Ending the “season” with a bang

And that bang?  That was my confidence being shot.  Point blank.

I realize I’ve been lazy about updating my little Upcoming Races thingy.   Well, it’s updated.  —->

Unfortunately I’ve also been lazy about doing any sort of meaningful speed-work since the Shamrock Half back in March.  Which will make things interesting for the two races I have on tap for this month.

First up?  A hilly 10K this Saturday at the Capital City Classic.

I’ll be honest: I’m pretty terrified.  10K is probably my least favorite distance, and I don’t feel properly trained to take this one on, especially with its challenging course.

On the plus side: my post-college 10K PR is low-hanging fruit at 47:55.  (This is indicative of how much I suck at 10Ks, or how infrequently I attempt them, or both.)  Assuming I don’t totally blow up on Saturday, I should be able to smash that.  (I came through 6.2 at 46-something at my last half.  Sub-45 would be peachy, but I’m not sure it’s realistic on those hills.)

Also on the plus side: free mimosas at the finish, which is only a few blocks from my apartment.  Good for celebrating – or for drowning one’s sorrows.  Either way, it’s a plus.

But it’s still a wretched distance to race and I know it’s going to hurt.  Ugh.

Hopefully I’m not still reeling by the time I hop a plane to NYC a couple of weeks later for the Brooklyn Half Marathon!

I signed up for this race a long time ago and now I’m like…uh, shit.  I hope I don’t totally embarrass myself in front of a bunch of much faster friends.

I can’t believe I haven’t been back to New York since we pulled away in the moving truck last August.  I’ve been trying to make this trip happen for a while, so I’m excited to finally get back!

As for the race…um, I have no idea.  I’d like to think I can at least get under 1:40, which would be non-embarrassing.  It would be awesome to slip under 1:38, which I missed by one second at Shamrock, but seeing as my pace-work has been non-existent since then, I have no idea what that kind of effort will feel like, or whether I’ve truly lost any of that fitness by chugging along at a maintenance effort for the last two months.  We’ll see, I guess.

Regardless, it will be a kick-ass weekend of catching up with old friends and teammates.  13.1 miles of pain can’t rain on that!

So that’s what I’ve been shaking in my sneakers about over the last few weeks.  I had hoped I’d end the spring racing “season” feeling fitter and more confident then I did in January, but I’m not sure that I do.  Meh.

Following these two races, I’m thinking I’ll take a little time off, then spend the summer playing around at these weekly track meets, seeing as longer races are pretty much out of the picture around here until autumn.

1500s and 800s sound pretty appealing right now.  Just gotta get through this last stretch of longer stuff first….

Today’s EAT: Cooking dinner for myself tonight was a big fat hell-to-the-no.  I finished my workout and realized that the few food items loitering in the fridge were past their prime – and that the hubs had taken our shared vehicle for the evening.

I could order pizza, or I could take myself out to dinner.  I opted for the latter.

A salad and a beer, consumed from my semi-regular post at the bar down the block.  I actually intended to get this salad with chicken.  But when I was ordering, I got distracted by my efforts to convey no-blue-cheese-please (seriously, if I wanted mold on my dinner I would have just eaten the shit in my fridge) and forgot to ask for it.  But it was actually just fine without.  The pistachios and shredded cheddar (moldy cheese alternative) provided plenty of substance.

Today’s DRINK: I had a pint of Fullsteam Rocket Science IPA with my salad:

(It’s the tap in the middle.  Wow, that’s a crappy picture.  Sorry.)

Anyway, this IPA was pretty solid.  Very earthy, with a little bit of citrus and a flavor that was almost like fresh-cut grass.  Bitter, but delicious.

Today’s RUN: After taking the day off yesterday on account of my geriatric back pain, I tested the water this morning with an easy 4-miler.

And it felt fine.  Still a little sore, off and on today, but better than yesterday.

So I decided to squeeze in a few more miles in the evening in the form of a semi-speed workout.  You know, to try to get ready for that dratted 10K on Saturday.  Better late than never, right?

It was still in the mid-80s as the sun set, so I hit the treadmill and, after a quick half-mile warm-up, banged out three mile repeats at (wishful thinking) 10K pace: 6:57, 6:56, 6:49.   I guess if I ran a flat 10K in an air-conditioned gym….

On Saturday, I’ll be aiming for a slightly more conservative pace.  More like 7:10-7:15.  But it was a nice little confidence boost to be able to get through those three sub-7 intervals without feeling like I was going to die.

Total for the day: 8.1  Tomorrow: it’s supposed to be 60 and rainy.  Praise the weather gods – I will be splashing joyfully through the puddles in my (brand new, lily white) running shoes!

Today’s QUESTION: What’s on your race calendar?  Is the season gearing up or winding down in your neck of the woods?


