Wednesday Breadwinner

Today is the day widely known as Hump Day, but since I’ll be working all weekend, I called it Lay Around Like a Lazy Lump Day.

Aside from a quick meeting this morning, my schedule was totally blank.  I considered doing productive things like laundry and grocery shopping – things one might normally do on a weekend day off – but in the end, a jam-packed afternoon of pointless miscellanea won out.

And it was wonderful.

Today, I:

 Explored the course for Saturday’s 10K during an easy 8-mile run.  It’s actually not quite as bad (hilly) as I’d imagined.  Mile five is pretty much all uphill, but other than that, we’re just dealing with mild rollers.  I’m feeling slightly better about it.

Busted out a brand new pair of shoes!

Oh Ghosts, I’ve missed you.  My last couple of pairs I’ve experimented with a more stability-oriented shoe, to see if it would help alleviate my perpetually tight calves.  It didn’t, so I went back to the shoe I’ve loved for several years now.  Can’t wait to see the Ghost 4 this fall!

Welcomed a zillion new readers, thanks to a shout out from Carrots N Cake!  If you’re one of those new faces, then hello.  There’s beer in the fridge – help yourself!  I hope you like rambling and slightly self-deprecating prose, MSPaint, and tasteful use of profanity with a hint of snark.  If not…well, have another drink.  We’ll get you there.

– Spent several hours heckling AngryRunner and her hilariously staunch stance against smartphones.   It was an effort that spanned several forms of social media and I was pretty pleased with myself.  I think I did everything I could to communicate my pro-smartphone stance, short of wrapping myself up and mailing myself to her doorstep.

I’m not ruling it out, though. ❤ ❤ ❤

(Granted, I’ve never been to her house, but I’m pretty sure my iPhone could figure out how to get there.  iPhone FTW!)

Copied Fatty McPantherson and took a little snooze on the sofa.

It’s a rough life being a cat in this household.

Stared at my empty refrigerator for ten long minutes, contemplating dinner, before deciding to make pancakes.

I used this ridiculously simple recipe from Epicurious and they came out great!

Healthy plus: these were actually full of Chia seeds!  After mixing together all of the other stuff called for in the recipe, I realized I was out of eggs.  So I made a “Chia egg” in the way that I’ve seen bloggers make Flax eggs.  And it actually worked really well!  Who knew.

Healthy minus: I fried up that Chia-packed batter in bacon grease.  Mmmmm.

I guess it’s a draw.

Sipped a glass of wine while whipping up my breakfast-dinner.

I blogged the 2008 version of this 2010 La Ferme Julien Rose a year ago.   With its ubiquitous cartoon goat, this wine is a Trader Joe’s staple, and even though I apparently didn’t like the ’08 version, the ’10 isn’t bad!  I mean…it’s a cheap Rose.  It’s the sort of thing you sip on a warm summer afternoon while grilling hot dogs.  (Or on an unseasonably chilly May evening while making pancakes.)  But it’s perfectly drinkable and I’d buy it again!

Selected a winner in the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day giveaway!

That’s Rebecca!  Email me ( so I can get your book on its way.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

And that last one, my friends, is what I had planned to write about when I came up with that post title.  Never mind all of this other crap.

Happy Hump Day, or Lump Day, or whatever you wanna call it!


26 responses to “Wednesday Breadwinner

  1. If anything I’ve learned that you iphone people are rapid as all hell.

    *sent from my butthole*



  3. I’m with you on the merits of smartphones. I think mine is now nearly an essential!

    Also, gotta love pancakes fried in bacon fat. 🙂

  4. I mentioned your awesome blog to Tina. 🙂

    I’m still living in 2006 with my simple flip phone. Haven’t even ventured to smartphone territory left. I’m in the stone age.

  5. hi,

    can you tell me a ghost story? i ran in brooks radius for several years (went through several pairs) and LOVED them. when they discontinued those, i switched over to mizunos and have been fairly happy with those, but the pair i just got last week is beating me up. do you have any idea if the ghosts are similar to the old radius? (please say yes!)

    feel free to draw a paint as a response. (i absolutely love your writing style, but it’s the paints that truly kill me, in a good way.)


    • I think technically the Defyance replaced the Radius. The Ghost is a little lighter and leaner than the Defyance, which has a straighter last (wider platform), a little more cushion, and a bit more support. (My understanding is that the Defyance is basically the Adrenaline without the support post.)

      They are both great shoes! I like the Ghost better because I tend to midfoot strike and it has a nicer landing there.

      Which Mizuno are you running in? Wave Rider? I think the Ghost is actually fairly similar to the Wave Rider in terms of fit and weight, but with a softer/more flexible ride. (I have a pair of Wave Riders but don’t love running in them, the toe box is a little too narrow and the high rise of the upper rubs on my ankle.)

      Um…so no MSPaint but I wrote you a novel about shoes instead. 🙂

      • thanks for the info! i’m in wave riders right now. i’m not digging ’em. the last pair treated me well for a while, but this new pair is no bueno. i think i’ll go give both the defyance and the ghost a spin.

  6. Chia egg?! That thing is going to hatch into a head with long hair in your stomach. Good luck with that!

    *sent from my vagina*

  7. Wine with pancakes? Did that really happen?
    I sort of love it.
    I think I have a problem…

  8. mmmmm pancakes!!! I should have come to your house for dinner last night!

  9. I’m disappointed to find I didn’t get any preferential treatment here. See if I ever write YOU a poem again.

  10. Pancakes cooked in bacon grease sounds fantastic. You can’t have a “healthy plus” without a “healthy minus”, otherwise you’d be all out of whack. It’s no fun when a diet looses it’s balance and it topples to one side the other.

    Woohoo, glad to hear your blog is reaching the masses. People who don’t know about it are really missing out.

    (Btw, I appreciate all the blog love you sent my way last week too!)

  11. I just did my morning visit on my personal blogroll, I realise that I love yours and the runners kitchen particularly because I’m from Montreal and feel more “connection” to you two : you don’t bring once in a while the “faith” or “jesus” post… Thank you for that !!!

  12. And excuse my inappropriate use of the hypostrophy in “it’s balance” and spelling “loses” with two O’s.

    I always catch at least one spelling or grammar error after I hit submit. I could use more autocorrect in my life.

  13. wine + pancakes…YUM!!

  14. iPhones 4 lyfe! Oh it’s my turn on wwf isn’t it? I also had breakfast for dinner, in the form of an egg and cheese sandwich.

  15. I just discovered your blog today and I had to do a double take. Our blogs look almost exactly the same! That’s the beauty of WordPress I suppose. I also ran the Shamrock Half (although a whole hour slower, no joke). Weird coincidence! But I am glad I found your blog. You’re way funny, super fast, and a wino…all big pluses in my book!

    • Haha….yep, they do look identical! I picked the simplest-looking theme when I started this thing and I haven’t changed it since…

      I added you to my reader too! 🙂

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