Feast in the furnace

Well, I do declare.  It’s hot.

How low can the gas tank go?  I got it down from 29 miles to 11 before I filled ‘er up today.  Life on the edge.

My tank was empty from driving to the beach and back earlier this week!  We had some guests in from out of town and it seemed like a good excuse to explore a part of the state I hadn’t seen yet.

Wrightville Beach is pretty clean and only 90 minutes from Raleigh.  And home to stingrays that play tag!

I’m not sure if “cute” is an appropriate adjective, but those frisky little fellas were fun to watch!

Anyway, it’s freaking hot here and I had a little dinner party to host last night.  I was thrilled that we’d decided to make it a grill-out affair.  Because 96* + hot stove + apartment full of people sounds like a sweaty mess.

And when you’re cooking for a crowd, it’s hard to beat the simplicity of grilled food.  Salt, pepper and a little olive oil provide plenty of flavor once the grill works its magic!  We had steak and shrimp galore:

Asparagus.  Taste it today, smell it when you pee tomorrow!  Bonus.

And for a hearty side dish, I assembled a delicious salad with red quinoa, grapefruit, arugula, apples, walnuts and cubed gouda.

Recipe: Red Quinoa Salad

It was quite a little feast for a random weeknight dinner party.  And no sink full of dishes to deal with!

This week has been a little hectic, what with all of the guests and mini road trips and dinner parties!  I can’t believe it’s almost Friday already.  I’m leaving for that beach wedding/vacation in just a couple of days…yikes! (Oh hey #firstworldproblems.)

I haven’t decided what to wear.  I’m still kinda torn about the orange dress.   The whole tit-curtains/sack-with-a-belt thing….I’m still just not sure about it.

I did snag another little dress on sale at The Limited today…

Love the cut.  Not entirely sure about the print (in general I like it, but it’s not exactly beachy.)

Gah.  Now I’m even more conflicted.

Can I just wear my adorable new swimsuit to the ceremony?

From WHBM.  On sale, too.  LOVE.  I cannot wait to spill fruity tropical drinks all over it while getting sloppy at the pool bar at 10 AM.

And here’s a fruity tropical drink for you, too, if you made it through this completely random and discombobulated post!  I promise, I’ll be back to whining about my track splits soon.



23 responses to “Feast in the furnace

  1. So I was driving to vacation (by the beach too, oh heyyyyy) and noticed that it was about X miles away and I had about X miles left in the tank. Perfect, I thought. Until I was X-3 miles away from my destination when I realized, if I get to my destination with 0 miles left in my tank, how the hell am I going to get gas? And just then I saw a gas station. I like playing chicken with my gas tank. But the gas tank always wins.

    • Oh my god, so did it actually say “3” on there? You’re my new hero. The closest I’ve ever cut it was on the way to Vegas from LA once…we were down to 5. It was the middle of the night though, which added to the drama. 🙂

  2. What color is that dress? It’s cute. It looks blue? Gray/black?

    I like seeing if I can make it to work with no gas. I have a 27 mile commute. I should mention that there isn’t a gas station in site (or there’s one ON MY BLOCK.) Sometimes (often), I’m just in a hurry because I had very important events occurring just as the clock ticked down to go time (I wasted too much time on Twitter/FB.) (And since no one really cares if I’m 5 minutes late to work, so I’m just a moron and deserve to run out on the highway.) (But it’s never happened.)

  3. Im not sure about the color of the dress but im kinda loving the look on your. Its strapless…I’d say its definitely beachy. I like!
    Fun bbq dinner party.

  4. Oh my god that dress is awesome! I want it in my life!

  5. Because I am a stalker, I went to the Limited website and found the dress in color. And…it’s black and white. And I like it less on their site. But you know what? You look much better in it than the model. I don’t know if it’s “beachy,” but who the hell dresses to match geography? If I dressed suburbs every day, I’d need a lot more chinos. Anyway, it has no sleeves and is cute.

  6. Love the swimsuit! I have bought one swimsuit in the last 4 years. Ridiculous, but if this weather continues to be the bullshit it is, I won’t need it anyways. As of 5:45 this morning, it was 40 degrees.
    Someone hates me.
    Have fun this weekend!

    • I hadn’t purchased one in years – which is why I didn’t feel bad splurging a little on this one as opposed to a Target cheapie!

      Come to NC and house-sit for me while we’re away. It’ll be in the 90s all week and there’s a pool! 🙂

  7. Yay beach! Steph and I are going to be in Kill Devil Hills this upcoming week, so keep that thermometer RIGHT where it is.

    I like the orange dress better than this one, but both are great. Dressing for the beach is more about what makes you feel like you’re having fun; don’t worry about the style. If the black&white one feels better, and you won’t be self conscious re: tit-curtainesque, go for it!

    • Have fun in OBX! I still haven’t been out there but I’ve heard it’s gorgeous! I’m sure the weather will be great for you guys!

  8. I’m with the commentors above – that dress may not be beachy, but it looks pretty great on you! I like it better than the other two silky ones.

    So jealous of your beach vacation! Have a great time!

  9. I love mid week BBQs with friends – it has been way too long since we have had anyone over. That salad looks interesting – I don’t know if I would ever put grapefruit into a quinoa salad…

    • It wasn’t the plan, actually! I was going to make a lemon-based dressing but then realized I had no lemons. But I did have a grapefruit, so I just added it and its juices instead. It actually worked really well! It was a pretty sweet , non-puckery grapefruit though.

  10. Am I a tard? What is WHBM ooooooooh just figured it out, haha nevermind. Super cute though! I’ve totally gotten my gas tank down to 0.

  11. I vote for the strapless dress. Very cute in you! Have a fun weekend.

  12. Like everyone else, I’m diggin’ the new frock. Looks great on you!

    I’m currently in pre-vacation mode myself since I’ll be setting off on a cruise next weekend. I hadn’t bought a new bathing suit in 6-7 years and finally did “upgrade” to a Target cheapie (although at $30 for the 2-piece I’m not inclined to call it “cheap” – that’s how broke I am). And knowing me, I’ll still bring the old faithful suit along, just in case…

    Also, my gas tank is currently on empty. Holla.

  13. Yeah, I’m pretty sure you could get away with wearing the bathing suit to the wedding. Just make sure you wear heels and pearls. That quinoa salad sounds so good- I need to try red quinoa. It seems so…fancy!

  14. Strapless dresses are something a miniscule percentage of women can pull off. That one actually works, somehow. I think it’s the 80’s/Wizard of Oz look to it. If you notice me staring, I promise it’s only because I’m trying to see the spaceship, and they say you’re supposed to “look through it.”

    In other news, I still vote against the orange dress. You need a dark blue colour. If you MUST go summery/coloury, go for a deeper hue, like a blood red or lavendar (preferably the lavendar, or even a Congo blue).

    • There is totally a spaceship in there.

      See my post that I just posted! I did take the orange dress back. I traded it for a darker red one. 🙂

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