Rotating Blogroll

1/19/11 – Buy you a Drink edition:

  • Queer Vegan Runner.  Aside from the fact that her posts make me MISS LOS ANGELES (I never thought I’d say that!), I adore A.J.’s blog because she also loves beer, snark, food, felines and fun.  In spite of the fact that we have opposite preferences when it comes to hot dogs, I am sure we’d get along swimmingly over a pint.  Or four.
  • 110 Pounds and Counting.  Remember yesterday when I ragged on the word “inspirational?”  Well, I’m using it again  – and most genuinely.  As the title of her blog suggests, Lisa has undergone a serious lifestyle change in the last few years and really seems to have the whole “healthy moderation” thing down pat.  I am constantly envious of her outdoorsy Oregon adventures and brewpub visits.
  • Kendra Through the Looking Glass.  No topic is off limits on Kendra’s irreverent blog.  Another blogger who is truly deserving of the I-word (read her backstory!), I love that she tackles everything from gynecology to glamor in a funny and highly readable way.

11/10/10 – Cook It edition:

  • Prevention RD – Nicole is a registered dietitian and overall super healthy gal, so I know that she isn’t going to post bad-for-you stuff.  But somehow her recipes always have that “OMG bar food” appeal, while somehow staying healthy.  A girl after my own heart.
  • Cate’s World Kitchen – Although her recipes are vegetarian and I’m – to put it mildly – a meat gal, I totally admire her sense of adventure in the kitchen and ability to tackle exotic ingredients and bold flavor combos.  And she’s also a badass runner. :)

9/22/2010 – Badass edition:

  • Angry Runner: I love this concept.  The running-blog world needs more anger and sarcasm.  Bonus: when she’s not being angry, she’s really funny.
  • Sweaty Kid: She lives in Alaska and battles grizzlies on her runs.  Like, real ones.  And probably wolverines and polar bears too.  And, um…Yetis.  Talk about cajones.

8/13/2010 – NYC Edition:

  • Megan ( is one of the first CPTC girls I made friends with.  I remember reading her blog when I was thinking about joining the team and thinking that she seemed really genuine and fun.  Of course, I was right. :) I will miss our long runs (don’t know what I am going to do without my long run buddy!) and fro-yo dates (I’m sure there’s yogurt in NC, but no Forty Carrots!)  Anyway, I’m really looking forward to watching her run a killer NYC marathon this year.  She has been on a PR-smashing kick all summer. :)
  • Sarah ( is one of the funniest girls I’ve ever met.  She has a serious knack for writing blog posts that make me laugh out loud.  In addition, she happens to be a pretty badass runner (even though she won’t admit it).  Really, she is probably one of the coolest people in the Garden State (I say this with zero personal experience, but I assume it’s true).  She’s fixin’ to be a teacher and a coach; somewhere in the future, a generation of angsty high-school runners is very lucky to have her.
  • Sofia ( is the blogger whose eventual memoir I am most excited to read.  The girl has had a fascinating life and is a ridiculously talented writer.  Though she’s no longer running as much as she used to (due to an injury), her blog is packed with delicious NYC foodie stories – I live vicariously through her culinary adventures.  It is tragic that I only got to meet her once in person (okay twice, if you count the time that she popped into the store while I was working and waiting on the most ridiculous shoe customer ever.  Awkward blogger moment!  Love them!) but we’ll see each other again on marathon weekend! :)
  • Kelly ( has seen me at my most heinous – 6 AM, surly, soaking wet, not entirely pleased to be running – and she didn’t recoil in horror at my lack of grooming or conversational skills, so that’s a huge credit to her. :) She is one of those people who amazes me with how much she does – works full time, goes to school, blogs, cooks amazing meals, trains for marathons.  I can only hope to have my life together like that one day. :)

8/8/2010 – Chicago Marathon 2010 edition:

  • Steph ( had a great debut marathon last year in 3:46 and is shooting for Boston this year too!  We are in the same corral at Chicago; I’m hoping we can be pace buddies!
  • Brie ( is hilarious and not afraid to talk candidly about her blisters.  I can’t wait to meet her!  Plus, she’s a newlywed who has some amazing wedding pictures – check them out!
  • NYFlyGirl (, who I was thrilled to finally meet in person at yesterday’s Club Champs, is also going for a BQ!  Plus she likes to drink boxed wine in the park, which always gets a thumbs-up from me.
  • Mozzer Confessionals ( is a relatively new addition to CPTC and although he’ll be miles ahead of me during the race, I’m thrilled that a teammate will be out there with me on October 10!  Go orange!
  • FlyRunner ( is such an inspiration to those that are hoping to improve their speed!  I’ve followed her blog for a little while now and it’s been amazing to see her go from a 4:00 marathoner to a 3:25-er in less than a year.  I’m excited to see what she can do at Chicago, especially with a flat course and (hopefully) favorable weather – I’m sure she’ll kick ass!

7/30/2010 – Inaugural edition:

  • Cheaper Than Therapy (   She runs, she drinks beer.  Our cats look like twins.  I feel like we must have been friends in a former life or something.  I kind of wish we were friends in our current life because I’d like to crack a beer in her gorgeous lakefront yard.
  • I Dream of Greenie (   I could almost be vegetarian if I had as much fun with meatless food as Ms. Greenie.  As a former LA resident I love living vicariously though all of her local adventures.  Also, she shares my picklephobia; how could I not love her?
  • A Marathoner (  Yes, he’s a dude and yes, he’s my teammate.  But he is a great source of inspiration: he’s, like, a regular guy who decided to become a runner and is on his way to being a really good runner.  Come follow along with his NYC Marathon training!

2 responses to “Rotating Blogroll

  1. thanks for the bloggy love – if you ever stumble into god’s country (for your sake I hope not) you better come see me. I’ll have a beer chilling in my shower for you.

  2. Thanks for the love! I feel famous. 🙂

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