Yesterday, I cleaned out my closet.

I wish I were using that as a euphemism for something more exciting, like weeding my unruly Google Reader or de-friending people on Facebook.  But, no.  On the heels of yesterday’s running shoe purge, I decided to just go ahead and tackle the rest of my crap, too.

And that’s how, today, I ended up here:

The Container Store.  The ultimate one-stop solution for your #firstworldproblems.

Seriously: an entire retail industry built on the premise that people have too much shit.  And will readily spend their hard-earned money on plastic containers to more efficiently organize that shit, thus making room for…more shit.

Ah well.  I’m no better than the rest.

Even after filling two huge garbage bags with stuff to donate, my closet was still packed.  (I am actually not sure how this is possible, given that I am really not much of a shopper these days.  I blame race tees!)  So I filtered out the winter stuff.  Not gonna be needing those sweaters and running tights any time soon!

One pack of vacuum-sealed storage bags later:

Under the bed they go.  Now I have room for that new dress.   Ah, the cycle continues.

And of course, I couldn’t get out of The Container Store without an impulse purchase or two.

I don’t know how I lived without this before.

Today’s EAT: I popped open a can of soup for dinner tonight.  Which is unusual because I don’t really like soup.  Or seafood that comes in a can.

This Bar Harbor Clam Chowder was pretty good though.  I think I got it at Whole Foods.  If you’re an ingredient-reader, the list is pretty simple.  (I’m not generally, but am when it comes to soup.)

I topped it with a little pepper and fresh thyme (from the terra cotta balcony farm empire!) and ate it with a hunk of baguette (not made by me, unfortunately).

Not a bad little dinner, actually!

Today’s DRINK: Since I’m taking it easy on TEH BOOZE this week, let’s catch up on a beer from last weekend.

This Kennebunkport Brewing Company Wheat Beer was on sale at TJ’s so I thought I’d give it a shot.  It was okay.  A little on the watery side.  It was still a cold and refreshing treat, but the flavor was just meh.

Today’s RUN: An easy and pleasant six miles at dusk.   It’s been cool enough to run in the evenings this week and I’m taking full advantage!

Stats from last week (a couple of days late – oops):

Tu - AM 4.1 easy (36:20, 8:51 pace); PM 4 mi w/ 3 X 1 mile repeats @ 10K pace (treadmill, 29:35, 7:23 pace)
W - 8.2 easy (1:13:04, 8:55 pace)
Th - 5.4 easy (45:08, 8:21 pace)
F - 4 easy 34:30, 8:37 pace)
Sa - 10K race (45:34, 7:19 pace) + WU and CD, 12.7 total (1:43:34, 8:08 pace)
Su - 6.1 easy (single track trail, 1:09, 11:18 pace)

Total: 44.5 miles.

This week is going okay so far, but I’m still slacking big-time on the speed work.  I’d hoped to get at least one quality workout in before Brooklyn next weekend.  Maybe tomorrow?

Today’s QUESTION: How often do you clean out your closet and donate old stuff?  I feel like I haven’t done a proper purge in a while.  Even though we’ve moved twice in the last couple of years, I’d been hauling around some crap that I hadn’t worn in forever.  Good riddance!


30 responses to “Shrinky-dinks

  1. This weekend I’m having a massive closet cleanout to prepare for moving in a few weeks. I hate all my clothes, so it’s going to be a bloodbath. I can’t wait.

  2. I don’t purge often enough… My daughters closet gets cleaned out a few times a year but mine is sadly neglected. I have clothes that haven’t fit in years that I see every day but still haven’t made the effort to donate.

  3. I do a cleanout about twice a year (one for winter, one for summer). I usually donate a huge amount of clothing in that time.

  4. I am pretty minimalist, but also way lazy about it. I regularly get nasty with my stuff and start throwing stuff away. I accepted long ago that if I have to take stuff somewhere to donate, then I will just keep it. So in the can it goes, without a second thought. Very little that we don’t need laying around my house, closets included. Recycling is way overrated.

    Anyway, is that the Container Store in Atlanta? I love that place…

  5. I purged almost everything after losing a lot of weight about 2 yrs ago and then again when I switched bedrooms in the same apartment last year. Before that I hadn’t cleaned out my closet in probably a few years.

