Well, that worked out well

The dress drama concluded happily today.  I went back to the little boutique where I first went dress shopping return one of the dresses I originally bought, and saw this hot little number hanging on the rack:

It’s freaking perfect.  Done and done.

Also, here’s a better picture of the strapless one from The Limited that I picked up yesterday:

I actually ended up taking back both of the original dresses.  Lesson learned: go with your gut when it comes to what looks good on you and what doesn’t.  I’m short and musculo-curvy and I really don’t think I can pull off tit-curtain-belted-sacks, no matter how cute and trendy they are.

So that’s that.  And because unless we’re talking about skid marks on Tempo shorts, this is the farthest thing from a fashion blog on the planet…so I promise I’m done playing dress up now.  Thanks for all of your help along the way!

Moving along.  Let’s talk about how it feels to go for a run after a week off.

Um…I guess that’s all there is to say about that!  It was both by accident and design that I ended up taking a long stretch of rest days after the Brooklyn Half last weekend.  This week has been crazy busy, and the weather has been shitty, and well…if there’s ever a time to take a little break, it’s after the last long race of the season.

A couple of people have asked if I’m planning on running while on vacation next week.  Yes!  Most definitely!  Nothing too long or hard, but I’m going to try to get out there each morning, even if it’s just a couple of miles.  Gotta do something to flush the previous night’s Mojitos out of my system!  I’m excited to do some beach running and I’m totally packing my Vibrams.

Okay…laundry calls.  Happy Friday night, y’all!

Today’s EAT: I needed to stop for lunch today between meetings.  And at that exact moment, the skies opened up and released a torrent of rain.

So I hit the drive-thru:

I don’t even pretend that I don’t like McDonald’s.  I love McDonald’s.  I think it’s delicious.

But obviously I know it’s crappy for you.  To keep my Mickey D’s splurges from being total gut-bombs, I usually get a happy meal (or, in today’s case, a Mighty Kids Meal.  Two extra nuggets for only $0.60!)

It came with two Batman figures, one of which did not stand up on its own. Lame.

Today’s DRINK: Leftovers from Wednesday night’s party!

Boxed wine on a Friday night.  Classy.

Today’s RUN: On the dreadmill for 40 minutes, which was good for 4.6 miles. Definitely not my favorite, but better than getting struck by lightning!

Today’s QUESTION: Do you have a favorite fast-food splurge?  Mine is definitely McDonald’s fries.  Suck it, Burger King.


31 responses to “Well, that worked out well

  1. WINE FROM A BOX!!!!!!!!!! SCORE!!!!

  2. Oh, fast food splurge is Burgerville. SO good. Tillamook Bacon Cheeseburger. YUM. Or if I’m feeling cheap, Taco Bell. I know. Awful!

    • OMG Burgerville! I had forgotten!

      That just made my September visit to Portland seem so much farther away. Oh man.

      Also, that dress is totally perfect.

  3. Love that first dress! I don’t like asymmetrical things on me but that looks great. Also, is that your apartment? I’m dying over those windows. WOW!

  4. In-N-Out is my fast food splurge. I go for the cheeseburger with grilled onions and fries. My fiance has been lobbying for an In-N-Out truck at our reception. Everyone I mention the idea to LOVES it.

    I like McDonald’s breakfasts. It always felt like a treat to get a sausage egg McMuffin and hashbrowns. I get those occasionally.

    • OMG I would die if we had In-n-Out here. Definitely get the In-n-Out truck at your wedding! That would be amazing!

    • Um, as an east coast person who has had In-N-Out ONCE in her life and doesn’t know you in real life…

      GET THE TRUCK. Holy shit. That’s…like the holy grail of awesome and your guests will love you.

      • There’s only one problem with the truck: it would take FOREVER to feed 250+ people (Mexicans have big ass families, yo… and I’m the only Mexican in this relationship). Plus, the truck only does burgers and grilled cheese, so we’d have to figure out sides. It would definitely be cheaper than a buffet and more memorable too.