36 responses to “Ending the “season” with a bang

  1. my racing “season” hit it’s apex this past weekend with the Eugene Marathon. I pretty much have nowhere to go but down from there, since I ran a 3:08, so I guess I’ll retire? nahh. I think I’ll do one more half this year, and then start saving my money for next racing season, and do the Napa marathon for the 3rd time since my parents home = a free hotel

    I’ve never run a 10k. Sounds scary! I don’t like sprinting!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of blue cheese either. The bf loves it and I can tolerate a tiny bit on my salad but only once in awhile.

    What’s wrong with a 10k? Ive never done one.

    • It’s just a hard distance to race. It’s short enough that you have to run fast but long enough that you’re never really comfortable. In my experience, the potential for mental breakdown is high. Tricky 10Ks!

      • I’ve done a 5k and an 8k and then I did Hood to Coast. LOL nice transition, right?

        I wanted to do a 10k. Now that I’ve done Hood to Coast, doing another 5k seems like a waste to me for some reason…like not worth the effort?

  3. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. i feel your impending 10k hurtdom. i’m likely going to sign up for one that’s in late june. and arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. i am not looking forward to going fast.

    ditto for the possible half on the race docket. want to be my speedwork buddy? i know we live a billion miles away but i need a swift kick in the pants.

  4. I’ve got a 10k in a few weeks. But an appointment with the orthopedist first… yikes… (one of the reasons why I haven’t picked up a few more 5k’s in the upcoming weeks…)

  5. lifeisbeachykeen

    I think 10k is my least favorite distance as well. My last 10k I PRd, but it wasn’t fun by any means.

    My running season ended over a month ago, but not by choice. I have one more 5k at the end of this month(maybe). Not sure what the rest of the summer holds. There are a few 5ks here and there that I would like to do, but we’ll see.

    Good Luck this weekend!

  6. The Fargo Marathon is looming large on my race calendar. After that, I hope to race a decent 5K and 10K this summer. 10K is also probably my weakest distance (and weakest PR) so if I just get my butt in gear I should be able to smash it!

    Good luck with the last of your long races this spring. I’m sure the NYC trip will be awesome for you!

  7. uhhh who cares about races. when are we hanging out and what are we eating when you’re in new york? answers please.

  8. 1. Blue cheese is disgusting. DISGUSTING!
    2. I feel your pain with 10ks. I went a few years without a decent one till just recently.
    3. JELZ of the Brooklyn half. Just missed the one I was really looking forward due to my stupid injury, and I’ll miss one of my favorite 5ks Sunday. 😦 Oh wait, am I pityjacking this comment? Damn.
    4. I suspect you’re in better shape than you give yourself credit for it. If I’m wrong? I owe you a beer. If I’m right? I owe you…a beer.

  9. If it’s down to a 10K vs. a half — for me, 13.1 is the distance that sounds more intimidating and awful… I’ll take the 10K… er, with no hills. And holy shiz, blue cheese sucks. Nothing is more disappointing than some delicious-looking dish that upon closer inspection turns out to have those crumbly little non-amazeballs of mold.

    And hey, regarding the racing… sometimes the races you feel unprepared for are the ones where you surprise yourself…

    • I feel like with 13.1, there’s always a little bit of glory just in the finish. With a 10K, there isn’t. Bleh, stupid in-between distance!

  10. Nothing on the docket so far for me except a half in Colorado in July. I want to find a 5k or 10k or two between now and then, but I’m so broke I can’t really justify paying $25-50 to run 3 or 6 miles. Massive fail, I know.

    Nice job on the intervals! And to think I was stoked about running 2 miles at a 9:04 pace last night, lolz.

  11. It’s about the start to my race season up here in MA. Although spring and fall are the best times to race. Summer can be tricky.

  12. Half marathon in 2 weeks (butwhoscounting) and then I have a whole summer to plan. Summer in Michigan is ideal running weather, for months on end, so there are lots of races.

    Up until now I have been setting a new distance goal with every race; 5k, 10k, half marathon. Next I think is goofing around with being faster, actually training to run a distance better than I ran it last time.

    Going to sleep before 2am would probably help all this ‘training’ nonsense.

  13. I really like the 10K distance. I’m gearing up for a half in 11 days or so. I knocked out a 10K at my goal pace yesterday and felt pretty confident. After that my weekends fill up with family/school stuff. I’m also a bit of a weenie about running in anything over 80 degrees, so I’m not sure about mid-summer races.

    Good luck with the 10K this weekend.

  14. I love blue cheese man. I’ll take yours.
    Good job on the intervals. You’ll be fine in the 10k. Just don’t let the fact that you hate the distance mess with your head.

  15. Shelby, just so YOU know…WE all know that you had a PBR for your second beer. (Of course, me not being a real runner, I can’t comment on any of that stuff, so instead I’ll talk about something I understand quite well: beer.)

  16. Our race season is winding down. I might do a 5k for shits and giggles, but otherwise nothing. I did a 10k on Sunday (with a 9:40AM start!) and just about died in the heat.

