You’ll catch a cold out there

I just got back from a weekend in the Chicago area.

When we landed on Friday morning, it was 78*

By the time I got around to going for a run that afternoon, it was 48*.

WTF, Illinois?

Of course I only packed shorts and t-shirts, and of course that should be fine running gear for temps in the 40s, but it’s funny how it’s all relative.  In the winter that would feel balmy.  But this weekend I was longing for a jacket.

Anyway, I’m sure unrelated to the weather, I managed to pick up the sniffles this weekend.

(I don’t actually have a cough, but I’m confident it will have the same placebo effect as regular Day-Quil.)  I’m aiming for lots of rest this week and hopefully a full recovery before the Brooklyn Half this Saturday!

Thanks for all of your comments on my Dress A/Dress B post!  I really appreciate the feedback.  I’m still a little on the fence (with both dresses!) because they are SO not the style I would normally wear, but I’m thinking I’ll wear the first one to the wedding, on your (and the bride’s!) advice.

That’s all I’ve got to say about this sniffly Monday.

Running stats from last week:

M - 7 easy (1:00:32, 8:39 pace)
Tu - OFF
W - 6.1 easy (52:45, 8:39 pace)
Th - 8.5 easy (1:14:45, 8:47 pace)
F - 5.4 w/light tempo (43:13, 7:59 pace)
Sa - 5.2 easy (44:55, 8:39 pace)
Su - 3.5 easy w/hubs (34:57, 9:59 pace)

Total: 35.7 miles.

Later, y’all!


14 responses to “You’ll catch a cold out there

  1. When I was in Tucson in March for a week it was 85-95 degrees most of the week. I packed only summer clothes (plus 1 pair of jeans). On my last day there I got up early to run before flying home and it was EFFING freezing! Like 40 degrees and all I had was summer running clothes! My fingers were numb most of the way. 🙂

  2. WTF is right. I was saying it all weekend.

  3. Sorry you have a cold. Mix that Dayquil with some vodka!

  4. I like the way Melissa thinks. 😉

    I have a bit of the sniffles myself. I think something is going around. Hope you feel better!!

  5. Is that a pineapple on the label? Have they finally made a DayQuil that doesn’t taste like pure crap?!?

  6. Ah, man, really bad timing on the cold. Sorry. 😦

  7. No. It was Chicago, I’m right there with you. Downing airborne & echinacea. Let’s both get well soon!

  8. No way, you were in Chicago? Yeah, you came on a baaad weekend. I pretty much holed myself up in my apartment for 3 days straight. Hope your cold goes away soon!

  9. Umm…yeah! It was in the 50’s today and I thought it was too chilly for a run in shorts and tshirt. Huh? In March I was running in 34* weather in just shorts and a tshirt…apparently I’m too good for cold weather running now!

  10. Get well soon!!

  11. I am no doctor – however I have a tried and true remedy to pre-sickness (note: this must be done when you’re feeling you’re about to get sick!) 1,000 mg vitamin C, run on the treadmill at incline for 30 min, sleep in sweats! works like a charm. Doesn’t work if you have a legit infection though. If all else fails – take MelissaNibbles advice 🙂 Feel better.

  12. Yeah that does seem weird that it would be warmer in the morning than when you went out in the afternoon….must be some bizarre mid-western thing.

  13. The good news – it’s probably not going to pour on Saturday.
    The bad news – it might be 80 degrees for our half-marathon.

    Gah! At least you’re already acclimated to the heat??

  14. I’m sad to hear you got the sniffles, but I’m happy I found your blog! Great running stats, BTW.

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