in October

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