Le schnozzle

There are many things that suck about having a cold.  Among my chief complaints are the lack of appetite and disinterest in booze, both of which are unfortunate conditions for someone who likes to eat and drink.

Then, of course, you’ve got the constant sniffling, snuffling and dribbling of snot all over everything in your path.  And the related trail of disgusting damp tissues.

But my least favorite part of having a cold what it does to my nose.  (Or, “mah dose,” as it sounds right now.)  It turns bright red and raw from those repeated Kleenex assaults.  Then I put lotion on it to try to soothe it and it gets all shiny.

Normally, I actually rather like my nose.  It’s a Swedish nose.  Rather bulbous and slightly upturned at the tip, it’s often referred to as a ski-jump nose, and most people of Swedish descent have them.   (Seriously, I have run in to people on the street and been like….are we related?  Oh, nope, but your grandparents were Holms or Larssons, too.)

Anyway, it may not be petite, but I like it.

Except when it fills with mucous.

Dear cold, I am done with you.  I have a half-marathon on Saturday and I don’t want to have to carry tissues on the course.

Also, you’re making my nose look like maraschino cherry.

Bye, now.

Love, Me

Today’s EAT: Since I can’t taste much at the moment, the only thing that has sounded good has been salty potato chips.

I had my Wavy Lays with a side of sandwich – turkey, provolone. greens and cranberry chutney.

(The bag of Wavy Lays claims that 11 chips is a serving, which is pretty hilarious.  I’ve crushed nearly the entire bag in two days.)

Today’s DRINK: Quil.  Day and night.  I miss beer…

Today’s RUN: A super mellow four miles.  And I felt a little better after an easy run today.  I’m all for resting up when I’m sick, but I do actually think that getting some fresh air can speed up the get-well process!

Today’s QUESTION: Do you love or hate your nose?


27 responses to “Le schnozzle

  1. I hate my nose. It’s been the butt of many jokes since I was in middle school. Thanks, Dad, for the honker on my face.

  2. Aw, poor thing. At least you still have a decent buffer before the race. Hope you feel better soon!

    My opinion of my nose was rather neutral before getting pregnant. I missed out on the stretch marks, but my feet and my nose both got wider (really, they aren’t lying about it, it happens). Now it’s on my to-do list if I ever win the lottery.

  3. runeatreality

    being a jewess, i was convinced i needed a nose job when i was younger. my stepmother worked with a lot of plastic surgeons, too, and taught me how to spot bad nose jobs. eventually i realized that my nose fits my face and doesn’t have a bump, making plastic surgery rather silly. now i rarely think about it.

    but when i get a cold, i put chapstick on my nose so it doesn’t get dry and red from all the tissues. sounds weird but it totally works.

  4. I love my nose. I feel like it’s well-proportioned to my face and I’ve always found it somewhat cute.

    Now my ears, on the other hand, I hate. A lot. Always have.

  5. I love the spectators at marathons/halfs who hand out paper towels and tissues. I usually need one whether or not I have a cold.

    I love my nose. Glad my mom’s genes won out on that one.

  6. I like my nose because it turns up at the end and if I position my head just right, I can look like a stuck up bitch and people will leave me alone. Hope the cold goes away soon!

  7. i actually like (and feel grateful!) for my nose. given my jewish genetics (and looking at many relatives!), i feel like i got away with something.

    josh and i have argued over whether we would let our future kids get nose jobs if they were to come out with prominent features that they weren’t comfortable with. i say yes – he says no way! hopefully it won’t be an issue.

  8. Hope you feel better soon!

    I like my nose. Then again, I would have been thrilled with any nose that didn’t resemble my dad’s. His is, um, distinguished. I think mine is pretty nondescript.

  9. Yuck… keep chugging the ‘quil. It’ll hopefully do its job!

    I’ve never been particularly fond of my nose (a hybrid of the size of my dad’s nose with the shapelessness of my mom’s- harsh, right?). However, I’d rather not change it because my entire face would change and I’m sort of ok with my look… it’s grown on me.

  10. Ew! Noses! Mine is super ethnic. Only people whose last names end in -berg, -stein, -feld, -itz, or a vowel have noses like mine.

  11. I think I have a love/hate relationship with my nose. It’s mine, but at the same time a bit to large and Italian for my liking. But we’re at peace for the most part. I like your nose!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  12. I love my nose. It’s gotten me laid/free drinks/job offers more times than I can count.

    Oh, wait. That’s my ass.

  13. I hope you feel better! I have a cold too and my nose is getting all red and chappy.

    I actually quite like my nose. 🙂 And it’s of Scandinavian descent as well.

  14. I like my nose. Even with the scar that kind of resembles snot.

  15. Love sandwiches with cranberry on them- yum. Sorry you’re sick – I totally agree that getting some fresh air with an easy run is the best way to feel better (combined with vitamin C and rest). Feel better.
    And, I like my nose!

  16. When it comes to chips, I like to think of serving sizes as a suggestion, that goes for Smartfood popcorn also. For example last night when I sat and ate half the bag, it was perfectly acceptable.

  17. Good Luck this weekend! I’ve got a 1/2 on Sunday here in NC. The forecast says 86 so hopefully it’ll be 70 in the morning. It starts at 7am to try and beat the heat 🙂 Do you have a goal time?

  18. My nose and I are fairly indifferent toward one another. However, I have feelings for turkey. What is it about turkey, bread, and cranberry that goes so well? Beer pairs well with that too, but I’ll try not to rub that in too much.

  19. I hate colds (and my nose) mostly due to the fact that I get at least 2 sinus infections a year. Blah. Feel better!

  20. I HATE my nose! To me it’s big and has this annoying bump on the top. Blah. I hope my kids are not cursed with this nose. haha

  21. I’m Greek so I’ve got that sorta look…I think I’d be pumped if I were born with something smaller and cuter, but I guess I’d be pumped if I were born tall, blonde, and leggy as well.

    I’m cool enough with my nose to not think about it on a regular basis :).

  22. I like my nose! It fits really well on my face. I don’t think about it too much, which is the mark of a good nose for me.

  23. Overall, I like my nose, but I hate that my gets red when I’m sick or cry too! I always feel like I’m the only one! Hope you’re nose stops running before Saturday!

  24. Hey, I’m Scandinavian, too! Although my nose is straight. It’s a Norwegian nose, through and through. 🙂 Have you tried using a neti pot? I swear they work miracles on colds.

  25. I hope you feel better asap!

  26. Lotion does nothing. Use Blistex. It has the added advantage of the menthol in it clearing you up a tiny bit.

  27. Late to the party, so good to see your nose has relented on the snotting and got on with just being Swedish and cool.

    I hate my nose for its allergy-havin’ ways (seriously, allergies ALL YEAR–I should have shares in Flonase since it makes up 50% of my blood by volume). I also used to hate it for its size and for having the ittiest bit of the big ole hump that noses in my family have. But honestly, I quite like it now that I’m older and my cheeks have deflated a bit. It’s good for character, it holds up well to crazy glasses and hair looks, and it’s big enough that I can perch my glasses and still look down on people disdainfully when need be.

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