Strawberries and sexy white calves

I have a new tan line to add to my existing collection (which Sarah has summed up excellently here, actually).

I’ve been cheating on my beloved CEP compression socks with these Zensah sleeves.  I still love my CEPs, but have been wary of bringing them on long runs after the Horrible Red Grape Blister Incident of October 2010.  (Don’t click that if you’re eating.)

Compared to the CEPs, they are:

  • Not quite as snug
  • Much easier to get on/off
  • A little thinner
  • Cheaper (a little bit)
  • Just as smokin’ hot
Anyway, they did good by me on this morning’s long run.  I headed out to Umstead intending to run for at least 90 minutes, but with the possibility of going up to two hours in the back of my mind.  I stuffed a Gu in my pocket, just in case.  Two hours is kind of my minimum when it comes to packing food-like substances on my run.

I was glad that I did, as I ended up topping off the run at exactly 14 miles!  I headed out on the Reedy Creek B&B from its southern gate.  This trail kicks things off with a mile of downhill immediately followed by almost a mile of sustained steep climbing.  Right at the end of that second mile, I bumped in to a teammate coming through from the other direction, so I flipped around and headed back down and back up before continuing through to the far gate.  Those hills are a pain in the ass, but it was nice to have some company!

Almost 1,800′ of climbing on that run.  Ugh.  Hills, like, build character or something, right?

Post-run and post-shower, my butt hit the couch and I don’t plan on moving it for the rest of the day.  Well, except maybe to shuffle to the fridge for a beer.

Today’s EAT: Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Raleigh!  Sadly, I spent most of it working.  But the second I got home, I changed in to running clothes, banged out a quick 7-miler, then served myself up a huge bowl of this:

I know that the whole watermelon salad thing is uber-trendy right now, but damn, it is good.  I threw together chopped up watermelon and strawberries with a handful of feta and some fresh mint and let it sit overnight in the fridge.  A perfect pre-dinner snack!

Today’s DRINK: Speaking of strawberries…

Say what you will about fruity beers, but on a sunny day after a sweaty run, that shit really hits the spot.  This Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager reminded me of a cross between a lager and a strawberry Italian soda.  Ripe strawberries and a little vanilla.  The low ABV (4.2%) might make it easy to suck down several of these, but like most sweet drinks, one was enough for me!

Today’s RUN: Today’s 14-er capped off a decent week – at least in terms of total mileage.

M - 6 miles easy (53:09, 8:51 pace)
Tu - 5 miles easy (45:11, 9:01 pace)
W - 7 miles easy (59:06, 8:22 pace)
Th - OFF
F - 5 miles easy (41:40, 8:19 pace)
Sa - 7.5 miles easy (1:01:48, 8:14 pace)
Su - 14 miles long (2:02:41, 8:45 pace)

Total miles: 44.5.  Missing: strength work and speed work.  What else is new?

Here’s how April looked, overall:

I really haven’t done much fast running since the Shamrock Half in March.  Which I think is why the pace is so much slower than, say, February…when I was doing pretty well with hauling my butt to the track every week.

Did I mention that I’m running a 10K next weekend?  I am rather frightened.

Today’s QUESTION: What’s the worst tan line you’ve ever inflicted on yourself – running or otherwise?  I have definitely been the victim of the sunscreen hand print on my back.  And once, back when I was really in to rock climbing, I managed to get a diagonal stripe across my non-Coppertoned belly and back from carrying a bunch of slings and gear, sash-style, on a long climb.


24 responses to “Strawberries and sexy white calves

  1. well maybe not the worst but i’ve gotten bandaid tan lines before. those suck. and one summer a friend did a really excellent job of rubbing the sunscreen in on my back and i got zebra stripes. ick.

    “I don’t plan on moving it for the rest of the day. Well, except maybe to shuffle to the fridge for a beer.” <– that is my idea of a great way to end a long run kind of day.

  2. After an entire summer of horse shows, I definitely managed to preferentially tan my chin over my forehead, thanks to western hats and english riding helmets. Whoops. Also, the hand-only tan from having to wear long-sleeved outfits without gloves for the same horse shows was pretty hot.

  3. My worst tan came from falling asleep with my head turned to one side and I got sunburned on one side of my face. I looked like a candy cane.

