That’s inappropriate


Wrong room.  Discovery Channel auditions are next door.

And pssst: UR DOIN IT WRONG.


Happy Caturday!

4 responses to “That’s inappropriate

  1. Haha! Silly cats!

  2. Get off there cat. I know you want to Facebook stalk the cat down the street, but trust me, it leads to dissappointment when you see he has a girlfriend.

  3. Hi Shelbs- Not to get too political on your blog, but Israeli couscous is nothing other cultural theft. Couscous is something that Palestinians and other Arabs have been producing for generations. Having the Israelis co-opt it is rubbing salt on a wound. Couscous is couscous– it doesn’t need to be qualified.

    • Interesting! That’s what it said on the bag, so I just went with it. The spheres were larger than other cous-cous I’ve had, I think I’ve also seen this particular variety called “pearl couscous” but I’m clearly not a connoisseur!

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