  6. I love those storage bags! They save a ton of space. I’ve purged my closet twice in the last two months because I’ve moved twice. I guess that’s one good thing about my moves!


    must. fix. this.

  8. lifeisbeachykeen

    I got rid of a lot of stuff when we moved, but it wasn’t enough. I cleaned out our closet a few months ago and got rid of more clothes & shoes. I bought one of those handy dandy things that hangs on the back of the door for all my flip flops. I have a flip flop problem like you have a running shoe problem. 😉 What’s a Florida girl to do?

  9. Sad to see you gave the cat scarf away. I think that would have been quite a fashion statement. I usually go through my closet twice a year when I make the switch between my winter and summer stuff.

  10. i love getting rid of stuff. i’m trying to work on not-accumulating more… somehow i manage to donate a few good bags of crap to the goodwill every year, yet i still have clothes from 1998 in my possession that i ‘just can’t part with’. what, cause they’re so stylish? get it together, self.

  11. aghhh, I got moderated! Too many links! They point to the same thing so you can delete one if you want. Or whatever.

  12. I am a career purger. I can’t stand STUFF or clutter, so I clean out my closet every season. I also have never been to the Container Store. I fear it. If I went in, my entire life savings would be spent, guaranteed.

  13. From the age of 18 to 28 I was moving about every 6-12 months to a new place, so I was forced to purge quite often. It’s still amazing how quickly you accumulate new crap. We’ve been in our house now from almost 2.5 years now.

    We have so much baby stuff now it’s crazy. I forsee a HUGE purge coming in the next couple months. At the rate we’re going, in the next 5 years you’ll just have to burn the house down and start over since there will be too much hoarded inside.

  14. I love The Container Store, a lot!

    I also love all things Maine – between the soup and the beer, you definitely had it covered!

  15. runraleighrun

    I went to my first “Clothing Swap party”. A perfect way to trade clothes with friends and more than likely leave with more than you brought. There were twelve girls and people brought anything and everything they don’t wear, don’t fit in or simply have not worn in a years (years). Split the group and ine 5 minute rounds people can go through all the clothes and take what they like. Then switch while the first group tries things on if need be. At the end any left over clothes (about a dozen bags were left over) are taken to Good Will and the business clothes were taken to a women’s shelter looking for that specifically. I picked up an awesome running jacket at the last exchange! There were food and drinks too so it lasted for hours. If you want more info email me: Tip: Have certain areas to split up the clothes into tops, pants, outerwear, workout stuff, etc. so it’s not in one crazy huge pile.

  16. I’m sorry, I am too busy staring at the toothpaste which is SQUEEZED IMPROPERLY.

    • I KNOW. SOMEONE in this household squeezes it that way. (And it isn’t me.)

      The Container Store actually sells toothpaste squeezers that help you flatten it alllll the way from the bottom. I almost bought one.

  17. I spy a fat cat in a duffel bag! Also I got my closet organizer from the Container Store and love it. I don’t think I’ve cleaned out my closet since my parents got divorced, when I was in college. Oops.

  18. I agree with Angry Runner, I am pretty obsessed with squeezing the tube from the bottom.

    I clean out my closet a few times per year. I don’t really buy too many clothes these days because I wear my pajamas to work (hospital.) But I like to try to keep it to the essentials. I’m going to do a closet post one day.

  19. I usually clean out my closet twice a year, when I’m putting my summer clothes away for winter and when I’m putting my winter clothes away for summer. General rule for me: if I didn’t wear it at least once that season, it goes.

  20. Awesome. I am totally OCD about organization and I LOVE places like the Container Store. 😀

  21. I really need to do a purge, too. I’ve been really bad about stuff like replacing socks with holes in them…unacceptable. I also need to figure out some kind of shoe storage situation. The big crate they’re all piled into is not cutting it. I’m with you about the ingredient list on soups- it’s frightening how much crap Campbell’s puts in theirs!

  22. There is something insanely freeing about getting rid of all the crap you never use! In my mind it goes something like “Oooh…lotsa empty hangers, I should go shopping!”….its a never ending cycle!

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