God, I never thought I would do this on my blog.

But whatever.  I don’t have many lady friends here, so….

Do we like Dress A…

…or Dress B?

B actually has these odd cut out sleeves…I tried to get a picture but the flash attacked me:

(B would also need a different belt.)

Neither of these is actually the dress I had in mind when I stopped by the store today.  That dress (which was a hot one-shoulder number that made my waist look the size of a freaking pixy stick) was apparently sold out.  Bummer, but my fault…I should have bought it when I first saw it.  It’s a small local boutique and it’s not like they can just order more from the Old Banana Gap warehouse.

Anyway, the sales girl talked me in to trying on both of these.  I never, ever would have picked them out on my own, just seeing them on the hanger.  I’ve never done the whole belted-shift-tunic thing.  (Because why buy a freaking pillowcase and put an belt around it when you can just buy a dress that already has a waist?  I like waists.  Waists are flattering.  Pillowcase dresses, or tit curtains as the inimitable Maddox called them, are not.)

But I tried them.  And I kind of liked them.  And I couldn’t even decide which one I liked better and they were fairly inexpensive so I bought both.

So, what say you, readers?  Which dress should curtain my tits at this wedding next month?  A, B, or neither?  You can be honest, I’ve got my big girl panties on and I can take it!

(If it matters, and I’m sure it probably does, it’s a beach wedding.  It’ll be held as an upscale resort but in my mind that still means a little more casual than the average outdoor wedding.  The hubs is an usher and he’s been instructed to wear khaki-colored dress pants and a blazer, but no tie, if that helps.)

And then also: what shoes do I wear with these?  When I was whining about shoes earlier this week many of you suggested wedges, which I think would work here?  Or maybe cute sandal-flats of some sort?  But I’m only 5’3″ and I don’t want to be too stumpy?


Today’s EAT: Continuing my no-cooking streak, I ordered pizza for dinner tonight.

And not even good pizza.  Chain pizza.  From a place that rhymes with Pete’s a Slut.  Because that’s all that delivers here.  I miss NYC.

Today’s DRINK: We have a little beer swap thingy going at work, and one of my co-workers passed this on to me:

I’ve been sipping this Founder’s Centennial IPA for an hour and a half now.  I’m digging it!  The flavor is bold and heavy on the citrus and pine, but totally drinkable if you like IPAs.  Which I definitely do!  7.2% ABV.

Today’s RUN: No speed-work, but I did get some decent mileage in.  I ran a little on my own then headed over to the store to meet some people and logged a few more miles before running back home.  Total: 8.5 miles.



69 responses to “HALP PLZ

  1. I do not like dress B that much at all. Dress A, on the other hand, I quite like.

    This probably means you should choose Dress B, since I’m not known for my fashion sense.

  2. My vote is for dress A! I love the color 🙂

  3. Dress A for a beach wedding. Sleeves would be weird for that.

  4. I would say Dress A as well. It’s cute for a beach wedding. 🙂

  5. Definitely dress A! cut out sleeves are awkward looking and I would get stuck on all kinds of door handles and probably make a bigger hole in the dress and then the dress would eventually not last the night

  6. The only way I would say dress B is if it happened to be an evening/dusk wedding but I am assuming it is afternoon thus I would go with A. And strappy wedges.

  7. I am going to disagree with everyone and say B..seriously I like it way better than A

  8. I like A… it’s perfect for summer.
    Is it weird I get nostalgic with Pizza Hut? It’s all my parents would ever bring home after grocery shopping “in the city”.

  9. Dress A looks more “beachy” to me. I’m not really a fan of the whole wedge shoe thing, but unfortunately it probably is your best bet for sand, etc at the beach if you don’t want to go with a flat sandal.

  10. I like dress A! Great color. Sounds like a fun wedding 🙂
    By the way, the boys are wearing ties! We will provide. Makes me think that jer is not a great communicator!
    Can’t wait!!

  11. I like A, and I would go for a nude wedge or a flat sandal, because beach weddings mean sand and heels in sand don’t work. Been there tried that. Something like this maybe http://www.kohls.com/upgrade/webstore/product_page.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524892637531&pfx=pfx_shopcompare&cid=shopping3&mr:trackingCode=E53C5C95-EA64-DF11-BAA3-0019B9C043EB&mr:referralID=NA

  12. Dress A! All the way!

    Not a huge fan of B’s sleeves

  13. A. The sleeves on B weird me out.

  14. A! Then you don’t have to worry about pitting out all over it on the hot ass beach! Plus the orange is a way cute color. Pair that with some nice neutral toned wedges or espadrilles!

  15. Dress A for sure!

    For shoes, maybe something like this?

  16. I have no business commenting on this but A has it going on. The bride is right.

  17. They both kinda suck to be honest.

    On the other hand, your arm looks jacked in picture #3.

  18. A is cute. B… Leaves something to be desired. Actually, I think with a wider belt B could be nice for something, but just not for a wedding. Shoes- go for some nude wedges. They’ll make your legs look longer and give some height. 🙂

  19. I like A! And I would wear nude wedges or heels with it. 🙂

  20. Couldn’t you think of a reason to skip this whole thing? Don’t you have a run on the agenda? Or something? Gah, I hate weddings, or any social obligations. *Don’t invite me anywhere, especially on the weekend and double-especially without leaving enough time for me to run first, which means sometime after, em, 3 p.m.* Thank ya.

    If I *had* to go, I would find the most comfortable, non-colorful likely khaki or olive something already in my closet, and be thinking more about how to skip out early. Oh, yeah, and how to complete the fastest gift shopping ever.

  21. A for sure. Sleeves & beach wedding seem sort of oxymoron.
    I like the idea of nude wedge sandals to give you some height and not sweat your feet off.

