Brooklyn goals

Uh…I’m not really sure what I’m doing with this half marathon on Saturday.

Way back when, when I registered, it seemed like a good idea to focus on Brooklyn as a spring-season-culmination race.  It was almost exactly two months out from Shamrock, which was on March 20, and I figured I’d have time to build on that and improve my fitness more with some good speed workouts.

*twiddles thumbs and whistles*

Yeah.  My speedwork has been rather absent in the last couple of months.  I’ve kept my mileage about the same, but I really can’t point to a single quality workout where I’ve looked back at the numbers and been like: okay, that’s what I’m capable of.  

Mostly, it’s just been maintenance mileage.  And…maybe that’s okay?  I honestly think it’s possible that I haven’t lost any meaningful fitness over the last two months.  While the course in Brooklyn is, technically, harder and hillier than Shamrock’s pancake-flat route…it’s a walk in the freakin’ park compared to the hills I’ve been training on here in Raleigh.  And also, I should have more company in Brooklyn than I did in Virginia Beach.  So there’s that.

That is the long answer, I guess.  The short answer is: I’m not really sure what my goal is on Saturday.  I do have some rough parameters, though:

For one: I’ll be pretty darn pissed if I don’t at least run faster than I did at Brooklyn Half 2010, considering all of the work I’ve put in between then and now. That means breaking 1:43.  I feel pretty confident about that one.

For two: It would be great if I could finish under 1:40.  I’ve been fighting the 1:40 barrier for a couple of years now and I broke it with two minutes to spare at Shamrock.  I think for me, for this Saturday, this is probably my tipping point between feeling happy or unhappy about my race.  I need to break 1:40.

For three: When I raced Shamrock in June, my one regret was that there was a time, sometime around mile 11, when I was running hard and feeling good and pussed out because I looked down at my Garmin and saw a sub-7 pace and it scared me.  I felt like I lost some time because of my mental state.  And I think, for me, racing this distance is all about the last 3-4 miles.  I know I can go out and hold 7:30 pace for 10 miles.  It’s whether I can take it down in the last three that matters.  I’d like to see if I can do it, and the course at Brooklyn, which totally flattens out at seven miles, it a great place to do it.

If everything else stays the same, and I do that, I should be able to break 1:38.

I’m going to think of this blog post at mile 10 when I’m feeling miserable.  And seriously, I expect all of you to harp on me if I bag out for emotional, rather than physical, reasons.

Okay?  Okay.

Today’s EAT: Awesome grocery pick-up of the day: lemongrass in a tube.

I love lemongrass, but I don’t love buying an (expensive) bundle of stalks for a single recipe.  Also, mincing things sucks.  This tubed paste is a godsend and I barely made a dent in it with tonight’s dinner.

Packed with veggies, lean beef and noodles.  Yum.

Recipe: Lemongrass Beef Lo Mein

Today’s DRINK: Yay, I am feeling well enough to consume something other than Ny-Quil!

But tonight’s wine is under wraps for a little while.  Look for a special post in a couple of weeks, featuring a *real* tasting of this wine!  I can’t wait to share it with y’all!

Today’s RUN: Yeah, it’s probably too late to do any meaningful fitness-gaining work before Brooklyn.  But I’m following Megan’s lead and hoping that a slightly-swift workout a few days before race day will build confidence!

I decided to dedicate the three middle miles to Goal Half Marathon Pace tonight.

GHMP is actually around 7:25, and obviously this was a little faster, but the idea was there.  Faster than comfortable, but still…sort of comfortable.

I guess we’ll see how that feels on Saturday.

TODAY’S QUESTION: Do you use squeeze-tube herbs?  I probably won’t buy the Italian one, because I have all of those things (basil, oregano, thyme)  in abundance in my herb garden, but the ginger, lemon-grass and garlic versions are highly intriguing….


19 responses to “Brooklyn goals

  1. Good Luck this weekend@ your half!

    I haven’t used squeeze tube herbs before, but it’s not to say that I wouldn’t. I have seen those tubes @ publix, but never needed to buy one. yet.

  2. I love squeeze tube herbs. Since it’s usually just me cooking, if I buy fresh stuff it goes bad and is too expensive. If I keep a few tubes around I use them as needed.

