Amorous mammals

Recap of this morning’s 10K: forthcoming. I’m a little beat right now. And have been trapped under 35 pounds of clingy cat for the last couple of hours.

Dear felines: I’m flattered that my lap real estate is selling at a premium today. But seriously? You are kitty-kneading on my bladder and I have to pee.

Anyway, instead doing a race post  right now, I’m just going to tell you an embarrassing story from this morning.

Because my store/team sponsored this race, I landed myself a “VIP” entry.  One of the many exciting benefits of this (aside from the free mimosas) was that I got a zebra-striped bib with my name on it.

(Also, did I mention the free mimosas?)

Anyway, after I crossed the finish line, this hot guy came up to me, handed me a chilled towel and a bottle of water (VIP!), and said, “Hey Shelby!  Great race today!”

And me?  I was caked in sweat and salt and, as I later discovered, had a booger stuck to my cheek.

And I couldn’t for me life of me figure out who this guy was.

I stopped and squinted at him.  Was he a customer at the store?  A lesser-known teammate?  Someone’s co-worker’s boyfriend’s roommate who I met at a networking event after three glasses of wine?

“Um…I’m sorry, I’m sure we’ve met before, but I can’t remember your name,” I stammered as I mopped my forehead.

“Oh, I don’t know!  Have we met?”  Hot towel guy laughed.  “I just, you know, your name is on your bib….”



Well, I’ve gotta get back to tonight’s program of choice: an Animal Planet special on Madagascar.  Lemur sex FTW!

Se ya tomorrow with that race recap….


18 responses to “Amorous mammals

  1. Congratulations on the hot guy congratulations Shelb. Your story reminds me of another about you playing center field at Heidelburg Stadium in Tacoma at age…oh about 10?
    Hope you also enjoyed your race experience today…look forward to reading about it!
    Love, Dad

  2. I am watching the Madagascar Special right now!

  3. That is awesome. I think we need to hear the Heidelburg story now. 🙂 My two cats look so much like yours (white/gray and black) but I think one of my cats has about 5-6 extra pounds. The cat kneading–too funny. I always wish I could time them to do it when I’m sore. 🙂

    • OMG, seriously? Mine are pretty huge – the white one is 15-16 lbs and the black one is 20+. I want to see your massive cat!

      Oh and yeah – if I could only train them to do their kitty stomp on my calves, I totally wouldn’t need my foam roller any more…. 🙂

  4. My cat does that too. I swear he tests out both my lap and the husband’s and always chooses mine – hmmm, must be extra squishy and comfy. Ugh! 🙂

  5. That just made me laugh out loud 3 different times!-tricky, because I currently have hiccups. Gah.

  6. It’s still a win in my book. Hot guy still talked to you and used your name. Score.

  7. okay, amorous mammals + lemur sex – i am just wondering who is randomly going to find your blog now and what they think it’s going to be about 🙂 !!

  8. That’s it Shelby, now we have to hear the Heidelburg Stadium story! Can’t wait to read the race recap; and believe me, 35 lbs of cat is MUCH easier to get out of — try a 82 lb. weimeraner on your bladder when you have to pee!

  9. bahahah. that’s never happened to me at a race before but i have to wear a name badge at work. and the people who are there are volunteers so i never remember names.

    awkward. almost as awkward as lemur sex. but half as exciting hahha

  10. *Love* the kitty pic and stories. I have my own special orange lap-layer and bathroom-stop-delayer, his name is Pluto. His the best animal ever to have crossed my unworthy path, with Razzle (my other orange tabby) enjoying a close second.

  11. Hahaha! Classy, I like it. I’ve definitely been in the same situation when I think I should know someone who says my name, and then I realize I’m wearing a nametag… 🙂

    Eagerly awaiting your recap. The stripped bib is a good start!

  12. LMFAO!! Awesome!

  13. Whenever Wrigley gets on me like that, she always manages to step directly on a nipple. And 14 pounds of fatass cat directly on your nipple is no picnic.

    Great job on your 10k btw!

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