    Good job on your run!

  4. Mmmm your watermelon salad thingy looks delish!

  5. Calf compression sleeves are definitely the way to go (over the socks)… that way you can net yourself a wee band of ankle tan to inflate the ridiculous factor.

    I wore gloves as a lacrosse player because I hated getting checked in the hands, and there is no way to walk around with your glove tan in normal-person-life and not look completely ludicrous. I semi-looked like a mime.

  6. Way back in the day when tevas were cool…I wore them to a water park one day and managed to get sunscreen everywhere EXCEPT for my feet. So yeah, I rocked that tan on my feet for the rest of the summer. Zexy.

  7. I feel like I’ve mentioned this in the past, but how about a pigtail-induced part tan, which began peeling a day after. Nothing like your scalp peeling into your hair during undergrad econ.

  8. I think once, I fell asleep with my hand over my chest. So when I woke up, I had a hand print tan line just below my collar bone. It took me a while before I could wear anything with a deep or V-cut.

  9. My sister had a perfect white handprint on her shin and the rest of her leg was sunburned beyond belief. As for me-I spent a summer painting houses and I had two white verticle lines between my eyebrows amidst the most beautiful golden tan. Apparently I squinted a lot?

  10. I pretty much permanently rock the Zensah calf sleeve + CWX pro short tan. It’s hot.

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  12. A few years ago I went to a day game at Angel Stadium and sat in the outfield bleacher seats. No shade. I hate day games. I wore a tank, but must have not evenly applied the sunblock because I got a much darker tan on one side. I looked like I had worn one of those asymmetrical tanks for a few hours in the hot August sun. Fun.

  13. I LOVE the combo of mint, watermelon and feta, trend or no trend, it is delicious.

    Nice running! I have some CEP socks but am kinda of leaning towards trying those sleeves too. The worst tan lines I’ve gotten are weird flip flop tan lines. Or the Garmin tan line. nothing too embarrassing (but hey, there’s always this summer!)

  14. I have a pair of the Zensah’s and NEVER remember to wear them. I think they’d be hot. Do you find they help?

    Being dark skinned I often skip putting on sunscreen. (I’m trying to work on this because I’ve actually been getting sunburns lately.) I have constant flip flop tanlines and running bra tanlines. Really, really obvious ones.

  15. when I was in college, I applied sunscreen to my arms while at a tournament one weekend. Except I must have gotten distracted, and neglected to rub it on my right arm.

    I had what appeared to be an eagle SCORCHED into my right shoulder for, oh, the entire summer (this happened in April and didn’t fade away until, oh, October).

  16. I loove that strawberry beer! So yum

  17. im rocking a pretty stellar racerback tan right now from one hour in the sun on a bike ride. ONE hour. palest girl alive right here. i’ve also got a definite garmin tan line on my left wrist which is so very hot.

  18. I left the running store (purchasing) scene about 3 years ago with the frustrating onset of a long-term injury on which I’m just turning the corner, so the compression sock thing is new to me. What do they do for ya? Great training runs, btw, I love the detailed training info–coincidentally exactly what I was wishing for in my latest blog post. That’s reason enough for me to start following your blog with great interest. 🙂

  19. Nice job on the mileage!!
    I’ve gotten many of the above mentioned tan-lines. But I’d have to say the “worst” are just the BAD sunburns I used to get in high school due to my lack of sunscreen / hope for a tan. I worry & regret those so much these days, esp now that I’m OCD with the sun protection!

  20. I haven’t ever had a particularly weird tan line, but at all times my body is colored like I am wearing a Garmin, a sports bra, tiny running shorts, and socks. If I am lucky enough to be outside but not running with enough frequency, sometimes I can layer a Reef tan over the sock tan.

  21. From running Boston two weeks ago, I still have my name sunburned into my right arm. Really cute. Makes for a great conversation-starter at bars.

  22. Ha, whenever I see people wear compression socks it reminds of Mrs. Trunchbull from ‘Matilda’. You’re definitely not a Mrs. Trunchbull but those sleeves/socks are.

  23. Yes! I had that Abita in New Orleans last month and I said to my friend that it tastes just like Clearly Canadian- remember that stuff? Sort of girly, but who’s judging?

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