  22. Ugh, I’m totally in the minority here, I’m not a fan of B’s sleeves, but I like it way better than A

  23. Dress A. I think the sleeves make it too much of an interesting print for Dress B. And wedges. They’re cute and you won’t sink in the sand like you would in a heel. I wouldn’t do flats. Something with a heel would really polish off the look.

  24. I like dress A. Maybe with nude wedge shoes. Have fun! 🙂

  25. I like dress A. I think the color works better with your skin tone.

    Does the pizza place also rhyme with Up The Butt?

  26. A! and wedges 🙂
    and i really like it! very beachy + cute !

  27. Agree with pretty much everyone else- A is a winner and B needs to go back to the store. No advice on shoes.

  28. I’d go with dress A and wear a cute little wedge with it.

  29. Definitely A! Looks great on you. Now just pick up some cute wedges, and you’re set!

  30. Def dress A. Wedges would look best, but you could probably also go with a sandal–as long as it’s not one of those vile gladiator-style sandals.

  31. OMG YOU READ MADDOX? ♥ That was probably the first “blog” I ever read regularly.

    I’m with the majority, it seems: A

  32. Another vote for dress A. Orange is a great color on you.

    A strappy gold sandal would look cute with it. It’s fairly close to nude so it will help elongate your leg too (coming form another shorty).

  33. Dress A! Love the color and it looks great on you! Go for some wedges with it because it is fun to be tall sometimes.

  34. It seems like the dress situation has been decided so my comments will be regarding the pizza –

    Is that Hawaiian?? I love it. Even if it’s from pizza hut 🙂 I am already planning our pre-Brooklyn half-marathon sleepover/pizza party!!

  35. I like B but I’m thinking summer heat, go with A and strappy wedges.

  36. I vote for dress A…I love the color and it would look great with some strappier heels or wedges!

  37. I like dress A! It’s a great color and you look lovely in it. I can’t tell what color the belt is, but maybe some simple heels to match the belt? Or, I’m always a fan of nude-colored heels – that would be cute too!

  38. Take both back to the store and get your money back! Sorry they both are the wrong dress for you as they make you look….. well … you’re better looking than those dress make you look. Go get something hot for the wedding so you look better than the bride!

  39. I like Dress B. I’m sure every other girl is going to show up in something like A. I would go for a flat strappy/grecian sandle. Especially for the beach. The last you you want to be doing it teetering in a wedge on sand trying to hold a wine glass and a small plate while the winds knocking you over. Dress B is def. more in style right now. A is more play it safe.

  40. *sandal

  41. I like A! Have fun! I want pizza!

  42. I think A is better. I like the color, and I’m not a fan of the sleeves on dress B.

  43. Neither. They are both not flattering on you. Dress B is just wrong wrong wrong. The print in A is what really turns me off. The cut is flattering but the color bleh. If I absolutely had to pick one the A dress is the more flattering of the two.

  44. B is awful. sorry. you can do better than A though…

  45. A for sure.

  46. Dress A with some strappy sandals. You’ll be the belle of the ball.

  47. I am on the same page as most with A, HOWEVER I suspect that B may not photograph as well since it’s not bright like A. So I’ll say A, qualified with if you feel more you in B, do B.
    Um yeah…strappy wedges will be awesome =)

  48. Dress A. Not a fan of B at all, especially the sleeves!

  49. A all the way. Unlike some, I do think Dress B is cute and a little funky with those sleeves. It’s a little too clubby for a beach wedding (but would be perfect for Vegas or Miami). Not that I know anything about clubbing…too old for that.

  50. I’m jumping on the dress A wagon, though normally for a beach wedding I wouldn’t wear something with sleeves at all. I love the colors though. I’d wear a high wedge espadrille in a nude color, something like this:
    I have a similar pair (although not from that sketchy looking website) that I LOVE and always get tons of compliments. Plus high flesh toned heels make even the stumpiest of legs look nice – I speak from experience.

  51. Dress A, with some bronze wedges and accessories.
    I actually like the other dress more, but A would be more appropriate (and heat-proof) for a beach wedding.

  52. I like dress A, too. I just had a casual beachy wedding and that dress would’ve fit in perfect 🙂

    As far as shoes go, I just bought these and love them:

    or these:


  53. Definitely Dress A!

  54. Honest Face: Neither! You have a freaking amazing body and you are hiding it behind layers of fabric. Get something a bit more fitting!

  55. A. it’s very spring/summery. perfect for a beach! the color is great.

    beer swapy at work?! JEALOUS. i want to do that. or rather i just want to drink beer at work.

  56. I’m with the other Jess above–you can do better! Then again, I’m not a prints person. …And I have no idea what’s in style.

  57. If you go with either, I’d say A. With your hair up and the wedges. And wear the smile you had on with option B. 😉

  58. I actually like B more. A looks like your vagina is on fire!! (and no, I’m not drunk one bit.)

  59. Please please don’t take this the wrong way, but…I think you can look better is something more flattering. These both kind of look like a kitchen apron and I know you can find something better fitted, especially for a wedding. ALbeit a beach wedding, but still. If I HAD to choose it would be A..but I would hold out.

  60. thecookiebattle

    Dress A for sure. Dress B looks like a tent. Or a mumu. If that’s the look you’re going for, pick dress B…but I like A much better.

  61. “A” looks a bit like a teenager at the mall though the orange print seems more festive and wedding-like. “B” is more interesting but I agree with some of the commenters that with a fit figure like yours, some more shapeliness to the dress would be flattering….you work hard and look great so show it off!

  62. I agree that A is best for the wedding. I also agree with the strappy sandals suggestion. (I abhor wedges, even though they would probably look really cute with this particular dress).
    B’s colors are lovely, btw.
    Have fun!

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