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Cataldo Sauvignon Blanc (2009, Italy) (August 24, 2010): “…nice and refreshing, but a bit too apple-y for my taste!” [details]

Paumanok Festival Chardonnay (2009, New York) (August 11, 2010): “On the sweet side and almost a little sparkly.  Perfect for a special occasion.” [details]

Bonterra Chardonnay (2008, California) (July 13, 2010): “I picked this Bonterra Chard off the shelf because of the cute bottle.  It’s tasty!” [details]

Excelsior Chardonnay (2009, South Africa) (July 7, 2010): “Very cheap, but fairly decent…Quite fruity and lemony, but not at all sharp or vinegar-like.” [details]

Bandit Pinot Grigio (July 2, 2010): “The innovative packaging is a huge plus for certain situations, and it’s worlds better than other “boxed” wine.” [details]


Muralhas de Moncao Rose Vinho Verde (August 26, 2010): “Light and sweet!” [details]

Mas de la Dame Rose (2009, France) (July 15, 2010): “I keep getting stuck on one word: Franzia.” [details]


Simonsig Cab (South Africa, 2004): “…made me think of a filet or a rack of lamb!” [details]

Red Truck Pinot Noir (California, 2008) (July 18, 2010): “Sweet and mild…a good red wine to serve to someone who doesn’t really like red wine.” [details]


Louise d’Estree Brut (July 25, 2010): “Under $10 and perfectly enjoyable.” [details]


Anchor Summer Beer (August 17, 2010): “Kinda lemony…On a hot day with some good seafood, it would be a nice pairing!” [details]

Delirium Tremens Belgian Ale (July 27, 2010): “Complex without being flowery, sweet without being fruity, and just a bit creamy without being thick.” [details]

Rogue Brewing Morimoto Soba Ale (July 23, 2010): “For some reason I expected a bolder flavor and it was just kind of weak, with a very mild citrus flavor.” [details]

Smuttynose Summer Weizen Ale (July 15, 2010): “…a refreshing and enjoyable beer, similar to Hoegaarden but with less lemony flavor.” [details]

Fire Island Lighthouse Ale (July 6, 2010): “It’s a pretty light beer – kinda similar to, like, Stella.  Tasty and refreshing.” [details]

Pretty Things Baby Tree Quadrupel (July 3, 2010): “winner!  It doesn’t taste puckeringly bitter like some high-ABV beers, and has almost a earthy-fruity taste that’s is quite smooth.” [details]

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  3. Mmmm wine…I’ll take one of each please!

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