  5. In-N-Out is totally my favorite fast food splurge! My rule is that I can have it if I’m on a “road trip”. I live in San Francisco, so sometimes a “road trip” can mean just going up to Target in Daly City! Muuhaha, it’s only 15 minutes from my house, but feels very far away…because I have to get in my car and on a freeway, I guess. Anyway, I really only allow this indulgence a couple times a year, if that. I was *this* close to doing it after a long bike ride last weekend, but was deterred by the long line. After driving away, I ended up going by a Mr. Pickles (a small Bay Area chain of sandwich shops) so I went in there instead, didn’t have to wait and felt SO MUCH BETTER about spending my money there and hot damn if the Philly Cheesesteak style sandwich wasn’t better than an Animal style burger. Maybe. Just maybe…

  6. Ok # 1 – The Big Mac is proof that there is a heaven and it comes in the form of the “special sauce”

    # 2 – I would have brought the Penguin back and demanded Mr. Freeze.

  7. I love Burger Fuel. Their fries and aioli rock and are the only reason to go there. Don’t think you guys have Burger Fuel, its just a burger bar, but everything is really fresh and eco friendly etc.

  8. LOVE the new dress! Nicely done.
    McDonald’s fries are second to none. Unless you count curly fries- then Arby’s wins. Neither of which I’ve had lately. I burned myself out on McBreakfast. Damnit!

  9. LOVE the new dress!!! In N Out is definitely my go to fast food. I don’t eat the burgers but the grilled cheese is to die for ❤ my husband will 100% agree with you on McD's though 😉

  10. yay! love the new red dress…perfect!

  11. Love the dresses! I’ve had McD’s once in the past two years and the burger was pretty awful but those fries…yep. delicious.

  12. 1. I LOVE your apartment. I’m so, so jealous each time you post pics that show even a smidgen of it.

    2. The replacement dress is definitely a much better choice! Fun, yet classy- perfect.

    3. I’m not even going to try to pretend that I don’t love a quarter-pounder with cheese. Or Taco Bell.

  13. I love the red dress – it is gorgeous on you! And yeah…if you don’t feel awesome in the dress it won’t look quite as awesome on you. I refuse to wear tit-curtain dresses (perfect description), trendy or not, I’ll always feel like I cut a hole in the top of a pillow case!

    Haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in about…six years?! I refuse. I have had KFC though…

  14. McDonald’s and Box Wine? #class #lolz

    I CANNOT do McDonalds, though earlier I had a ridiculous craving for Five Guys.

    Also, I enjoy donkey balls.

  15. Another vote for In N Out! Grilled cheese animal style (grilled chopped onions, pickles, tomato, lettuce, extra thousand island dressing), with animal style fries (cheese, grilled onions, thousand island dressing). It’s a heart attack waiting to happen but it’s a great way to go out.

    LOVE your new dress!

  16. I love both those dresses! So adorable! I also love Mcnuggets in the sweet and sour sauce. OH MY GOD WANT.

  17. Love the dress, best choice for sure.

  18. Cute dress!

    Box wine is classy, don’t for a second think that it is not!

  19. That dress is perfect!!! I love it!!

    And I love In-n-Out, except I’m on the East coast so it’s definitely a splurge when I go out West. Although I do like 5 Guys burgers too. 🙂

  20. LOVE the red dress. One word. Hot. (in a non creepy way. )

    I totally eat McDonalds for the fries. For some reason, I also love those little apple pies. 🙂

  21. Love the orange dress. I like Culvers (Midwest chain) for burgers but my absolutely favorite fastfood is a Quizno’s veggie sub. Yum.

  22. seriously…. that first dress is GORG! I agree, it’s crazy important to dress for your body. I find that I always have to have a defined waist otherwise I look boxy, and no matter how in shape my legs are from running they’ll ALWAYS look like tree trunks, so avoid trying to “show them off.” 😉

  23. I know you didn’t ask, but I LOVE the red/coral dress!! And the Limited one is cute too. Glad you were still able to support the local boutique! And you even did a shoe change for the pictures-awesome 🙂

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