Soggy, but happy

Miles run: 13

Elevation gained: 1,300′

Minutes spent running in the pouring rain: 123

I thought that my waning motivation might benefit from a new running route.  So I hit up the notorious Turkey Creek bridle out at Umstead.  Holy hills.

I ran the bridle path until it ended and then explored some single-track stuff for a few miles before heading back to the car.  The rain started at about mile 3.  It began as a sprinkle but before long was coming down in sheets.

It was hilly.  I was soaked to the bone.  It was slow.  (Those single-track trails are murder on the pace, especially with all of the slippery roots and downed trees/debris from the recent storms.)  By all accounts, this run should have been a miserable experience.  But it was actually pretty fun!

Oh hey, running motivation?  I think I may have rediscovered you!

Tonight, I celebrated by enjoying dinner (er…a soft pretzel with beer cheese dip) on Raleigh’s most fabulous bar patio.

The Boylan Bridge Brewpub can be kind of a scene when the weather’s nice, but that view?  Makes fighting the crowds of hipsters and their fixed-gear bikes totally worthwhile.

Although beer is clearly the house specialty, I indulged in a cocktail, because it just sounded really interesting:

Pear vodka, yuzu juice, lime and cascade hops leaves.  Yum.

Apparently, tomorrow is Easter.  We have no real plans, aside from a run in the morning.  Followed by mimosas.

Hey, it’s a holiday.  Might as well celebrate!


11 responses to “Soggy, but happy

  1. Oh, yeah…Happy Easter sweetie…Mimoza sounds good. ..Grandma and the rest of Johnson/Dummitt clan will be having brunch at The Elks Club in Tacoma (the biggest Elks Club building in the world, I’m told). We will miss you and hunting Easter eggs at Gramdmas!

  2. pear vodka?! might have to try that.

  3. I happened to be “in” the fixed-gear scene for a couple months, thanks to a friend who was obsessed.

    3 years later the 1970’s Peugeot bike I was going to convert to a fixie is still sitting in my garage, sans wheels. Awaiting a craigslist buyer as we speak.

  4. That is EXACTLY the kind of run I need…something I should dread, but turns out to be fun and just plain amazing. I should probably head outside to give it a try tomorrow….

    No Easter plans here – we both worked today and somehow that means we are busy tomorrow too, so no family…just us, being lazy bums! 🙂

  5. I love pear vodka. Mix it with ginger ale and I’m a happy girl.

    The run sounds like it was tough with all that rain. Awesome that you stuck to it.

  6. Nice job getting your butt out the door for a run!! 🙂

  7. HO-ly shit. You’re hard core. I bet that cocktail tasted like heaven. And I like that you hit exactly 13.00 miles. =D

  8. Yeah… I would’ve quit at mile 3 when it started raining 🙂

  9. funny what it ends up taking to get the motivation back. glad you enjoyed that run! i’m sure by the end of that type of run i’d be pumped but i’d be cussing up a storm during the dang thing.

  10. Sounds like such a refreshing drink! I don’t think I’ve ever had pear vodka.

    Hope you had a good holiday! 🙂

  11. Hope you enjoyed Easter run and mimosas! Way to go on a hardcore run – 1300′ of gain = crazy 😀

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