    I prefer the 10k to the 5k. I HATE the 5k. They hurt so much.

    Good luck!

  17. I didn’t even see the Capital City run – it looks fun, but tough so good luck! I’m running a different 10k in Garner on Sunday for Mother’s Day. It’s right down the street from my apts so I usually volunteer/run it every year. I usually rope my BF into doing it with me, but we’ve always done the 5k portion of it. It’ll be mentally rough because it’s the same 5k route twice. Ugh!

  18. Good Luck on that 10k. I did that one last year and I’m pretty sure I cried. It was horrendously hot. Your run fast so you should be fine, but less than mile in my boyfriend and I were the last of 4 runners. Enjoy the booze at the end!

  19. I really hate 10Ks too, but am making myself to two of them – one next weekend and on in June – because I really want to get better at the distance. But oh, are those hills in CP going to hurt! Your plan sounds great – are you doing a fall marathon this year, or no?

    I’m not running the BK half but hope I get to see you at some point that weekend!

  20. I was just comparing my half marathon pace to my 10K PR pace. 10K PR pace 7:32 (Oct. 2010), half marathon pace PR 7:27 (March 2011). WTF?! I should be able to run a 10K faster!

    My race season is just getting started. I have a marathon in less than 4 weeks, 100 mile relay in July, 10 miler & half marathon in August, 50K in September, marathon in October, 10K in october and 10K in November.

  21. Yikes, that’s awfully fast for being on a treadmill. I feel like I’m going to die just thinking about it. You’re cut out to run 10k’s whether you like it or not Speedy Gonzales. You’ll be way under 45 minutes, hills and all.

    The racing thing is an addition isn’t it? After the last 1/2 in March, I started my off-season too, yet somehow races keep slipping into my schedule. I’ve got 2 more halfs coming up in the next month now. I can’t even call to them as races, I’ll just refer them events. I keep signing up for these things even when I know I’m not ready and suck in the heat. Good way to justufy weekend getaways though.

    Have fun tearing up NYC!

  22. the concept of running multiple sub 7s is so foreign to me, i just had to comment to tell you that 🙂

  23. free mimosas at the finish line? that might be the best post-race food EVER. It sounds like you could totally PR the 10k. My least favorite distance is the 5k…i HATE it with a passion.

    Good luck gearing up for the brooklyn half! I’m running a 10k in NYC this june and the marathon in November and I’m sooo pumped to tear up the city at both of them.

  24. Blue cheese is delicious. I love your illustrations. I ran my first 5K in 39:02. SO….you run twice the distance I do in almost the same amount of time. How’s THAT for a sad face on me? haha. I need to get faster!

  25. I think that someone should make a list of every race that has free booze at the end. And I will only run those races. I signed up for the Wineglass half marathon in upstate NY thinking I would at least get some wine, but alas, all that seems available is string cheese and pizza. Lame.

  26. Blue cheese dressing = gross.
    Blue cheese crumbles = delicious.
    I have no idea why. And more importantly, is that beer local? I like IPA’s (duh).

    Like Lisa I’ve got Fargo, but the 1/2 version coming up. I have been enjoying training for these things, so I hope to add a few races this summer. Races still go on here over the summer, but the potential for death zone heat and humidity looms.

  27. I’ve only done one 10K race. It was last year and I actually organized the race with my husband. Pretty sure I rocked it and came in first place out of all the women. Bummer – the prize was a $50 gift card from my favorite running store and clearly I couldn’t keep it since I organized the race. 😦 (Oh, and I won at an 8 min pace – clearly I have some work to do!)

  28. I also hate 10Ks. I’ve done exactly one. It’s too long to be a short run, too short to be a long run. Haaate. I might never do another one again.
    My season is winding down. I did 3 halfs in 45 days, so I’m kind of burnt out. Going to do some cross-training and lifting and run for fun for awhile!

  29. 10Ks suck. But on the bright side, they only last half as long as a half-marathon. You get to drink beer sooner?!?

    Can’t wait till I see you later this month. NYC misses you like “whoa”.

  30. You can def knock that 10k PR out of the park! Your other runs you have in the upper left make it sound like you should get like 43ish (um I’m not a professional, just my guess haha). Although you said it’s hilly so who knows.

    I have no idea what I’m doing on my race calendar. I’m feeling burned out, but I also think I could run some good races if I got over myself and signed up for some stuff. I’m thinking this might be the summer of local 5ks :).

  31. Good luck with your races. I am sure you will be fantastic!
    My race season is just starting. I did the Nashville half last weekend and now this summer will be filled with local 5 and 10K’s. After running the 13.1 miles, running a mere 6.2 miles seems like heaven. Maybe that is because I run all my races at the same speed…as fast as I can until I fall over. 🙂 Guess I have a thing or 2 to learn about pacing.

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