    Good luck on your race!

  3. I love the idea of squeeze tube herbs! I have never heard of them before. Chris gives me the major side eye when I buy a big bunch of something, chop off a tablespoon or two and end up tossing the wilted mass in my veggie drawer a week later. I may have to order some squeeze tube herbs!

  4. I have bought the tube cilantro which I love since I also end up throwing away fresh herbs all too often. Good luck on the half this weekend–no wimping out after mile 10…tough it out!!!

  5. I’m a little afraid of squeeze tube herbs. Does it have any other ingredients in it? Does it have to be refrigerated? It’s not always feasible to buy fresh herbs though, so I might have to give it a try!

  6. No, but I’m about to start when I replicate your dinner completely tonight.

    Good luck Saturday!

  7. Good luck Shelby! You’re going to do great. You’ve got plenty of endurance, and your inner speed-demon will come out with a little antogonizing on race day.

    My goal for my half on Sunday…not die. Seriously, I’ve done a couple slow (not by choice) 8 milers as my longest run in the past couple months. You’ve been training like a rockstar in comparison. I’m looking forward to reading your good race report because I suspect a PR after your strong race in VA Beach.
    I’ll have to look for a cilantro squeeze tube. It goes bad really fast in the refrigerator, and you need armfuls of the stuff for recipes. One dish will wipe out my entire cilantro plant.

  8. so um… goals aside, am I gonna see you this weekend?! 🙂

  9. Try not looking at your watch? That was huge on the metal side for me at Eugene. It’s pretty easy to stay in it and push on when you don’t have feedback every second. Good luck this weekend!

  10. I’ve never seen those tubes before! They’re pretty much made for me. I’m looking forward to hearing about the wine. Did you mix it with Nyquil?

    Good luck in the race. I say go for the 1:40 goal thing and let it play out how it may.

  11. tons of luck to you this weekend! looking forward to seeing you crush it!

  12. Is that… Grimace wearing a race shirt?

    Maybe try turning off the “Pace” field on the screen you glance at, and moving it on to another screen. I don’t know if you use a 305 or what, but I assume you can do *something* like this on all Garmins.

    You can still record all the goodies for the post mortem examination, but I think I lost a minute on my half time this weekend because I saw a pace that scared me near the start (sub 10:00) and dialed back further than I needed to. The pace was completely artificial because of signal loss due to buildings. And I’ve heard of other people having artificial ‘pace blips’ during races, attributing it to a high volume of GPS devices in a small area.

    Love your Garmin, but run with your heart and your feet. You’ll do great!

  13. Good luck this weekend 1/2 marathon weekend twin. (I am wallowing in some freak injury that happened last night and I am trying to stay postitive.)

    I tried to buy a tube of ginger at Target the other day and when I brought it back to out cart, my husband gave me the side eye. Him: “How much is that?” Me: “Umm I don’t know but it should last a while.” He walks over to where I grabbed it. Him: “$3.99? Really? Or you can buy a nubbin of ginger for a quarter?” I did the Charlie Brown walk across the produce section to put it back.

    I will buy some next time I go to the store alone. 🙂

  14. Good luck with the goals. I’m sure you’ll do well.

    Also, I haven’t been a huge fan of squeeze herbs. I’m cheap. End of story.

  15. Good luck at your race!!!

  16. I bought cilantro in a tube once for the same reason, and unfortunately it was a disappointment. I guess nothing beats real, fresh cilantro – will have to try the lemon grass though! Good luck tomorrow!!!!!

  17. Can’t wait to see how you do! I love your description of your pace as not comfortable but still sorta comfortable. That’s exactly how I feel about anywhere from 7:10 to 7:30 too. If only that would get lower….

  18. runraleighrun

    Where have you been running in Raleigh? I’ve been reading your posts for a few weeks but somehow missed that you, like I, have been tackling the hills of Raleigh. I’m glad to know someone else understands how hilly it is here! Good luck this weekend! I’ve got a 1/2 in Cary on Sunday.

  19. I stock up on herbs in a tube during the winter/spring months when I don’t have fresh herbs of my own. This year we are growing much more than normal so I’m hoping I’ll be able to store them for next winter. Definitely have some lemongrass planted!

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