And so it begins

Great news, readers!  I’ve crafted a little something special today.  I’m pretty sure I can just repost it daily for the next several months.  This is going to save me so much time!

Because until further notice, every day is going to start out like this.

Followed shortly by this…

….and then this.

During the final half-mile of sweaty torture, I’ll start fantasizing about my favorite post-run treat….

…and then begin cursing anew when I remember that it’s only 7 AM.

At least there’s another form of ice-cold indulgence waiting for me.

Dear God: thank you for creating Freon.  (Er…maybe that was DuPont. Whatever.)  

So, yeah.  I really, really hate running first thing in the morning.  But it’s an unfortunate inevitability of warm weather out here.  It’s either the alarm clock or the treadmill.  The alarm clock wins that one – but only by a frizzy, humidity-enhanced hair.

Looking back, I am pretty sure that I wrote this exact same post in 2010, bemoaning the arrival of hot weather and my new morning running schedule.  Last year, I lived in NYC.  Last year, I wrote this post in July.

Have I mentioned that it’s only April?  

I guess that’s what I get for moving south.

Sigh.  It’s going to be a long summer.


36 responses to “And so it begins

  1. I cannot stop laughing at the frizzy hair picture. I don’t know why.

  2. I’ll be right there with you. :-/ I hate morning runs but I hate humidity even more.

    :mfinger: to the south.

  3. I love the A/C picture. I do the exact same thing. I even pull my shorts up and stick my ass right up to it (my ass sweats when I workout for some reason). Why can’t you drink a beer after? There’s something wrong with morning drinking?

  4. Ah the humidity. I forgot how bad it gets until I went to Missouri over the weekend (they seem to be a couple weeks ahead of Chicago when it comes to summer weather). Gross.

  5. It is a LONG hot summer in Raleigh – from April to October. Ugh. I haven’t switched to morning runs yet, but I’m close.

  6. Sound plan my friend.

    I may even buy a nerd (hydration) belt to wear this year. We just have to make it to October…..

  7. I really, really enjoyed the garmin drawing. Thanks for making my morning.

  8. hahhaah. i got my first taste of some humidity this morning too. do you cuss at night because of it? last night was bad and i had trouble falling asleep. i’m pretty sure i was saying “f%$ you” to it around midnight. yuck.

  9. Haha, I haven’t even attempted to straighten my hair since we hit 80. There’s no point. It’s ponytails and curls till October.

  10. thanks…we are having record LOW temps here in the northwest…maybe some snow in the lowlands thursday……bleah.

  11. I so feel you. I’m about to spend my first summer in DC, the city built upon a swamp, and I’m nothing short of terrified.

  12. I feel your pain big-time. It’s ALWAYS 93 F here and unless I run early (and be antisocial going to bed at 11, because running early is 6-6:30 am) or late (and miss Coronation Street, horror of horrors, and drag the husband on a bike behind me so I don’t get freaked out at the night-time and pervy men I know live in the bushes) it’s too hot and humid to run. Plus all my ACs are too high up on the wall for me to get up by them and air myself out.

    Be brave, little Shelby. You’ll be a better runner for it–I think of running here as training in altitude or whatever, like the Kenyans.

  13. LMAO @ the moon saying “Whoa”. Hahahahaha 🙂 This post seriously made my morning, thank you!

  14. argh. this sounds miserable. I have a sneaking suspicion that we’re going to move VERY quickly from freezing cold and rainy to hot and humid without that 3 week window of gorgeous spring time weather. and then I’ll probably get all sorts of stabby.

    • I have these exact same fears. We are going to move right into a sweltering summer, skipping the best running weather of the year.

      I haven’t had the alarm clock/treadmill battle yet…I honestly don’t know which would win. Mostly because the alarm would say 4:30 am. And that is a Bree no one wants to see.

  15. Blech…I feel your pain. It hasn’t gotten warm enough here yet for early morning running but I know its coming. If it gets hot as quickly as it did last summer (meaning 80’s and humid by mid May), I’m screwed. How early are you getting up to run?

  16. Haha. I can’t stop laughing at these pictures.

    Your last post with the douchebaggery was hilarious too. I’m with you on the vibrams. I think curiosity alone might prompt me to break down and get some. That and the fact that Ryan is convinced barefoot running is the way of the future. But for the record…I still love shoes. Soft, cushiony running shoes.

  17. My mom says, “It’s 5 PM somewhere.”

    A nice oatmeal stout or a fruity beer is the perfect post early morning run way to renourish and refresh. I suggest you track down and find Terrapin’s Wake and Bake. I haven’t had it, but I’ve heard some amazing things.

  18. As I was driving to work this morning, I was seriously considering switching my work schedule to 9 to 6 so I could run in the morning before I went to work. But let’s be honest… I’ll spent that AM time in bed & STILL run after work. I hate the South sometimes.

  19. LOL sounds familiar…In Portland we are currently experiencing 85% humidity. My hair “loves it”. Not.

    It was strange returning to Portland after a week in Tucson. I felt the humidity the second I stepped off the plane and it was crushing!

  20. I just finished my run, and yes, it’s time to run in the morning only. Uuggghhh. I am not a fan of this hella long summer in NC thing. I’ve held off on turning on the a/c, but that might not last for very much longer…

  21. I have the exact opposite issue- come October I curse the alarm clock when it means that I have to drag myself out of bed to run in the semi-dark with the cold ass wind blowing off of Lake Michigan and bitch slapping the crap out of me.

  22. I’m thoroughly amused that your Suckrunner 110 is accurate pace/distance wise. 🙂

  23. I hate humidity too, but you’re a master at drawing frizzy hair! I’m definitely not looking forward to our weather getting THAT warm. I just want it to be 50-60 out. 🙂

  24. I had decent hair for roughly 30 minutes today. It was frizzy in the morning, in a bun all day at work, and then on the drive home I checked myself out in the mirror and way like, “Heyy…not bad!” And then I went running. In a thunderstorm.

    I don’t wanna talk about the weather. It just makes it worse.

  25. yes i was just noticing this. 65-ish degrees and 97% humidity at 5:30am, or 85 degrees and 65% humidity at 5:30pm. gee which to choose…

  26. i just found your blog and i absolutely adore it. im not sure why it took me so long to find your stellar running, eating and drinking. but im glad ill no longer be deprived of any of it.

  27. are you suggesting that beer at 7 am is frowned upon?? this is terrible news.
    in other news, i live in TN and humidity is death, so i feel ya on that one. but i wouldn’t trade my 90 degree weather for anything 🙂 ….but just cuz i love it doesnt stop me from bitching about it each and every time i run in it either!

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