Pints of spring

It’s officially that time of the year when people get all excited about eating seasonally.

But you know what I love?  Drinking seasonally.

Summer beers are all wheat and fruit – perfectly refreshing to drink by the pitcher on a hot day.  Fall brings the usual suspects: pumpkin and nutmeg and malty Oktoberfests.  In the winter we get dark, spicy, boozy ales, crafted for sipping under a blanket.

But spring?  Spring seasonals seem to be rather varied and unpredictable.  Much like spring weather.

I kind of like it, though.  Keeps things interesting.

Here are a couple I’ve tried recently, but haven’t had a chance to blog about.

Studying this bottle of Flying Dog Garde Dog Seasonal, I had no idea what to expect.  I don’t think I’d ever tried a Bier de Garde before.  And I don’t usually think “French!” when I think “beer.”

Mais oui!  I really enjoyed this.  One part wheaty and summery.  One part tart and hoppy.  Totally easy to drink and won’t leave you in a coma on the sofa, at 5.5% ABV.   Perfectly fitting for spring!

On the other hand, Red Hook’s Mudslinger Spring Ale, an English Brown, rather turned me off the first time I tried it.

I think maybe I just have trouble with Brown Ales.  They always taste watery and bitter to me.

I gave it another chance the following night and warmed up to it a bit.  Quite malty and a little on the flat side, it wasn’t exactly offensive, but nothing about it made me think of springtime.  Meh.  5.8% ABV.

That’s spring for you, I guess.  One day the skies are warm and sunny, and the next they’re dumping freezing rain.

Unfortunately, I can’t blame the weather for the fact that I didn’t run today.  Hello, third rest day in a row.  What the hell is wrong with me?  I am cranky and unmotivated and my head is just not in the game this week.

Oh well.  At least the week is almost over!

Any other spring seasonal beer recommendations?


27 responses to “Pints of spring

  1. I love Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch so I’m going to have to check out their seasonal, especially if it’s on your recommendation. Now that you mention it though, I can’t think of a spring time seasonal. I will have to rectify this by visits to several local bars to do some scientific research. I will get back to you on this.

    • This is the first year that I’ve ever really paid attention. Spring is just a weird time for seasonals. Can’t wait to hear about your research!

  2. Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever really indulged in a spring beer. Maybe the Sam Adams celtic ale. I’m definitely more of a summer-beer-drink-girl. 🙂

  3. I love Flying Dog’s labels. I know that’s not the best basis for trying new booze, but it makes things fun.

  4. I’ll drink Flying Dog for the label alone. Looks like me in the morning.

  5. I do not experiment with beers, but I do have two that I enjoy during the summer; Blue Moon (yeah, boring, I know) and Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.

  6. Dunno about spring, but summer beers totally trump winter beers. I like beer to cool down, and it is far more satisfying in the summer. Leinie’s Summer Wheat holds a soft, still hungover place in my heart, but this past weekend I tried some Flying Fish summer something, and it was tasty! So yes, I skipped spring and went straight to summer, but you’re in the south and that’s probably what it is going to seem like.

  7. I’m sort of with Sarah. The winter beers are a little too dark for my liking. Even in the winter/spring/fall, I like decent pale ale that refreshes and cools me down.
    I also wear white shoes in the spring instead of just the summer.
    I’m a rebel like that.

  8. I love summer beers, and feel the same way you do about brown ales. This is kind of girly, but I like summery beers with subtle raspberry or blueberry flavors. “At least this week is almost over” – amen to that!

  9. Summer beers are my favorite. When do they start hitting shelves?

    And, I love that your team has pint glasses. Brilliant!

  10. Love SPRING beer. We just found Port City Brewing Company, they are in Alexandria, VA. DELICIOUS! I believe they ship to southern VA and that might include some NC. Essential Pale Ale and Optimal Wit are great.
    I am a fan of Sam Adams Noble Pils right now. It is a good transition.

  11. I don’t usually pay attention to spring seasonals beers either.. we tend to stick with our favorites year round.

  12. I picked up a mix-your-own-6-pack at Wegman’s with a Garde Dog included…tart is certainly a good adjective. Also Sierra Nevada (who makes my go-to IPA and double Torpedo IPA) Glissade, which was ok, might have wanted some more citrus to it. I don’t care for Magic Hat Vinyl or their terrible beet thing…think it’s called Wacko?

  13. i’m just getting into beer so i’m relying on YOU for suggestions. i think i should road trip it down to you 😉

  14. seasonal drinking, yes! i was buying mixed packs of sam adams all winter for the chocolate bock, oooh i loved it!

  15. Last weekend, I had the most wonderful (more on the summery side) seasonal beer. It was blueberry flavored!! And there were blueberries floating around in my beer. Very similar to Blue Moon, but yummier! I drank several at the bar and bought a 6-pack for at home.

  16. I tried Southampton’s Biere de Mars a few weeks ago and LOVED it!

  17. I must say, I love your beer reviews! I just moved down the street from a market that has a crazy variety of bottled beers, so am definitely going to see if they have any of these.
    I’m more of a wine drinker, myself, and right around this time is when I make the switch from decadent reds to the refreshing chardonnays.
    … is it 5:00 yet? 🙂

  18. Heh, my blog is named after an old Redhook beer – their original Ballard Bitter IPA. I don’t like Red Hook’s stuff – something is always just a bit Off with them, you know?

    Had a delicious Maritime Pale Ale last week. Delicious, light, hoppy. PERFECT for spring. I also really enjoy anything from Deschutes (sp?) – their Pale is delicious in summer. And, of course, Alaskan Amber. Their fall beer, Moose Drool, is my favorite fall beer.

  19. We’re 8 days away from maibock season! They are delicious. Plus, if you count March as spring, you have all kinds of Irish red ales and stuff, which are my personal favorites.
    I went to a brewpub last week and they’re actually between seasonals right now. Sadface.

  20. I love all beer seasons!
    For Spring/Summer in no particular order:
    -Sierra Nevada Glissade
    -Bell’s Oberon
    -Summit Maibock
    -Goose Island 312 (Is that summer? I have no idea…)
    -Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat (with an orange)

    In moderation:
    -Blue Moon (I’ll do one)
    -Leinie’s Sunset Wheat (I taste blueberries)

  21. I love French beers. Probably because I drank a LOT of them when I lived in Paris. 🙂 Lately I’ve been drinking Sam Adam’s Noble Pils a lot. I find that it has a lot more flavor than other pilsners- not too bitter, not too honey/malty. Not exactly original, but it’s a nice change from their Boston Lager and I do love me a good Sam.

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  23. I have a seasonal spring Blue Moon. It has some green on the label.

    It’s decent, but I don’t really ever have the desire to have more than just one.

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